Review: PATIENCE by Lisa Valdez

Review: PATIENCE by Lisa Valdez


Known for her exceptional beauty, Patience Emmalina Dare has been pursued by admirers ever since coming of age. But suitor after suitor fails to inspire her love – or her desire. Certain she will never find a man who touches her deeply, she decides to forgo marriage in favor of pursuing her music. But just when Patience thinks she has her life well in hand, a passionate kiss with her enigmatic brother-in-law awakens a powerful need in her. How will she reconcile her desire for him and her desire for a life that's her own – and what will she do when he shows her a deep and hidden part of herself that she never knew existed?

When the secret of his illegitimate birth pushes Matthew Morgan Hawkmore from his place in society, the darkly handsome half-brother of the Earl of Langley plots his resurrection and his revenge. Betrayed and abandoned by the women he believed loved him, he swears to never again be controlled by love. But despite his vow, he is unable to resist the beautiful Patience, whose strength and self-reliance hide a need that he is perfectly suited to fulfill. Can he have her without loving her? What will he give up to keep her? And will her passionate surrender be the one thing that can stop him from making a tragic mistake that could destroy them both…

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Historical Romance

Single Title/Series: Book two in the Passion Quartet.

Cover Thoughts: For a long time the cover wasn't to my liking, but after reading the novel, I'm amazed at how well it portrayed Matthew and Patience. I especially love the corseted female. She reminds me of many intimate scenes and I love how the Berkley art department took that into consideration. So, I'm recanting my earlier dislike. This is a beautiful cover and a lovely representation of the relationship within.

Why I Read It: I've read PASSION so many times in order to endure the long wait for its sequel that I had to buy a replacement for my tattered copy. Knowing that, no way was I going to miss out PATIENCE.

My Review:

PATIENCE is the story of two strong-willed, independent creatures that have each been betrayed by those whom they trustingly gave their hearts only to be found lacking. Now, having brutally learned their lesson, neither is interested in repeating their previous pain but thankfully there's an undeniable pull that draws these two fated beings together. And once in each others arms, their well fortified walls begin crumble as if so much dust.

An incomparable beauty, Patience Emmalina Dare is coveted by all the male members of the ton. As they preen, peck and squawk their candidacy as potential suitors, they know not that their efforts fall upon deaf ears for Patience has no desire to belong to any man. Instead, her heart - her everything - belongs to her cello and the music she persuades from its strings for you see, her instrument could never forsake her, can never ever leave her thus providing the perfect guard against any who contrive to poach upon her love. However, despite Patience's instrumental guard, she also recognizes a deep-seeded yearning for one man that has the very real potential to obliterate all that she is but the secrets he dangles before her are utter temptation and they have her leaping for a glimpse of the freedom he offers.

Matthew Morgan Hawkmore, formally the second son of an earl but now a known bastard and recent social pariah of the ton, is grasping with white knuckles to the remaining pieces of his former life that he can still call his own. But there are those that would glory at seeing his financial demise and none is more hungry for that than Archibald Benchley - the Earl of Benchley and Matthew's would be father-in-law if news of his bastard birth had never made light. Accused of withholding his bastardy from "good society", Matthew has been snubbed by those he had once called friends and now to have his name and his honor slandered atop of the fierce financial crush that Benchley has heaped upon him, the desire for revenge has him swirling in an all encompassing darkness of anger and hatred. There is only one light capable of piercing through the black that is now Matthew's tarnished soul and that is Patience. Her goodness and her light calls to him, beckoning with sensual promise as well as soothing acceptance.

It's really no surprise that from an early age, Matthew recognized and cultivated a burning need and desire to sexually dominate. With evidence of his already controlling nature, his role as a sexual dominant is no coincidence for he's a man that inherently seeks control - needs control - and in his current uncontrollable and crumbling world this unequivocal need to dominate gravitates him on a very primal level towards Patience. As if viewing a mirror image of himself, Matthew recognizes a deep-seeded and complicated pain within her and his reaction to it is fierce. Ultimately, Matthew desperately craves Patience's absolute surrender; to strip her of all her fortified walls, crumble her resistance, and tear asunder the pain that has burdened her so greatly. Perhaps by unleashing and healing Patience, Matthew can heal his own dark pain and the only way he knows how to do this is by requiring her complete and utter submission.

Patience, nervous and unsure of the submission Matthew is demanding, follows him with a tentative trust. No man has ever demanded anything of her and while she should be affronted by his commands, instead Matthew brings to light a curious feeling that she's never before felt; one that awakens a previously dormant and unknown faucet of her nature that ultimately causes her to grasp hold of it with desperate hands and an aching heart. Soon, Patience finds solace in her submissive bonds. She no longer has to control her thoughts or maintain her strict independence for in truth they're not her nature. She was meant to be a nurturer, a calm example but instead she became closed off, seemingly un-needing of anyone but her cello. For years Patience has unknowingly forced herself into something she's not and with Matthew's help she's released from these constricting bonds of her own making and instead basks in the silken bonds of his dominance.

However, while Patience unveils hidden aspects of her personality, hauntingly painful moments in her past, as well as gifted Matthew with her complete trust, he's hidden a plan from her that could potentially tear apart their burgeoning relationship. His revenge scheme for his enemy, Archibald Bentley, has escalated to such a high degree that Matthew recognizes no moral bounds. It's kill or be killed in his mind and he has every intention of beating Benchley to the punch despite the fact that his conscience is saying he's wrong. There's strong evidence of this because Matthew does his absolute best to make sure that Patience is kept completely in the dark from his nefarious plotting. She is everything that is good and beautiful in his world and to make his plans known to her would only spell his doom. Instead, Matthew is so twisted with anger and hatred that he becomes nearly blinded by the revenge he seeks rather than the cling to the love he's already been given by the woman that longs to lighten his world.

My Thoughts:

Truly, what I think surprised me the most about PATIENCE, and it's not the unbelievable depths that Valdez explored with the D/s relationship between Matthew and Patience, but the fact that it didn't resemble PASSION in any way. Instead, the novel is compellingly unique and held its own superbly against its famous predecessor. That accomplishment in and of itself is rare and quite splendid. Bravo Ms. Valdez!

That being said, I must admit that I'm shocked at the negative reviews this novel has received. This was a daring work of art that was, for me at least, incredibly moving and beautiful to experience. Every moment meant something and I basked in the depth that Valdez took her characters as each and every barrier is sensually stripped to reveal the true Matthew and Patience. Even more shocking was that people were perplexed that Matthew discerns Patience's submissiveness seemingly "out of the blue". I disagree. There were plenty examples of Patience's unknown desire to submit. It was in her voice, her words, her false independence, and most importantly it was her reaction to Matthew. Extending beyond that, the relationship was explored slowly with Matthew giving Patience every chance to leave. How else could she have known of this desire? It's not like she knew the lifestyle existed. What did readers expect Matthew to do, ask her directly about a subject she knows nothing about? Have a discussion over tea? He's a sexual dominant who knows that he must dominate. He's been practicing for years thus helping him to recognize Patience's hidden nature.

The negativity, in my opinion, stems mostly from a simple dislike of D/s. I believe that you must have at least an appreciation for the Dominant/submissive dynamic in order to fully enjoy a novel of this nature. If this is not something you enjoy or desire to read, then you're only going to see it as derogatory and your inner feminist will rear its head and scream foul. The relationship that Valdez has written is fluent with the D/s stories that I've read and loved from the masters and to read it in a historical setting by such a passionate author was an absolute dream and one I will not be forgetting soon.

I've also had a friend email me saying that she didn't see the romance at all in PATIENCE and again, I'm shocked. For me, every word spoken, every touch bestowed, taken and demanded was romance. This is a novel that focuses nearly completely on the hero, heroine and their struggle. Its dissected and explored with graphic but sensual sex scenes that will most definitely leave you breathless if not squirming in your seat. From beginning to end, PATIENCE is romance, one that I will most certainly be returning to for seconds, thirds and more.

If you love intense romance with graphic sex, x-rated language, an uber alpha hero who also happens to be a sexual dominant, and a complex heroine who lives and breathes to submit to her hero, than PATIENCE is the historical romance for you.


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Charlotte Featherstone said...

First off, as always what a thoughtful, beautifully written review! Kudos to you!
Second, I'm pleased that I can wear two hats here. As an author I applaud and admire Lisa Valdez's bravery in writing this book and not caving into the pressures of producing another Passion. Patience is a brave, bold book, and it is very beautifully, and powerfully written. Valdez is the master at the language and creating wonderful, visceral relationships and love scenes. I admire her abilities greatly.

But my reader hat was disappointed. Mostly because, as you mentioned, I cannot relate to the D/S mentality or relationship. It's beyond me, and because of this, I am, and was unable to see what you saw. I tried to, but even after skimming, I still couldn't fully understand, and therefore connect to Mark and Patience as characters. There were certainly shining parts that had my romance heart beating, but not enough for me to really think of it as a romance.

I needed, perhaps, more love. More tenderness. But that said, I would have been thoroughly disappointed if Valdez had caved to immense pressure and fluffed her way through.

I'm actually disappointed in myself that I feel this way. I'm a very liberal minded, to each their own kind of person. I knew Matt was going to be dominant just from the excerpt at the back of Passion. I guess what took me aback, is just HOW dominant he is.

In all, a mixed bag for me. But it made me feel, made think, made we try to broaden my horizons, and that's all an author can ask for. Did I want something different. A bit. Will I buy her next book. You betcha!!!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Sorry that should read 'when I re-read and skimmed through difficult parts'...sorry, my brain was thinking too fast for my fingers

Blodeuedd said...

Not a fan of the cover, but I am glad to hear it grew on you, I guess that is what a cover should do.

And still very unsure about this book

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Charlotte!

Thanks for reading and lovin' my review, girl.

So glad that you noticed that PATIENCE stood completely on its own and seperate from PASSION. Like you, this made me applaud Valdez greatly for not caving. Such bravery on her part after what could only have been a crushing amount of anticipation on her shoulders.

And now I'm pretty much convinced, especially after reading your comment, that the negativity is sprouting from a general lack of interest in D/s. Interesting though that even after reading the excerpt and knowing that Matthew was heading in that direction, you read it anyway.

For me, I noticed during the early pages of PASSION that Matthew was a dominant especially after Mark mentions that he knows how much Matthew loves tears. That right there waved a giant red flag for me and from that very moment I craved to know the extent of that dominance.

I don't really understand your need for more showings of love or tenderness because I saw that in spades between Matthew and Patience. How could more have been given? I don't see where Valdez could have added more to an already extraordinary amount of love but again I'm chaulking it up to your inability to connect with the D/s.

Sigh...I think we're just on oppisite sides of the fence with this one, girl. *wink*

Hey so what do you think of Fitz Roy and Primrose?? That man needs a woman who is capable of childlike exuberance and passionate love.



Hey Blodeuedd!

Ugh, I hate turning people away from such an incredible novel but if you don't like D/s and all that that entails (including numerous spankings) than I'd say this novel isn't for you.


Lizzielvr said...

Great review! I don’t think I would have been interested in this book reading the summary, but I’m definitely interested now. I’ve just started my interest in Historical romances, so far I have only read Lisa Kleypas & Jennifer Ashley. It’s great to be able to add another name to the list!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hey VFG, It's okay to be opposite! ;) Interesting that you mentioned why I read it anyway, despite knowing which way the wind was blowing. Two reasons, she's just such a good writer and i adored Passion. Plus, right or wrong of me, I was thinking the dom thing might be lighter? Easier to read? More....I don't know. Just not the way it was, I guess.

And the love bit. Hmmm, more might not have been the right choic I used. Maybe displayed in a different manner?

I really don't know, but hey, it's got us talking and cosidering other's thoughts and opinions, and that's a great thing for books!

I LOVED Fitz, and I truly can't wait to read his book and see what heroine Valdez puts with him.

Lisa is a fantastic writer, and just because Patience didn't always resonate with me, I know I'll continue to buy her books!

Barbara said...

You loved it!! I'm so glad. I started Patience, but was only able to get a few pages in. With the packing and everything else, I doubt I'll be able to finish it until I'm settled in the new place. You really have me looking forward to it, though.


VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Lizzielvr!!

Oooo a historical romance newbie! Well, do I have some recommendations for you! If you want your books steamy, I recommend Charlotte Featherstone, Carolyn Jewel, and Christine Wells. If you want to go old fashion, definitely check out Judith McNaught. And lastly, if you want some good verbal sparing, Julia Quinn is your gal.

Hope you check out these fab authors!

Hugs, VFG


Hey Charlotte!

*smackes palm to forehead* Oh duh, of course you would have read PATIENCE after PASSION and I can definitely see why you thought the D/s would possibly be light but I'm also shocked that you thought that as well given the "deep penetration" adventure you just took. LOL!

Gawd, I so agree with you, books that get readers talking are important and I'm glad that Valdez has accomplished that. I also have a sneaking suspicion that you'll do the same with SINFUL. *wink*

Man, I hope it doesn't take Valdez 5 years to write the next one but what the hell, I loved her twice and I'll love her third so I can wait if that's what it entails.



Barbara!! Hell yeah I loved it!!! I'm scared to find out if you do though. You might have the same feelings as Charlotte since you both have similar tastes with regards to the D/s aspect of things. shall be interesting to hear what you think.

Yuck! Packing. I'd help you if I could.


Tricia said...

Wonderful review as always!I'm happy to read how much you enjoyed this one though I'd planned on reading this one regardless of the negative reviews just because of how much I loved Passion. Now I'm really intrigued since it was a completely different experience from Passion for you.

Lizzielvr said...

Thanks VFG! I love Carolyn Jewel's witch series, I forgot she writes historical as well (Apparently I have paranormal romance block in my brain)I've been eyeing Julia Quinn's books...and thank you for the other authors, I'll be checking them out!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Tricia!

Best advice, don't go into it expecting PASSION. PATIENCE is in a league of its very own. Oh, sooooo good! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it!

Hugs, VFG

VampFanGirl said...

You're welcome Lizzielvr!

Carolyn Jewel's SCANDAL is one of my all time favorite historicals. Its amazing and the hero! Good gawd its like he walks right off the pages - his magnatism is that powerful. Let me know if you read it. I'd like to hear what you think.

Oh, and Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series is a must read. Each one is amazing.

Happy reading, girl!!

Hugs, VFG

MsM said...

Hi VFG!!
I also heard many negative reviews of this book, but I love the author's writing so much that it will not stop me from reading this book.
I am glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to reading and reviewing it myself!



Barbara said...

You know me well ;) I'll keep you posted with my thoughts.


Monroe Dawson said...

Ive heard a bit of mixed reviews about this one! More good than bad though! Thanks for the review! Ill try it out! =)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey MsM!

Yeah, there's a lot of negative reviews especially on Amazon. But I loved it and knowing your book tastes, girl, I think you're gonna love it too.

Hugs, VFG


Hey Monroe!

You've heard more good than bad? Well, thats good. I look forward to your thoughts on it!!

Hugs, VFG

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...


Glad to see you enjoyed the book, excellent review. I have this author on my list to try.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Dottie!

Make sure that you enjoy intense D/s if you're planning on reading PATIENCE. Otherwise, you might not like the reading experience. For this author, I highly recommend the first of her novels, PASSION.

Hugs, VFG

Leontine said...

YAY YAY you loved it LOL I too thought it was uniquely different from PASSION and still with LV's writingstyle delivered that same depth of emotion.

quote review: Every moment meant something and I basked in the depth that Valdez took her characters as each and every barrier is sensually stripped to reveal the true Matthew and Patience.

You're so lyrical, fabulous VFG!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks for lovin' the review, Leontine! And for also lovin' PATIENCE! Apparently, we're a rare breed...oh well. ;)

Gawds, I hope it doesn't take Valdez five years to write Primrose. I don't think I'll be able to withstand the wait!

Hugs, VFG

Anonymous said...

Hi VampFanGirl! Wow, what an incredible review! You "got" everything!!! And expressed yourself so beautifully--yea! I had to drop in to tell you how wonderful it is for me to read a review like yours, and/or hear from readers who so loved this book. By the way, let me assure you that you are not alone. According to my in-box, there are many readers who are really loving this romance.

I think you are absolutely right about the negative feelings about this book stemming entirely from the D/s relationship between the characters. Had Matthew and Patience's sensual leanings been different--had they acted differently in the bedroom--then I could have left almost everything else the same, and readers would have clearly seen all the tenderness and romance (as they did with PASSION). Of course, I couldn't do that because Patience wouldn't have been freed by anything else, and Matthew can't be other than who he is--which is one of the messages of the book.

What's interesting is that Matthew is a far more tender, engaged and giving hero than his brother. As I said somewhere, Mark fell in love with Passion because of what she gave to him. Matthew falls in love with Patience because of what he can give to her. He acknowledges his need and love of her far before she does, and every single thing they share is for her benefit--Matthew is all about giving to Patience, earning Patience's love, being worthy of Patience.

I tell ya, it's a shame some readers have missed this so entirely. And good for you for recognizing Matthew for what he was in PASSION. His love of tears and fellatio. The way he is always watching people and situations (his brother, Passion, Patience at the ball)--his strength and determination to do and say what needs to be done and said--his ability to see certain truths even when he is being lied to--his charm and tenderness, his desire for love. These are all signs of a truly magnificent dominant who is all about the people he loves.

Can ya tell I'm passionate about this? :-) I guess it kinda saddens me that some readers have so completely misunderstood this wonderful hero--a man anyone would be charmed by if they actually met him at a party. I mean there's a reason Aunt Matty loves him. *hand to heart* and he really loves her.

Finally, I just don't get how what amounts to three spanking scenes is so over the top. Gracious, it's just a spanking. To read some reviews, you'd think Matthew beats Patience with a club or something. Are some of us, in our romance community, really so tight and politically corsetted that a spanking, shared between two consenting adults, is so frowned upon? I guess so--better Patience remain emotionally dead than spanked. I tell ya, VampFanGirl, I just don't get it. All I can say is thank God Patience has Matthew. And thank God, he has her. Theirs is an exceptional romance--without which, I'm convinced, both would have been doomed.

VampFan Girl, thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for romance. Thank you for your hard work and your beautiful articulation. Keep doing what you do.

Ciao bella,
Lisa Valdez

Anonymous said...

Sending hugs out to Charlotte (I hope SINFUL is embraced by readers!) and Leontine!

Ciao bellas,

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I don't usually comment on websites however I wanted to say my piece, since half a decade of my LIFE was spent waiting for Patience :)

Ms. Valdez- it sounds as if in your head you had an excellent idea for a dominant. In my opinion, this ideal was not executed effectively in PATIENCE.

Let me put it this way- what you wrote here on this blog, gave me a better picture of Matthew that the novel Patience itself....

There is nothing in Matthew's words and actions to elicit that warm fuzzy feeling most romance readers eventually want to get about a hero. . There is nothing about Matthew that said he deserved Patience. I felt sorry for his situation, and I understand intellectually that he awaked her submissive desires, however there was nothing that showed he genuinely cared for him other than to be the sub to his dom.

Now I am fully aware that one doesn't generally get warm fuzzies from BSDM novels. When I am in the mood to real such novels, I go to Ellora's cave or any one of the number of sub genre authors that I like.

Patience really disappointed me :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous!

Wow, I'm really sorry the warm fuzzies didn't come across for you.

There are so many ways in which Matthew's actions and thoughts spoke to the fact that he cared for and deserved Patience--giving her her emotional freedom being the biggest--and the fact that he never gives up on that. But there were also many small things--preparing her a breakfast made up of things she enjoyed. Discovering as much as he could about her from Aunt Matty. Watching her and thinking about her so much, so that he could figure her out. Always giving her the opportunity to reject what he offered--to walk away. Always trying to explain to her the dynamics of the d/s relationship.

The way he asks her if she won't at least "consider his request" not to go to Cavalli. The way he plays at her side in accompaniment, not over-riding her. The gentleness with which he dresses her and bathes her. All the beautiful things he says to her--that anyone before her was simply a prelude to her. That he's never wanted anyone so much as her. That he would go to the ends of the earth to be "troubled" by her. And then all his private thoughts and feelings--so happy that she defends him. So ready to step back at the musicale if she doesn't want him at her side. So anxious to please her and give her gifts.

So in love with her, even though he has not yet won a declaration of love from her. The way he sits behind her and supports her in the scene when she finally plays with emotion. The way he rejoices at her declaration of love--the way he begs her to never stop saying those words to him. The kind of panic and despair he feels when she walks away from him at the final ball. God, it just goes on and on.

And Matthew is so much more warm and fuzzy than Mark. If you were to literally count the actions and the feelings, Matthew would far out-stretch his brother. He's so emotional. And, gosh, I cried like four times while writing this book!

Well, anonymous, all I can say is that I'm so sorry that, somehow, so much of what is on the page didn't come through for you. Please know that I really regret that, because I just love Matthew and Patience and it was my hope that readers would love them too. They gave me so much of themselves, you see. And they are such good and decent characters--so deserving of being found worthy. So it pains me that they should be so misunderstood by some.

*sigh* Ah, well...

Anonymous, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Despite the fact that you were so disappointed in PATIENCE, I hope you'll give PRIMROSE a try. Course, I can't guarantee you'll like it because it is different from both PASSION and PATIENCE. But, still, I hope you check it out when it's released.

All the best,
Lisa Valdez

VampFanGirl said...


Don't regret for one moment what you've created with PATIENCE. While maybe it isn't everyone's favorite, look at the coversation you've inspired. People talk about PATIENCE and people are still talking about PASSION. If it didn't move them in some way, then they wouldn't be talking about it. Period.

I'd hate for you to regret anything for I don't want you to walk a safe line. Your books break borders and in doing that, you will generate opinions from people trying to make sense of it.

Granted, it's so very easy for me to say such a thing, to not regret. I'm not an author presenting my work to the masses knowing you'll get a mass of opinions in return. But in any event, don't regret. Its not an emotion worth your time. You obviously love and understand your characters and the story you've written. Be content that you stayed true to youself and that in the end while perhaps it didn't work for some, it DID in fact work for others.

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

Oh, VFG, you’re a dear one! (((hugs))) Never fear; I promise that I don’t regret one word of PATIENCE. In fact, I’m inordinately proud of it. And I’m proud of Matthew and Patience as characters. Truly, they trusted me with so much of themselves—they really put themselves out there, in all their beautiful imperfection and vulnerability. I would never betray them with regret. (lol—okay, I know I talk about them like they’re people, but that’s because they are so real to me.)

Anyway, perhaps regret was not the right word. I meant more a polite expression of sorrow over the fact that Anonymous was not pleased. I would rather she have been pleased—or that, at least, she could have come away with a clearer vision of the characters and their emotions.

But that having been said, my sweet VFG, I am contented nonetheless. As you say, PATIENCE has found many loving hands. And thanks to the wonderful articulation of your review and the reviews of others, I feel that PATIENCE is very well represented. So thank you, thank you!

I happily remain your “border-breaking” author, Lisa Valdez :-)

Anonymous said...


I wrote the comment expressing dissatisfaction with Patience (don't ban me from the website!).

VFG's response really does nail it on the head, in that truly I wouldn't comment on it on a website if I was not moved in some way. And in no way as a reader would I want Ms. Valdez to not write the way she does.

When I read Passion, I was enthralled by the intensity of the story and to this day it is one of the few books I can reread. (Elizabeth Hoyt's Raven Prince is another classic one to me).

I think that I may re-read Patience and have a different appreciation for it. No matter how I feel about the portrayal of Matthew, the book is an expertly written one. (I don't know why he comes across as mean to me, I think that as women our personal experiences may color how we feel about a hero ).

I do apologize if I seemed as if the book or your writing was sub par, because it was not :)

I can't wait for the next installment!


Anonymous said...

Dear DRD,

No, please, I didn't take it that way at all! And I think you're absolutely right when you say: "...that as women our personal experiences may color how we feel about a hero." So true. We all have the glasses of our own experience through which we see everything.

For me, I am not fond of the reformed rake as hero. In my family, men who sleep with anything that moves (and/or waste all their money and incur debt), and leave a wasteland behind them, are considered adolescent, self-serving and lacking in both character and self-esteem. Definitely not husband material. lol--this is the message (without doubt a protective one) that comes through in a family with a lot of daughters and grand-daughters. :-)

Anyway, despite my general prejudice against rakes, I have read several books by talented authors who have managed to really "sell" me on their rakes. That is what I wish I could have done for you, DRD--sold you on Matthew despite...and given you a satisfying read in the end...

But thank you so much for writing back. I'm honored that PASSION has a place on your keeper shelf. And perhaps PATIENCE will fare better for you on a second reading. Thank you for considering giving it a second chance, and for being so open-minded.

And, finally, I'm happy you're excited for PRIMROSE. Yea! I should have an excerpt up on my site by sometime in August. I hope you'll enjoy it. :-)


VampFanGirl said...

Yay! PRIMROSE info and excerpt coming in August!!!!! *jumping up and down* I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Thanks Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Uh, did I say August? I meant February. lol--okay, I know. I know! But at least it isn't five years later. :-) The excerpt will be up before the end of the week. Hope you like! Ciao, Lisa Valdez

VampFanGirl said...

Love, loved, LOVED the excerpt Lisa!! And thanks for the reply to my email. (((hugs))) Can't wait for PRIMROSE! AHHH!!!!

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