Review: A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS by Amelia Grey

Review: A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS by Amelia Grey

When a lady is in a predicament...

Beautiful, clever and courageous Lady Gabrielle thwarts the shackles of her arranged betrothal by kissing a stranger in the park. But who is this man? Finding herself stuck in yet another forced engagement Gabrielle needs another strategy that isn’t so dangerous.

A gentleman may find himself in deep trouble...

Viscount Brentwood is walking in the park early one morning when a beautiful, enchanting young lady walks out of the mist and into his arms. Now Brent has no choice but to marry the delightful Lady Gabrielle.

Unfortunately his intended bride has other ideas, and the determined Viscount finds himself plunging into one scandal after another.
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: July 1, 2011
Release Format: Mass Market Paperback
Genre: Historical Romance
384 Pages

Single Title/Series: A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS is book 4 in the Rogues' Dynasty Series but can very easily be read as a stand alone novel.

Cover Thoughts: Love it, especially the magical backdrop. Very eye catching and very beautiful.

Origin: I received an Advanced Review Copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My Review:

The Plot:

When Viscount Brentwood finds himself in quite the unexpected situation of being caught passionately embracing a beautiful but unchaperoned lady in the park, his choice pick of the marriageable ladies of the ton is forcibly revoked by the lady in question and her powerful duke of a father. Threatened within an inch of his life by the irate duke, Brent accepts his duty as a gentleman and agrees to marry the now unveiled Lady Gabrielle. Funnily enough, Brent isn't too upset with the corner he's been backed into. Obviously he shares a mutual attraction with Lady Gabrielle and her surprising but welcomed actions leave many intriguing questions that he'll no doubt delight in retrieving their answers. What Brent doesn't approve of though is the duke threatening his brothers and their shipping ventures. That he'll put a stop to but everything else, oh everything else is mighty appealing.

Having successfully untangled herself from one unwanted engagement, Gabrielle is exasperated to find herself jumping free from the hot frying pan only to land straight into the fire with yet another unwanted engagement. Always the good girl that followed daddy's orders, Gabrielle agreed to marry the man she was told to marry regardless of the non-existent spark between them. But her puppet-like compliance shredded the moment she caught her fiancé kissing her young impetuous sister with the sincere ardency and desperation of a man dying of thirst. Their love for one another was palpable. Unwilling to doom herself or her sister to a life of misery, Gabrielle takes her fate into her own hands and kisses the handsome and then unknown Lord Brentwood in the park. She never meant however for their kisses to turn so passionate or for the connection between she and her beautiful stranger to solidify so quickly. And now having been caught by her father, Gabrielle is once again being forced to marry when she doesn't want to. Worse, her actions have forced Lord Brentwood into an unwanted marriage as well and that must be remedied.

Brent doesn't quite know what to make of Gabrielle's behavior in the light of their engagement. She seems to be purposefully trying to deter him from his gentleman's duty but acting the fool. Not knowing whether to laugh at her attempts at incompetence or confront her on the reasons, Brent simply decides to roll with her and delight in seeing what scheme she'll attempt next. The point of fact is that Gabrielle is doing her best to seem like the worst sort of wife. If only she knew that her antics have succeed in making her that much more endearing. In fact, Brent can't seem to focus on anything but Gabrielle and the surprises that await him come their next visit. He's not afraid of falling in love, just surprised but after all the interesting twists and turns this courtship has revealed, he shouldn't be surprised at all.

The Heroine:

Gabrielle strives endlessly to please those around her, especially her father. But when faced with the passionate love between her former fiancé and her sister, Gabrielle realizes that all her people pleasing has achieved nothing but the successful drowning of her core self. She's effectively lost all that defines her in the need to be what everyone else expects and it ends now. No matter that the rocky start on the road towards self preservation has only managed to land her in one more predicament, Gabrielle is determined to sabotage Lord Brentwood's opinion of her as a good wifely candidate. However, there's a small problem and that being that her heart seems to race within his presence and when not, he occupies her mind like no one else.

The Hero:

Already in London with the intent to find himself a wife, Brent is a little shocked by fate and the alluring mystery of his new beautiful fiance. Yes, his proposal may not exactly be what he had planned, but he doesn't find any need to shirk his duty. Quite the contrary, he's pleased to be affianced to Lady Gabrielle. She certainly isn't boring and there is the added bonus that their passion for each other flares hot. And while on their way to the aisle, Brent is determined to find out the source of Gabrielle's aversion to their marriage and her sabotage attempts that only leave him panting for more. She's a conundrum that Brent wants nothing more than to solve and who cares if his heart happens to fall in love along the way.

My Final Thoughts:

A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS boasts an intelligent and original start that unfortunately fizzles to a disappointing anticlimactic ending. Tempting plot arcs that could have added rich life to an otherwise bland storyline are left strangely unexplored resulting in a likable hero and heroine pairing but no real conflict or tension to keep this reader invested in their journey.

Decidedly sensual rather than steamy, AGNT is a sweet passing of time that's sadly tainted with unrealized potential. This reader feels that attention could have been given to the forbidden love between Gabrielle's sister and former fiancé. There's also the scintillating plot arc whereby Gabrielle may still be forced to marry her sister's lover and is even threatened by him but nothing comes to heady fruition. Instead, these arcs are strangely forgotten and one is left thinking, "but what about this and what about that?".

It had all the ingredients for an intriguing and gripping story and while still a sweet read and not exactly a waste of time, A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS is still rather a forgettable pastime. Honestly, I'd be hard pressed to recall the contents a month from now.

For readers that don't enjoy cumbersome plot arcs or a hint of danger but rather want two likable characters and a journey to love that reads like a leisurely walk, A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS is the perfect historical romance to wile away your time.

3 Stars

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Blodeuedd said...

I thought it was cute :) I like cute, even if I do not remember much a year afterwards

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Blodeuedd!

I can totally see the cuteness factor you're talking about but unfortunately I'm holding books at super high standards these days. My reading time has become so valuable that I want my reads to be worth the time and this one, while having a great start, disappointed me greatly.

Hugs, VFG

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