Review: Edge of Danger

Review: Edge of Danger by Rhyannon Byrd

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Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets. Yet nothing can protect her from her family's sadistic enemies. Until—in her hour of greatest need—she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape-shifter.

Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn battles his primal hunger for Saige. He alone can help her lay claim to her full powers. Yet in doing so, he will destroy her innocence, and mark her as his forever….

Primal Instinct Series Book Two

Rhyannon Byrd is fast becoming very accomplished at writing the stubborn alpha hero and her efforts shine admirably in 'Edge of Danger'. Michael Quinn is a raptor shapeshifter and Watchman for the Consortium - a organization charged with the task of monitoring supernatural activity. But with the reemergence of a being so fierce and destructive, Quinn and his fellow Watchmen have decided to take action. Quinn's task: Go to Brazil, find Saige Buchanan and bring her back to the base in Colorado. Sounds easy enough but as Quinn will soon find out, nothing about Saige is easy.

Unlike her brothers, Saige has understood and accepted the radical changes in store for her. Her Merrick, the once dormant primal being that lurks beneath her surface, is awakening and with that awakening comes the knowledge that her will to live will soon be tested.

For centuries the Merrick genes have been dormant after their arch nemesis, the Casus, were banished into a metaphysical holding cell known as the Meridian. But now, something or someone is releasing the Casus from their prison. After years of isolation, the Casus are mere shades of their former self. As their shades are released from the Meridian, they overtake a human with Casus genes, forcing that humans soul from its body yet retaining their memories and thereby assimilating into the modern world with frightening ease.

With her awakening triggered, Saige knows that a Casus is searching for her and not only is the monster looking to avenge its centuries long imprisonment, but she soon discovers that it's looking for the Dark Markers as well. A brilliant anthropologist, Saige has been searching the globe for the mystical crosses that throb with power and protection. It helps that she has the power to read any object she touches and thereby glimpsing its past. After touching many different objects in her search, Saige finally discovered the first Dark Marker in Rome. Sending the Dark Marker on to her brother, Ian, Saige uses the maps that she also discovered at its location to search for the others. The maps are coded and only with her power was Saige even able to decipher the location of the second Dark Marker in Brazil. But when her Merrick senses come alive, Saige knows that the Dark Marker is in jeopardy and she devises a way to have it taken safely out of Brazil. Yet her journey home isn't destined to be easy.

Quinn is a dark mystery to both Saige and the reader. Ms. Byrd never let's us forget his gorgeous good looks and rasping deep drawl. The man oozes sexual energy and Saige is helpless as she hungrily soaks him up.

Saige shook her head at the rich, deep rumble of Quinn's voice, thinking the guy should come with a warning label. Caution: Approach this male at your own risk. Possible dangers include excessive drooling, rapid heart rate...and in some cases, hormone-induced spontaneous combustion.

Edge of Danger © Rhyannon Byrd

And it's not just her human psyche that sparks at Quinn's nearness, her Merrick is stirred up as well and Saige is soon spinning in desire. But it's her distrustful nature that provides her some measure of control. All the men in Saige's life have abandoned her in some way or another and despite the fact that she knows Quinn is a Watchman and is here to protect, her suspicious nature blurs her rational. Quinn's mysterious allure also doesn't help Saige's initial judgement of him either and she resolves quickly to escape but first she wants answers regarding her Merrick. While she has a vast knowledge of the Merrick and Casus, little is known of female Merricks and she wants to understand what her change will entail. Lucky for her, she doesn't Hulk out yet retains the amazing strength that surpasses any human but her need to feed the primal being within her requires fangs and Saige is more than interested in sinking them into Quinn.

A dark and tragic past weighs heavily on Quinn's soul. He was betrayed, tortured and forced to watch as his fiance was raped and executed at the hands of the Collective - a human organization bent on the task of eradicating the existence of all supernatural beings. Quinn will do anything to protect his broken heart even if he has to harshly push Saige away and hold her back at a vast distance. He'll not let her become part of his tragedy nor will he ever give her the opportunity to betray him. And while he wants her with a terrible fierceness that would surely scare her, Quinn will not bring himself to get close to her even when she begs. But his heart can't stay shielded forever and he's helpless against Saige's onslaught as she steadily chips away at his resolve.

Christ, he wanted to spread her out and do things to her that he'd never even thought about doing to another woman. Desire was a raging, biting beast in his gut, demanding its due. He didn't care how he had her. He just wanted her, in every possible way there was, until he'd imprinted himself on her so deeply, she couldn't get rid of him. Until she was marked by his scent...his seed...his soul, to the point that any man coming near her would know exactly who she belonged to.

Which means you've gone out of your ever-loving mind.

Edge of Danger © Rhyannon Byrd

Both Saige and Quinn are naturally distrustful creatures which allows for a lot of back and forth angst coupled with highly explosive sexual tension. Makes for great reading, in my opinion. Funnily enough, both are also highly protective of each other and find themselves in a couple of life threatening situations based on their need to protect the other even if it means lying to achieve the intended outcome. But when push came to shove, Saige proved to be the most courageous with her heart.

"You know, for a man with wings, you're awfully bound in place," she murmured, thinking of the nightmares he suffered from each night. Nightmares she believed were a part of why he was so afraid of letting himself get close to her.
"You have more freedom than anyone I've ever known, and yet, you can't move beyond the past. It's just ironic, when you look at it that way."

Edge of Danger © Rhyannon Byrd

Yet when Quinn finally comes to realize that Saige is strong, that she can handle his dark possession and raging passions, he doesn't waste time.

Slipping his fingers between her legs, he pressed his open mouth against the pounding beat of her heart and asked, "Can you take me again?"

"Always," she whispered, already desperate for him as he moved over her, pushing back into her with a thick, possessive stroke.

Edge of Danger © Rhyannon Byrd

I really enjoyed 'Edge of Danger'. While Quinn was a stubborn hero, he wasn't as frustrating as Ian from 'Edge of Hunger', which made falling in love with him much easier in comparison. I also loved how Ms. Byrd reminded me time and again of Quinn's melting sexuality. And there is just something about a hero asking the heroine if she can take him again. He's so desperate that one earth shattering session of hot sex simply won't be enough and he must have her again, immediately. Be still my hussy heart!

Saige was wonderfully refreshing as well. I love when a character already knows and understands the ins and outs of their supernatural abilities and better still, that they accept it. It gives the reader the opportunity to focus solely on the relationship between the H/h rather than read tedious monologues of their irrational fears with regards to their awakening powers. While Saige tended to throw herself at Quinn, I don't think she would have cracked his shields nearly as effectively if she held her heart from him. Quinn needed to be reassured time and again of Saige's desire. She certainly didn't make it easy for him to ignore her and really he found that he couldn't stay away even if he tried.

I'm also enjoying the over-reaching plots and my curiosity has definitely been piqued over the Collective and the corruption that's taking place within the ranks. Definitely some interesting surprises there. It appears as though the Watchmen's roles are not only be questioned but changed as well. These shapeshifters are brave as they are loyal and I can't wait to learn more about each of those sexy heart-throbs.

Hussy Approved Reading Material!



Lea said...

Awesome review VFG!

The second installment of this series has piqued my interest more than your description of the first one did.

I'm going to add the book to my list. The hero in this story sounds awesome.

Happy reading...

Blodeuedd said...

..wait raptor shifter? As in dinosaur scary raptors? or am I missing something?

Great review though :)

Leontine said...

This one is so gonna make it on my b-day list!! Thanks for this wonderful review VFG!

Cecile said...

Awesome Review VampFanGirl!!
I am loving this series up!! I have all three books!!! Actually the first one I fit it into that reading challenge I am doing!! So, I will be getting that one soon!!!!

Very Hussy Approved!!! I love the story line here and I love the fact that they accpeted their abilities instead of trying to deny them!!!
Thanks for the awesome review!
Hope you are having a great day!
Oh, I finally got to my review of Broken!!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Lea! OMG I loved Quinn. He's totally delicious. I think you'll like it Lea if you decide to pick it up.

LOL Blodeuedd! Yes, he's a raptor shapeshifter but really all that changes physically is that wings form on his back. They have feathers too. But nothing else changes on him physically other than the wings. I thought it was pretty cool actually. I'd love to be able to fly at will.

Thanks Leontine! EOD will make an excellent addition to the B-Day list. ;)

Hey Cecile! Thanks! Oh cool, you got the whole series. You're really going to enjoy them. I've yet to read 'Edge of Desire'. I'm a pleasure delayer. *wink*

I read your 'Broken' review and commented. Loved it.

(((hugs))) VFG

Cecile said...

Yes, I will start with the first one and hopefully be able to read all three together... Don't like breaking up a set!!
Oh... thanks for the comment... let you one too!
Girl.. I can't wait to introduce you to some special brothers... Elizabeth Amber's... girl... *Still wipin the sweat from my brow!*

Charlotte Featherstone said...

AWESOME review as well, with some drool worthy quotes. You hussy, you totally know how to reels us in!!!!

I have all three books now, and since Sinful has just been delivered to my editor I am free and clear to read anything and everything I want. I'm going to start with this series. I'll let you know what I think. I'm SO tempted to start with this one, but I'll try to resist!!!

Thanks again!!!!!

Barbara said...

Ahhhh!!! You're reading it!! YAY!!!

Okay I'm reading your review now...brb...

Barbara said...

NICE!!! I'm loving the quotes.

But, OMG, that's so terrible what Quinn went through with his fiance :(

I'm glad you liked this story, though!

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Cecile! I'm actually trying to break the books up because once I finish book three, 'Edge of Desire', that's it until April. I'm lovin' these three book releases though.

Ooo, I'll be checking out your response to my comment for 'Broken' in just a bit. Love that book.

Who is this Elizabeth Amber??? Are you reading her book right now? Must investigate.

Thanks Charlotte! I know! I just had to add a bit of Quinn on my blog. That man and his voice. Yowzaa!!! Wait to read a whole book of him! ;)

Congrats on turning in 'Sinful'! Wahoo! We're getting closer.

I'd recommend starting with 'Edge of Hunger' first. Mainly because you really get a grasp of the Merrick, Casus and their origins. So far though, EOD is my favorite.

LOL, Barbara! After all you said about 'Tempte Me Tonight' I had to start it as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I'm already a hundred pages into it too. Trish cracks me up. I love how she resolved to think that having allergies for fudge is how she should think of Joe. Hilarious!

I kinda got a bit happy with the quotes. Honestly though I had more. ;) OMG, poor Quinn. He really experienced some pretty horrible things. But now he has Saige and life is good.

(((hugs))) VFG

Barbara said...

I'm dying for your review of it!!! I hope you love it. Tempt Me Tonight is one of my ALL TIME FAVS!!!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Well, after the first review, I was sure that this series wasn't going to work out, but now, be still my heart!

Now, it's back on the buy list.

I so glad you enjoyed this installment! I've seen this book and it's been calling out to me.

Thanks for another splendid review!

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Barbara, if you loved 'Tempt Me Tonight', you should read 'Truly Madly Yours' by Rachel Gibson. Now that's my ALL TIME FAVE of contemporary romance. I'm gonna send you a copy.

Hey Dottie!

I really, REALLY, liked this installment. Quinn is the most delicious man with wings. *wink* No, but seriously I loved this guy.

And Rhyannon did such an amazing job with the sexual tension. I also thought that her voice was beautiful and she really captured the emotions with her words. No small accomplishment there. I hope you give her a shot.

;) VFG

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