Review: Lover Avenged

Review: Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Caldwell, NY, has long been the battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the Lessening Society. It’s also where Rehvenge has staked out his turf as a drug lord and notorious nightclub that caters to the rich and heavily armed. His shadowy reputation is exactly why he’s approached to kill Wrath, the Blind King, and leader of the Brotherhood. Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood, even though his sister is married to a member. Because he’s a sympath, his identity is a deadly secret- the revelation of which will
result in his banishment to a colony for sociopaths. And as plots within and outside the Brotherhood take their toll against Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in a darkening world- Elhena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him- and the only thing standing between him and
eternal destruction.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 7

Rehvenge, a.k.a. the Reverend, is the most glamorous baddest of bad boys in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood world. Drug Lord, pimp and owner of the night club, ZeroSum, it's not unusual for Rehv to pull down 200K a night. Keeping his Chosen mother in the lap of luxury is expensive, but it's nothing compared to the monetary demands of his blackmailer, the princess, for Rehvenge has a secret. Beneath the sable coat, couture suits and mohawk, this amethyst-eyed vampire is half sympath. Also known as sin-eaters, sympaths have evolved from their vampire genes into cerebral beings. They are complete sociopaths and feed off the emotions of others. For these and many other reasons, sympaths were banished to a colony in upper New York. Any sympath discovered in the general population must be reported and deported. For a half breed like Rehv, deportation to the colony would mean torture followed by death. Sympaths despise weakness of any kind and a half sympath would surely be deemed weak.

For the last twenty-five years, Rehv has been blackmailed by his half sister, the princess and mate to his uncle the sympath king. Threatening to not only reveal his dirty secret but the same secret that's being hidden by Rehv's head of security at ZeroSum, the female Xhex. In order to protect the ones he loves, Rehv has sold his body and his soul to the princess by whoring himself out to her one night a month and using the drug profits to pay her to keep her mouth closed. The monthly experiences are horrific and Rehv feels that no matter how many times he washes, he'll never again be clean. The deaths of so many can't be washed away and the taint of the princess runs deep.

Rehvenge, despite his sociopath sympath genes, at his core he's intrinsically good. While he doesn't believe it, it's clear to not only the reader, but to those close to Rehv that he'd easily sell his soul to protect those he loves. The proof positive is in his dealings with the princess. But Rehv is blind and considers himself a male of no worth. He has lived his entire existence with the knowledge they he'll never be normal and he'll never have love for no female of worth would ever want him. Except maybe one.

The only drug that Rehv acquires through legitimate means is his dopamine. The drug acts as a suppressant of his sympath genes but it also has dire side effects by not only numbing his entire body, but rendering him impotent as well. Rehv's nurse at Havers Clinic, Ehlena, has always intrigued him. He can tell that they share something in common: Loneliness.

Ehlena, once the daughter of a prominent member of the glymera - the vampire upper class - is now penniless with all available finances being used to help her father and his condition. Suffering from severe schizophrenia, Ehlena's father requires round the clock care. With the onset of his disease, her father lost everything. Not only his social standing and wealth but also his shellan who committed suicide. Ehlena is all that he has left and she does everything she can to make him comfortable. Living in a crumbling rental house, all Ehlena knows is work and caring for her father. Mentally and physically exhausted she can't seem to take her own advice that she delivers to patients in similar situations. But one day, the patient Rehvenge is able to shake her out of life's stupor.

The nurses at Havers Clinic have never particularly liked Rehvenge and that works just fine for him. But for some reason he wants the perfectly starched and coiffed nurse to see him. In classic Rehv attitude, his flirting is more like blatant sexual aggression. It's almost as though he doesn't even take his own words seriously for he knows he'll be shut down anyway. Yet the idea of being shut down by Ehlena irritates him. Acting extremely out of character, Rehv offers an apology for his behavior by extending his card to Ehlena in the hopes that maybe one day she'd need him. For what he couldn't say but he wants to be reachable by this beautiful and intriguing female.

Ehlena's initial reaction to Rehvenge may appear haughty on the surface but inside she's really confused by the male's attention. Besides, why would a male of obvious wealth be interested in her? She turns down his offering and refuses his card. But even after the handsome male leaves, Ehlena can't get him out of her mind. She forces her thoughts towards a clinical avenue as an excuse for her dwelling. Remembering the busted veins in Rehv's arm that suggests infection, Ehlena calls the male to question why he didn't have Havers tend to his condition. Rehv, the master manipulator, convinces Ehlena that what she really needs to do is meet him for dinner at his high rise penthouse. Ehlena says yes to his request and Rehv finds that he loves this female's acquiescence.

In a total spur of the moment act, Ehlena pilfers some penicillin tablets from the clinic pharmacy. She has to make this dinner about his health for her mind simply can't process any other means for her irrational behavior. It's upon her very arrival at Rehv penthouse that Ehlena realizes the two of them couldn't be any father apart in the social stratosphere. She makes the decision then and there that this "relationship" is going nowhere. She'll deliver the meds and leave. But as she stands outside his glass doors she can't bring herself to dematerialize. Instead she's transfixed by the obvious remorse that Rehv feels over her departure. She watches as he sits at a table elegantly set for two complete with flickering candles. He took the time to make the night special for her. It's when his head lifts up and he pierces her with amethyst eyes that Ehlena goes back on her earlier decision and once again walks though the sliding glass door, realigning both their fates.

Rehvenge is a complete giver when comes to pleasureing his female. It doesn't matter that she can't recipricate because of the dopamine's effects. He takes total satisification pleasuring Ehlena to the point that she can't even see straight. Yet Ehlena, wanting to return whatever pleasure that she can, offers Rehv her vein. It's the only part of her that she knows he can feel, taste and touch - her blood. But Rehv can only feel his worthlessness at her offering. Ehlena is far from too good for him, he shouldn't even be touching her much less be given the honor to take her vein. Except Rehvenge can't fully explain these thoughts for it would mean revealing his true identity. It's not just the need to hide his sympath nature that's holding him back, he's also reminded how many lives he's taken, the drugs he's sold, and that his body has been tainted by the princess. The last thing that Rehv wants to do is taint Ehlena. She represents all that is good and he won't blacken her with his dark baggage.

On the flip side, it's Ehlena that feels unworthly of Rehv. She lives one paycheck away from the streets. She's been shunned by the glymera. How would a male of Rehv's worth even be tempted by her. With these thoughts, all Ehlena can feel is anger and humilation. It's as she's thrusting her body into her clothes with all the determination to leave that Rehv stops her and takes her offering. He can't let her go. It's selfish and wrong, but he needs Ehlena.

Of course as always, one can't free fall through love forever before hitting rock hard earth. The walls that Rehv has paid in blood to contain his secret are crumbling. The charade is up, leaving him fighting a losing battle and is left with one option: Protect the ones he loves by returning to the sympath colony. In the loving need to drive Ehlena away for her own saftey, Rehvenge reveals all his ugly truths in the harshest way possible to ensure her hatred and her desire to never look for him. Rehv suceeds.

Don't you just love the cliffhanger review?? *wink*

First of all, I want to thank J.R. Ward for returning to the ROMANCE. 'Lover Avenged' was relationship central! There was romance throughout the novel and not just with Rehvenge and Ehlena but with Wrath and Beth and even with John Matthew and Xhex.

I loved Rehv and I thought that Ehlena was definitely worthy of him. I was worried about whether any female would be right for Rehv in my reader heart and I'm happy to report that I couldn't be more satisfied. Reading 'Lover Avenged' was like taking a long sigh of relief. 'Lover Enshrined' was such a disappointment although I want to stress that it was a disappointment only in the romantic sense. Ward still delivered.

The series itself is so much darker now than when it started with 'Dark Lover'. Those early days seem like eons ago and as Ward has evolved and built the series, I've been a willing follower. From what I've read, I can only guess that the series will continue to get even darker.

Next in the BDB series: John Matthew and Xhex in 'Lover Mine'. Supposed release date is this time next year.



Charlotte Featherstone said...

WOW!!! You did an AMAZING job writing this review and the synopsis for the story. Which really, is a rather daunting thought. There's SO much going on in between the pages.

I'm with you in that I loved this book, and the darkening, revolving world. I loved Rehv and Ehlena together! And I loved that the romance was back in there.

Awesome job, VFG, you hussy, you! :)

Mandi said...

I hear JM's book is the darkest yet..but I am ready for it:)

I didn't think Rehv and Ehlena had that great intense spark..but I thought their romance scenes were nice together (def better than Phury!!)

Loved Wrath and Beth in this book. And I am a total JM fangirl..even if he turned into a humping rabbit for a bit.

Barbara said...

Wow, girl! Great review. I'm the queen of cliffhanger reviews.

I really was happy with this one. Although, I must say, I was a tad disappointed in Ward's choice of heroine. I mean, don't get me wrong, I liked Ehlena and all. But I was TOTALLY available and willing to play the part *wink*

Parana barb and all baby! YOW!

Blodeuedd said...

will not look at what is written...ok a sneak peak, don't wanna spoil it for me ;)

Barbara said...

LMFAO!!! I totally pictured me describing my vision of the barb to you and you laughing at me on the phone LMAO!!!

I crack myself up!


MsMoonlight said...

I am glad you enjoyed this one VFG. I was disappointed and didn't see much romance at all, this an urban fantasy read for me. I love revisiting the Brotherhood and my favorite part of this book was Wrath & Beth and Tohr & Lassiter (loved them!). I am looking forward to her new series coming out this fall.

Tia said...

Wow. Any reassurance I can get on this one is great. I'm glad everybody is saying good things about this. I've been ranting on and on to Barbara on her review...she recommended I read your's as well. I'm getting a copy of LAv today (fingers crossed). I see that you're reading Darkest Night-Gena Showalter. I love me some Gena Showalter, lemme tell ya and I love love love Maddox in this book. I'll keep eyes open for your reaction to it. Hope you love it as much as I did.

Cecile said...

Hey VampFanGirl!!!
Okay... can you AWESOME job!!!(((clapping))) Outstanding review. I cannot wait till I have collected all these damn brothers... can I tell you how hard they are to get my hands on!! LOL!!!
You know I love your reviews!!
Now, I just can NOT wait for my Lords review from you... ****fanning myself just thinking about them... I can't even type right.. had to re-type this sentence 5 times****

Michelle G said...


Very nice review. I loved this book. :) I liked it that Ehlena had a little back bone (can't stand wimpy ladies) and didn't mind standing up for herself or Rehv for that matter. :)

I can't wait for the next one. I just know JM and Xhex will have a rockin story.


VampFanGirl said...

Hey Guys!! Thanks for all the kind comments regarding my review. (((hugs))) to everyone!

Hi Charlotte! lol, that's why I only focus on the H/h when reviewing a Ward book. There's NO way I could talk about all the subplots. But really, there was a ton of page time dedicated to Rehv and Ehlena. I really liked that.

The BDB world is getting seriously dark and like Mandi mentioned, JM's book is supposed to be REALLY dark. Xhex needs to hit a very dark place (Ward's words) for her to open to JM.

:) VFG

Hey Mandi!

I totally agree, Rehv and Ehlena's romance, while sweet, did lack that spark that one longs for in a romance novel. And I do think that if Ward wasn't so wrapped up in her villian's next move, that perhaps she could have provided it.

Oh yeah! Wrath and Beth were HOT! And JM, WOW, what a major change in that boy... He's finally grown up.

:) VFG

LOL, Barbara! You shameless hussy! And the cliffhanger reviews are fun. Plus my post was getting kinda long...

OMG, the Parana barb!!! I'd seriously run the other way if Rehv had something resembling that! But then again, my barb image wasn't any better...

(((hugs))) VFG

Hey Blodeuedd! LOL! You haven't read Rehv yet? For shame girl!

:) VFG

Barbara, seriously the Parana image is burning into my brain. Yikes!!

Hey MsMoonlight, yeah, I think that Ward definitely fits in the Urban Fantasy catagory. But I saw the romance. It may have been so prevelant for me after the fiasco that was Phury and the complete lack of romance in his book...But I felt the romance. Again like Mandi said, there was no spark but it was sweet in it's own way.

OMG, I'm really excited for her new series too. But I highly doubt that the romance will resemble the first three BDB books....

:) VFG

Hi Tia! Yup, I can safely recommend Rehv to romance fans and those that were previously on the fence about the BDB. Ward delivers. It's still not the same and I think it never will be, but she made an effort and it's obvious. There is a ton of Wrath and Beth time in this one too. Even hot bedroom scenes. Wrath's a crazy vamp!

Yeah, Charlotte and Cecile recommended the Lords to me. I'm lovin' Maddox at the moment. I'm not crazy about his heroine, mainly cause I'm not a fan of the "heroine hears voices" kinda plot. But seriously, the Lords are hot!!

:) VFG

Hey Cecile! What's up girl?!? Oh, man you really need to start reading the BDB. If you love the Lords, you'll positively die for the Brothers. ;)

:) VFG

Hi Michelle!

Oh yeah, it's definitely nice to see that Ehlena had a backbone. She really risked her life for Rehv. Gotta admire that in a heroine.

Seriously, I can't agree more with you on Xhex and JM. You can really tell that these characters are near and dear to Ward and I think she's really going to deliver with those two.

:) VFG

Blanche said...

Awesome review VFG!! You know you got me hooked on this series and I have my copy of Lover Avenged sitting right here waiting for me to read it!! :)

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Blanche! Oooh, you're going to love Rehvenge girl.

;) VFG

Tia said...

Right. I didn't care for her much either...but Maddox (sigh) is on my list of dream men. Who cares if he's cursed? I could bypass. I like the Lords series better than the Atlantis series...and there's a new Lords coming out in September. Actually there are A LOT of books coming out in September. Good. It'll be a busy month. I have to be up front...I did NOT care for Anya in Lucien's book (#2 in the series). Actually I hated her and for some reason Lucien fell flat with me. Still it was an entertaining read. Reyes (#3) is as sexy as Maddox. Yeah. They could both get it. (sigh) Let me know what you think about the book when you're done...I definitely recommend finishing out the series. It's worth it.

Lea said...

Hey My Friend - I'll be back later to read your what I know is an awesome review. I'm in work hell today (not as bad as refrigerator hell), and I have no time to blog.


ann marie said...

Thanks for the review, I still have yet to get this book and other's. I may have to play hookey from work tomorrow an do some shopping. Have a great week. :)

Pelehini said...

Hey VFG, I loved reading your take on Rehv's book!! I am a huge BDB fan and I really wanted to LOVE this book. I couldn't wait to see how Ward would tell Rehv's story. All the books before focused on a Brother, but she changed it up and was focusing on a non-Brother this time. I think my expectations were too high. I wanted Rehv's book to make up for what I felt was lacking in Phury's book. That was my bad, I guess.

Like someone mentioned above, I liked that Ehlena was a strong women. I adored the Wrath and Beth parts because they had kind of fallen into the background. I especially loved Lassiter and Tohr's storyline. As for JM-gosh I dunno. I've always loved him too. I had a hard time watching him go to the dark side. Will I buy his book? Absolutely!!! And I'll be at the bookstore when the doors open for Covet as well. What can I say; I'm addicted.


Lea said...

Hey VFG!

Great Review! I'm happy that Ms. Ward redeemed herself and you were delighted with the read. At least you have the new series to look forward too since it would seem the next BDB book is a year away from being published.

Once again Awesome job!!!

Warm Regards

Allison('s)Reads said...

Hi VFG, thanks for the review! I'm really glad you felt the romance was strong in Rehvs's story, so now I'm looking forward to getting hold of this read more than ever. Great review!

VampFanGirl said...

LOL, Tia! You are A Lords fan. :) Yeah, Charlotte and you are seriously in the same boat regarding Anya. Hmmm...I'm kinda dreading that book now. But Charlotte is also seriously HOT for Reyes. LOL! You should hear her! You two hussies have a lot in common. ;)

:) VFG

Hi ann marie! You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I highly recommend that you play hookie tomorrow at work and buy up some BDB books. Good plan. ;)

:) VFG

Hey Pelehini/Lisa!

Awe man, I'm sorry that Rehv didn't totally satisfy your hussy heart. I completely understand though. Although for me, I thought Ward really made an improvement in the romance department. Not only with Rehv and Ehlena but with the pumped up sexuality of Wrath and Beth. I think she made the effort. It's still no 'Lover Eternal' but it's definitely an improvement over 'Lover Enshrined', IMO.

It was a bit hard for me to read about JM going into his dark side. He kinda had a little pitty party goin' on in LAv and that bugged but I think he manned up in the end. He's going after Xhex even if it is a death wish on his part. I seriously can't wait for his book.

Oh, me too. I'm really addicted.

:) VFG

Thanks Lea!

New series, here I come!!!

(((hugs))) VFG

Hi Allison! You're welcome. ;) Trust me, LAv is definitely an improvement over Phury's book. You're in for a good read. Enjoy!

:) VFG

Tia said...

I am a hussy. A SHAMELESS hussy. My list of potential mates is longer than I am. I seem to have a weakness for vampires, immortals, were-wolves (Shit were-ANYTHINGS. I'm positively glowing with love for a couple of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Were-Hunters. Prrrr.), gods (who are big sexy men when they're in their human form), warriors who are cursed with a demon Pandora (the evil bitch) was keeping in her dumb little old box. Apparently I only have a few features I want in a man: 1-he must be very large (built) and in charge, 2-he must have special "gifts/characteristics", 3-did I mention built? Sadly...I actually find myself wishing for a boyfriend who's "paranormal". I say to myself "I really really wish that I had a ______ boyfriend" (filling in the blank with my latest breed of obsession). I'm ruined for all normal men now. They're so blah in comparison. My mind has been infiltrated by those boys who have a little...extra. Now I want someone with fangs, immortality, curses, superpowers, shape-shifting abilities, etc. (sighing lustily) Oh did I mention that Rehv is now at the top of my Lover's Most Wanted list? I LOVE him. LOVE HIM. I want him for myself and if I have to off Ehlena to get him...well be it. Not only am I a shameless hussy. I'm a home wrecker, and I'm selfish. I want them all to MYSELF. ALL of them. My whole list.

Ohhhh...Lucien's book is still a decent read...I read more for characters than plot, so if I don't like the characters the book is ruined for me, no matter how good the storyline is. It's entertaining (such as it is) it just doesn't measure up to the magic of Maddox. (sigh)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

But what about Reyes, Tia? GAWD, I love that him!!!!

VampFanGirl said...

LMAO, Tia!!! OMG, you're hilarious! Romance heroes really do set the bar high for mere mortals. *wink* While we may not be able to have our were-(insert shapshifter of your choice), we can still find that man who in his own way, makes our hearts flutter. You'll find your hero. ;)

Oh, and you did NOT just lay claim on Rehv! Barbara and I have fought nearly to the death over that delicious half-breed and we've still yet to come to a truse...

You know what I'm lovin' about Maddox, he's all passion in whatever he sets his mind to whether it be violence against any who harms him or his, or with his love for Ashlyn. He doesn't half a** anything. He throws himself completely into everything he attempts. Gotta love that in a man.

:) VFG

Hey Charlotte!! Tia and I have been talkin' about your Lords. ;) Don't worry, I'm sure that we all wil have plenty to say about Reyes when I get to his book. *wink*

:) VFG

Tia said...

Hi (to both Charlotte and VFG)! I haven't said anything about Reyes because I don't like to brag about my husband to other females! Jeeesh Charlotte. (wink) Well that and I really don't want to ruin the series for anybody. I thought it was only fair to issue a warning about that childish bitch Anya or I wouldn't have said anything about Lucien's book either. You know. (cheesy smile) Man I hate that heifer (Anya). Hey Charlotte...Are you excited for Sabin's story??? It's coming in September!!! Along with Covet!!! Hello boys! My-OH-my. Yumm. (drooling...just a little) Oh and about my real life hero...I've basically given up on anything with a penis, I'm happily single. Plodding along. I've been seriously contemplating seducing my o chem prof. (he's only 26 so don't go thinking of old men with mangy beards and tweed jackets) and well he is yummy in that deliciously nerdy too-smart-to-remember-to-comb-my-hair sort of way. However he's my chemistry professor and I'm not a slut-bag. That presents a problem. A BIG problem. That and I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend. EVER. I flirt mercilessly with him. The other day he was helping me (and my particularly enticing lab partner, who happens to be like 6'6", he's a...well...a very LARGE man-boy) and my ta-ta touched his (my o chem prof.) arm. He not only turned redder than a coke can but he also flew outta his chair so fast he almost fell. After he collected himself he asked me if I was alright because he "didn't (clears throat, looks at floor, blushes again) mean to run into" me. What?!?!? I'm confused. (frowning) Run into me? Okay. Hm...I just shook my head at that point. I'm probably not a good introduction to females for him. Too outspoken, too comfy with my sexuality, too confident, just too much of everything. Such is my life. (sigh)

Well I guess you and Barbara have one more to add to the mix. Cuz ladies...Rehv's mine. At least on odd days. Lol. (That's what my best friend and I do when we're fighting about some mantastic character. She takes even days. I take odd) (grin)

And we will HAVE to discuss Reyes. As a matter of fact I'm going to read him again (he's on my "favorites" shelf) just so that I'm fresh for the convo (not that I could forget that much hot-flash goodness)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Tia, not too take over VFG's most excellent blog, but I got two words to say to you about Reyes...BATHROOM SCENE. You know the one I'm talking about!!! :)

And um, Reyes is mine. Rhage is mine, and who else.....hmmm, well, I've given up on Rehv because because Barbara and VFG are WICKED hussies and they won't let me in. So, I've backed off. I'm kind of busy with deadlines, and all other hunky romance heroes!
And I'm dying for Covet and Sabin's story. My friend VFG sent me Sabin's cover, and it made my day!!!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


How did I miss this excellent review and all the chatter, my goodness, I seem to be missing quite a lot with the BDB series, I ordered three of the books, but the first one still has not made it to my house and I refused to look at the others until I read the first one. Well, I did peek but only a little, after all, I did read all of your reviews, didn't I. But, I'm really looking for to the books.

Great review! I loved it, they all sound so sexy, steamy, just plain fun!!

Dottie :)

Pelehini said...

Hi VFG, Lots of fun chatter today and clearly I'm missing one of the LofU books. Reyes? bathroom scene. hmmmm!?!

Tia, loved your science teacher post. I knew I should have gone to college!


Caffey said...

Whoa, a great review! I'm a bit behind on her series but still could follow from this great review VampFanGirl!

Tia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tia said...

Shi-er...Shoot. I didn't mean to delete my post. Man. I got impatient with my computer and just kept clicking away.

VFG!!! I'm not trying to take over your blog! I'm really not. Hugs!!! Your blog really is BANGIN'. (cheesy grin) No seriously it's one of my new favorites! I really am sorry if I've been posting too many comments. Don't hate me!(pouting) Just kidding. Lol. I get carried away when it comes to books. Woman, hurry up and finish with Maddox! I'm wanting a discussion about this (because I haven't found that many people who are as enthralled as I am) and I have to wait until you're finished up so I don't ruin anything! To quote the brothers "getcha ass movin'" (in the best way possible of course). Charlotte! Good day! Lol. Reyes in the bathroom. VFG wait til you get to this particular scene, if it's the one I'm thinking of. Charlotte are you talking about when he's solo and with a knife? If that's the one... My LORD. (squeal) I could've died. Quite literally I was on FIRE. Now about Rhage...(sigh) I love him and everybody is going to have to play nice and share Hollywood, because I want a piece! Girl's all I have to say is Sabin's story better make my day. I've been WAITING and WAITING for the next Lords book...because like a dummy I read them all in a few days so I had NOTHING to look forward to...AND like a dummy I did the same with the BDB...AND with the Dark Hunter series. I never learn. I wish Gena Showalter would just stop writing everything else until all of the Lords are finished. I want more than one book a year about them (same goes for the WARDen). Dammit. As of right now Aeron is still TBA. What?! TBA?!?! Are you KIDDING me? The one I really can't wait for is Torin. He's my soft spot. I want his book finished. NOW. Hey Pelehini! Reyes is "The Darkest Pleasure" (the yellow book) and teacher is crazy (in a cutie-pie way). Man at times I wish I were slut-baggish enough to sleep snare him. He probably would treat me like a queen AND pay my bills. Perfect. So VFG...Barbara told me that I can't have Rehvenge unless you're willing to share. I even tried to bargain with her (using Vishous) and she said she was leaving it up to us to fight about. I'm ready (bouncing around waving fist's like a boxer) I want at LEAST a 50% claim on him. You can have the other half. Deal? Or or no deal? (and don't be a hardass about this)(wink) Moving on...I'd like to point out that I obviously talk too much. This comment is hella long. I'm out of control!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Um, VFG, I think we found ourself a new hussy! lol! We really gotta do something with that, make a widge or a logo or something, us hussies are need of recognition!

VampFanGirl said...

LOL, Tia! You don't like to brag about your husband?!? Good one, I'm so using that line in the future. *wink*

Oooo, your o-chem professor sounds deliciously rumpled. Maybe he needs a strong confident woman to take the reins so to speak. LOL!

OMG, I'm lovin' the whole even/odd days for when fighting over heroes. Great idea!

;) VFG

LMAO, Charlotte!! I think Barbara and I scared the lot of them off. We are a bunch of wicked hussies!

I'm so coveting 'Covet' at the moment. ;)

(((hugs))) VFG

Hi Dottie!

OMG, I'd be killing the mailperson by now! Trust me, when you finally get the books and read them, you'll be having words with the person over the delay.

:) VFG

LOL, Lisa! You're not the only one. I haven't read Reyes book yet and I've been hearing about this elusive yet smoldering hot bathroom scene for weeks! I'm working tirelessly to fix this problem at the moment...

:) VFG

Thanks Caffey! Get goin' on the series already girl!! I want to talk brothers with you.

;) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Tia! Girl, you can highjack the comments field any time you like. I love chatting it up with you guys. (((hugs)))

Oh, and I think you're discovering what a super slow reader I am...

OMG, Torin!!! I'm so feelin' for the guy. I can't imagine never being able to touch another... They all got it bad but man, I know that I couldn't go without touch...

Hmmm...the fact that Barbara is backing out of the fight should serve as a warning that I get what I want. LOL! That was SO conceited!! Like I said earlier, I'm likin' the even/odd deal. I could handle that.

(((hugs))) VFG

LOL Charlotte! We definitely got ourselves another hussy.

(((hugs))) VFG

Tia said...

Am I the hussy you guys are talking about like I can't read? Huh? Well in that case...I'll...I'll...I'll take it as a compliment. I seem to be in good company. (grin and hugs). I finished Lover Avenged ladies. This morning. I called and told my o chem prof. that I had an emergency situation so my lab report would be late, yes I have his number. I never abuse it. Maybe I should start. (thinking pose) I then told him that the situation involved a book that was glaring at me to finish it and his homework was distracting me from my reading time. I think he want's my bod, and who could blame him. Lol. He totally let me slide...then tried to talk to me. Ummm. This coming from the guy who threw his white board rag one direction and his squirt bottle of cleaner the opposite when I touched his arm to get his attention. Man he was STUTTERING on the phone. Trying to come up with something to ask me. (grimace) I suppose I can bypass the fact that he isn't a were-anything, at least for a while. You never know...he might turn out to be an animal. Rawr! I'm up in the air about him. I'd run all over him about everything. I like a man that stands up to me. Get's my blood flowing. You know...the kind that will be like "Bitch, you better sit down and shut up. You're wearing on my nerves" when I get out of hand. And I do get out of hand. Like bringing up things that happened 3 years ago. Or making stuff up to suit my purposes. Yeah I'm good for that. (grin) Good deal with Rehv (high five)...I get odd. You get even. I'm staking my claim on Torin now, before he too gets stolen from me. Please please please hurry with Maddox so I can at least talk about THAT LofU book. Charlotte you never answered the bathroom scene you're raging about the solo one with the knife??? I think that was the only bathroom scene...(frowning) Right? I'll definitely have to re-read the books before we discuss. I'm forgetting the finer points.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

That would be the scene!!!! I re-read it last night, couldn't help myself! lol!

And um, I'll take even days for Torin...I like him, too!

good luck with the chem prof, you should just try him out and see what it's like. Still waters run deep, ya know.

Tia said...

I really don't think he has it in him. I'm too ferocious, and I have a feeling that he could possibly go from being cutesy clingy to obsessively stalky, especially with someone as perfect as me (soooo caught up on myself). He's adorable. Don't get me wrong. I'm just a little paranoid...been burned too many times, and I'm happily single...flirting aimlessly with the teacher...and lusting secretly after my lab partner...who is 6'6 if he's an inch...with curly brown hair, green eyes, and dimples...his feet are bigger than my house...swear it...and he likes to play with my hair. (sigh) He'd be perfect if he were only able to turn into an animal (a sexy animal, a pig doesn't count) at will! I love him. Just a little. He's delicious. I bring up the chemistry teacher because I always have funny anecdotes about him. Abbott (the lab partner)...well I pretend to pick him up with corny female oriented pickup lines (my favorite: "Girl. It's true that you are what you eat. I could be you by morning."), or inappropriate jokes (the latest: "What has 237 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?" "My zipper." Har har.) (my sister provides these horrible things to me), he tries to pick me up with something equally cheesy, we trade insults and Mr. Yummy threatens to prove his manhood to me. I wish he'd just haul me over his shoulder, march back to his evil lair and have his way with me already. Charlotte if you're taking Torin on even days I'm taking Reyes on odds. If that isn't going to work then you can keep Reyes and I'll keep Torin and we'll just call it equal. I read that scene last night too. (grin) Just to refresh my memory of course. My marking the page it starts on doesn't mean anything. I was just there and you know...while I had it hunted up...(clears throat)

Tia said...

Also...I meant to add this to my last obscenely long post...Torin is sooo amazing VFG. I know what you mean about the touching thing...It kinda reminds me of Vishous. Poor guys...only V could still touch people. Torin is completely toxic. He still manages to be sexy as all get out. He just plucks at my heart strings left and right. For some reason Aeron tugs at me too. He reminds me of Zsadist in his own'll get to know him more in Lucien's and Reyes's'll see what I mean.

Pelehini said...

VFG, just wanted to pass on a little tidbit! You may already know this if you're on the yahoo group for the BDB, but Lassiter WILL have his own book. I just read a transcript of the chat from 5/19--and JR confirmed. She did not, however, say when. Also confirmed that the Brothers will show up in the new books-although we'll know who they are while the people of Caldwell may not.

Just FYI!

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Tia! I know many a girl who played hookie at work or school to read Rehv. *wink*

I really got to read this bathroom scene! It's on the program for sure.

You know, what makes Torin so heartbreaking is that he's so beautiful and yet wholly untouchable. Pulls at the heart strings. Needless to say, he intrigues me most out of the Lords. Although, I'm kinda feelin' Amun, Keeper of Secrets, too. I'd love to be the woman that he spills all his heart to. ;)

:) VFG

Hey Lisa! THANKS!!! Where did you get the transcript from? The Yahoo Groups or is on the Message Boards???

:) VFG

Pelehini said...

Ok, I'm really dumb when it comes to all this computer stuff. I belive it's from the yahoo group. I get like 250+ emails just from this alone. I believe you had to go to the message boards to participate in the chat, but the last two Nath trascribed and he takes out a lot of the "chatter". If you're comfortable giving me your email...I'll forward to you.
There were other teasers about Manny, and was a fun read.

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Lisa! I want! I want!!


I'm a member of the Yahoo group so I know what you mean about the two hundred plus emails a day. I've tried to unsubscribe b/c I never read the emails but I guess it takes forever to take effect cause I'm still receiving the emails. It's driving me crazy. *sigh*

(((hugs))) VFG

Pelehini said...

okay. mine is in case it goes into your spam folder.


Pelehini said...

Morning VFG, did you get the chat from me via email? Nath also posted on the boards too. Good stuff huh?


Tia said...

And Rehv is soooo worth hooking school for! I just finished re-reading I'm fresh (and ready) for discussion! I'm starting Lara Adrian's Midnight Breeds series now. It's been recommended to me. So far the hero (Lucan)=Mr. Sexy Vampire Man. He's my least until I find that special were-anything who happens to be after my very own heart!

Tia said...

I forgot to mention...Even though I've found Lucan...I'll still be taking my odd days with Rehvenge (the rest of my husbands, and there are LEGIONS, know the deal). I like a little (okay...a lot) of flavor (a.k.a. delicious variety). So VFG you crazy'll still need to share.

Tia said...

And dammit...I meant to tell you that Gena Showalter is working on Gideon's story as we speak. She posted today that in the book we'll be getting into Amun's head (for the first time, high five)...which I thought would excite you. That and the fact that this book should be entertaining as shit because Gideon is the keeper of lies for goodness sake!

Sorry for so many posts! (sheepish grin)

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