Reviewette: THE DEVILIN FEY by Jess C Scott

Review: THE DEVILIN FEY by Jess C Scott

A paranormal romance novella of two stories, featuring an incubus and succubus.

Story #1 features a demure young woman unleashing the “devil in” her, through the intimacy with an incubus.

Story #2 features a voyeuristic succubus driven by jealousy and a dangerous fixation.

Publisher: THE DEVILIN FEY is self published by the author

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Fiction

Single Title/Series: THE DEVILIN FEY is comprised of two single title novellas.

Cover Thoughts: While simplistic and pretty, the cover does nothing to convey the paranormal or erotic plot lines within.

Why I Read It: I was offered a copy for review by the author.

My Review:


Caitlin Fey, a struggling journalist, is intent on exposing play boy Zac Walsh - the New York Times Bestselling author of Seduction 101: All The Dirt on Woman - for the womanizing, demeaning, chauvinistic a-hole that he really is. Complications arise however when upon meeting Zac, Caitlin can't help but liken him to her dream lover in looks and mannerisms. Young, naive and idealistic, Caitlin falls for the sleazy opening line of
"You know, Miss Fey," he said, leaning in on my last name. "I think you and I are going to end up in the same bed, by the end of the night."
Caitlin should have known right then and there that sleeping with Zac would be entirely her fault. Instead, she blames Zac for the uneventful roll in the sack and prompt departure.

Restless and angry, Caitlin wanders to a nearby beach after her lackluster encounter with Zac and stumbles upon her true dream lover. Lucius, a lonely incubus, has been visiting Caitlin in her dreams since having been attracted to her simple soul. The two soon become addicted to one another with Lucius nearly draining Caitlin dry of energy until she emerges herself as a succubus. At first, determined to avoid this new devilish entity within taking over her soul, Caitlin resists its hold. Yet as Lucius logically points out, either Caitlin embraces her new life as a succubus or die.

My Thoughts:

THE DEVILIN FEY was a difficult read from beginning to end with the only good aspect being its super short length. The plot, what little of it there is, meanders along with no real logical flow. My respect and connection to Caitlin was cut immediately when she sleeps with the total sleaze-bag, Zac Walsh, despite knowing him for who he truly is. To top it off, she becomes enraged at Zac for the point he proved of which she'd originally planned to debunk. Stupid.

Also, the reading experience from sentence to sentence was jilted and annoyingly inconsistent with poor editing. The characters pause in their speech over and over again for no apparent reason. If the author had perhaps read the book out loud, these strange inconsistencies would have been more than apparent and fixable.

All and all, the first of the two novellas is not one that I enjoyed but for readers that gravitate towards dark erotic fiction, this may be the read for you.



My Review:


Unfortunately, this novella was a DNF for me. I wasn't aware that the plot centered around a f/f romance and while I tried my best to push through it, sadly I just couldn't connect.

Novella two is about a succubus that's obsessed with a female human named Adriana. When Adriana glimpses the succubus's invisible self, the succubus becomes frightened but also piqued that this particular human could see her. Wanting to discover if the whole incident was just perhaps her imagination, the succubus spies on Adriana as she goes about her day-to-day life becoming more and more obsessed as the hours pass.


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Leontine said...

Novella's are often either a hit or miss with me... What a bummer these novella's didn't work for you and poor editing too :( From what your telling me Zac and Caitlin aren't my kind of couple either.

Blodeuedd said...

Yikes, well DFNs must happen too, even if it's a sad fact

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Leontine! Yeah, these just didn't work for me but from the other reviews I linked, it looks like they did work for others. Which is good. I'm happy there's at least some possitives for this author especially since she's so sweet.

Hugs, VFG


Yup, you're right Blodeuedd. It was bound to happen to me at some point.

Hugs, VFG

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