Review & Giveaway: HAUNTING WARRIOR by Erin Quinn

Review: HAUNTING WARRIOR by Erin Quinn

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A past he couldn’t forget.

Rory MacGrath’s life changed the night his father mysteriously vanished after uncovering the secrets of the ancient Book of Fennore. The trauma turned Rory from an innocent boy into a troubled, cynical man. Leaving Ireland, he shunned his family, his heritage—and the very magic that has defined his people for centuries.

A dream he couldn’t ignore.

Then the dreams begin…dreams of an ethereal beauty whose touch is more real that any he’s known. And in these dreams, she has a message—a calling for Rory to return home to a destiny that will take him beyond the realm of anything he imagined.

A woman he couldn’t resist.

Lured to the castle ruins where his father disappeared, Rory is plunged back in time, and into the body of another man—a man betrothed to the very woman of Rory’s dreams. In possession of the secrets of his past, his family, and his identity, her hold on Rory is inescapable. For she is his doom. His salvation. And his destiny.

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Single Title/Series: HAUNTING WARRIOR is Book Two in the Haunting Series. While it can perhaps be read as a stand alone novel, I highly recommend reading Book One, HAUNTING BEAUTY, first.

Cover Thoughts: I initially wasn't a huge fan of the cover but now after having completed the novel, all the little details that I'd previously given only a cursory glance have coalesced into an amazingly rich and colorful tapestry. The spiraled tattoo on the man's chest, the pendant hanging from his neck and the cliffs in the background are all integral elements of the plot and I'm delighted that Berkley took these details into account. Now that I recognize that there's so much more to be appreciated with this cover, when I look at it, I'm forever reminded of the beautiful journey within.

Why I Read It: I received an Advanced Review Copy from the author.

My Review:

With her sophomore novel, HAUNTING WARRIOR, Erin Quinn solidifies herself as a must have, must read author. One who shatters all the molds with her sweeping epics of tangled fates and unforgettable characters where not even the monumental pressure of the decades past can barricade those that wish to transcend them. Instead, time is a vital conduit, one that is as essential to Quinn's characters and their survival in the fight against the evil that conspires against them as is the romance that binds them. It is these very characters that enrapture the reader with their courage to bend the sands of time, realign it and reshape it into a present that heals and keeps them safe.

Rory MacGrath has felt like an outsider, a man out of time with the world around him ever since the burden of his father's disappearance was heaped upon him by his own doing when he was five years old. Rather than face the crippling events of his past, Rory flees instead to Los Angeles, California - a place that couldn't be farther away in culture or climate from BallyfionĂșir, Ireland. Burying the burgeoning powers of his youth, Rory has all but convinced himself that any paranormal magic he was once able to wield is all but a dream when in fact it's a dream that haunts him and its also one that will soon be his waking reality. Each night Rory's taunted by the most beautiful of women. The mystery of her, the realness in which she arrives bewitches Rory to the point that she bleeds from the dream into real life, beckoning him to her even though he tries to resist.

Saraid of the Favored Lands, a destitute princess of a dying people, faces sure death as she walks with her head held high into a marriage with Ruairi the Bloodletter - the man that destroyed her clan with death after bloody death. Seeking peace, her desperate brother has promised her hand in marriage and wed she did but when a prophecy reveals itself to be true, Saraid soon finds herself wed to Ruairi who is not the Bloodletter but his twin and a man that destiny says can save her people. But Saraid must first seduce him to her cause for he's not there to save her but to find his ticket home with the Book of Fennore - a deadly, manipulative entity that delves into the darkest pits of a man's soul, awakening the dormant greed and evil within.

Finding himself in a foreign Ireland and in a time seemingly before time, Rory is beyond reluctant to step up as the savior that Saraid proclaims him to be. He's never been able to accomplish a thing in his life other than perfecting the art of avoiding his family. All he wants is to find his way home with the Book of Fennore but Saraid's sparkle, her fierceness and bewitching beauty has him bound to her in a way he can't fully explain. He's reluctant to be her hero but he's also reluctant to leave her. She's haunted him for so long that her essence has already managed to imprint itself upon his soul and to finally have her in his arms has Rory fighting with himself to never let her go.

As a common enemy grows closer and as loved ones die or turn in betrayal, Rory and Saraid come together not only for survival but for love as well. United, they each begin to open the wells of power within themselves as they work to keep Saraid's people safe. Feeling as though he's stretching unused muscles, Rory taps into the magic he's always denied and accepts that this is who he is. Unfortunately they're greatly outnumbered and when Rory falls to his death in battle, the Book of Fennore seals his and Saraid's fate. The Book is never something to be tampered with or bound to, but Saraid, in her desperation to not lose Rory, unwittingly speaks the sacrifice that will cost her more than she ever thought possible.

My Thoughts:

HAUNTING WARRIOR is exactly as the title implies: Haunting. The magic, the time travel, the betrayals, all of it will become a hovering thought in your mind well after you turn over the final pages. Erin Quinn excels as a writer in this second effort of her Haunting Series with her incredibly tight plotting and completed story arcs.

Rory is a reluctant hero but one that grows exponentially from the anger consumed man-child of the beginning into an unparalleled and fearsome leader by the end. And while the love between him and Saraid is soft and slow in growth, its also vastly complex and it takes every bit of page time to explore all the nooks and crannies that make up their combustible passion for one another.

The Book of Fennore. Its as much of a character as Rory and Saraid and the parallels that were drawn between the three were incredibly frightening but wonderfully engrossing. The history that is unveiled in HAUNTING WARRIOR brings the Book that much more to life as an unstoppable entity with dark and evil motives.

For paranormal lovers who long for sweeping epics as well as a certain level of complexity to their reads, look no further than Erin Quinn's Haunting Series.


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Giveaway Details:

Because I've fallen head over heels for Erin Quinn and her Haunting Series, I'm giving away a new copy of HAUNTING BEAUTY to one lucky commenter.

*Contest Open to U.S. and Canada ONLY*

**Must be 18 or Older to Enter**

***Contest Closes Wednesday, May 12th at Midnight U.S. Pacific Standard Time and a Winner will be Chosen Randomly and Announced Thursday, May 13th**


Cecile said...

Okay, not sure if I am the first one or not.... But you can count me in. I have seen how much you love these books and I want in on this secret!

I hope all is well, I have not heard from you lately... just making sure all is well! =)

Smokinhotbooks said...

I adore time travel books. Secretly I wish I could time travel so I can hook up with a Viking warlord, but have the ability to go back to my time period for diet cokes & feminine products.

P.S. Mr. Smokin is named Rory therefore I must read this book!

PPS Nice review ;)

Armenia said...

I've read so many great reviews for Haunting Beauty and it has been on my TBB list forever. Time travel and mystical romances always intrigue me. Please count me in. Thanks for a great prize giveaway.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Lizzielvr said...

Nice review VFG! I have both books on my wish list and am definitely interested in putting my hat in the ring for this prize!

Oh and just a side note…I’m reading a Julia Quinn book, I like her writing, next up is Carolyn Jewel’s Scandal…thanks for the inside tip on these authors!

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Great review and I love the gorgeous cover!

I've read many great reviews on this series and I would love to read this!

Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway!

VampFanGirl said...

Cecile! Girl, things are good. Really good and I'm super glad that you're tossing in your hat for this one. This author is beyond amazing and I hope that you still seek out her books if you aren't the lucky winner. You won't be disappointed.



KC! Your hub's name is Rory?! Well then hell yeah you gotta read this! ;)

LOL! No way could I travel back in time but I'm warming up to your way of thinking on the whole subject. I'd definitely have to be able to come home to the present for medical care and my Jack In The Box cravings. ;)



Hi Armenia! Oh girl, this series is a MUST read. Good Luck!!

:) VFG


Thanks Lizzielvr! You're gonna love this series.

Oh, isn't Julia Quinn a hoot?! She's got some of the best dialogue around but wait until you read SCANDAL. Oh gawd, the hero is TO DIE FOR!!!!

Hugs, VFG


Thanks Razlover! Good luck!!

:) VFG

Chelsea B. said...

From all the great things being said about thise books everwhere, now I'm really interested in reading them! Such beautiful covers!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks for entering Chelsea B. Good Luck!

:) VFG

KarLynP said...

I have this one on my wish-list at Goodreads, so yes, I'd love to be entered into the contest! Thanks!

Bookie said...
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Bookie said...

Your enthusiasm for these books has made me excited to see what all the fuss is about. Plus I need more time travel books. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Count me in:) Great review I have this on in my to buy pile. I almost ordered it today I will wait a bit now to see if I win if not well I will order this one for sure. hint lol.

Mama Bookworm said...

Time travel romance! Sign me up please :)

Cybercliper said...

This is one author that's been on my wish list for awhile. And the cover is smokin'! I seem to be fixated with that tattoo :-)

Donna said...

Oh, I've had Haunting Beauty on my radar for quite awhile. :) Time Travel stories can be iffy with me but I do want to give this series a try since I've heard terrific things about it. Plus I love stories that feature a reluctant hero. There just something this side of awesome reading about their HEAs. Loved the review!

I ♥ Book Gossip said...

Please count me in!

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

tetewa said...

I'm always looking for new authors to read, sounds good!

VampFanGirl said...

Good Luck KarLynP and Bookie!

:) VFG


Thanks Laurie! Good Luck!

:) VFG


Good Luck Mama Bookworm and Cyberclipper!

:) VFG


Donna! What's up girl?! Thanks for lovin' the review.

I'm just like you, hesitant when it comes to time travel but trust me, this series has a REALLY good time travel twist.

Good Luck!

Hugs, VFG


Good Luck I Heart Book Gossip and tetewa!

:) VFG

jeanette8042 said...

This looks like a fabulous series and I love the cover of Haunting Beauty!

lilazncutie1215 @

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...


I've had Erin Quinn on my to read list for a while now, but haven't picked up her books yet. Don't know why, they look and sound excellent. And the covers are great. Thanks for the contest!


Dottie :)

Tricia said...

Hey VFG,
Now see I was the opposite I've been lusting after this cover for awhile. I really enjoyed Haunting Beauty I can't wait to read this one especially after your review :)

Lisa R said...

Love that cover! Hearing it compare to The Time Travelers makes it a definite "Gotta have book".

Christine H said...

Wow am I glad I fouind this blog! I'd love to win this books. Count me in, Thanks!

Shirley said...

My daughter would love this book. Please enter me.

Anonymous said...

I like to be entered. This looks like a great book for my daughter too.

Anonymous said...

Messed up my email.


Thank you!

Leontine said...

Hi VFG, I love Erin Quinn's writing too and I agree that Rory really grows from the beginning of the story till the end. I don't know about you but reading those final pages I instantly wanted the next novel, I so want to find out how Tiarnan is going to fare...

VampFanGirl said...

Good Luck jeanette8042!

:) VFG


Hi Dottie!

Oooooo I think you'd really love Erin Quinn. Good Luck!

Hugs, VFG


LOL, Tricia! Hey, to each there own. I'm always so fascinated by what is beautiful to some and unremarkable to others. It's part of what makes us human.

Good Luck!

Hugs, VFG


Good Luck Lisa R!

:) VFG


Hi Christine! Thanks for finding me too. ;) Good Luck!

:) VFG


Good Luck garndmalarkin!

:) VFG


OMG, Leontine! I'm dying to know what's in store for both Tiarnan and Liam. Why do you suppose it happened to them both??? Knowing Quinn, there's always a reason for everything. Love that about her writing too, btw.


CrystalGB said...

Great review. Sounds good. Beautiful cover.

Scorpio M. said...

I'm not a big paranormal fan but your high praise counts much, so I'd like to try Erin Quinn.

It was your review of SINFUL that made me take note of Charlotte Featherstone. I loved it. Really. I was emotionally beat & crushed by all that they had to go through but it's not a book I'll soon forget. Matty & Jane are very unique and I had no issue with the untraditional HEA. I actually didn't even need the epilogue. :)

VampFanGirl said...

Good Luck CrystalGB!

;) VFG


Scorpio M.!! So glad you enjoyed SINFUL and what you said makes my reviewer heart shine. It's exactly what I love to hear and doublely so knowing that you loved SINFUL. That's awesome. And you didn't even need the epilogue. Yay!

Hugs, VFG

shawna p said...

Count me in as well... I would LOVE a chance to win this book! Always looking for new series to read... Thanks ;)

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