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Rhyannon Byrd has just released the second novel in her Primal Instinct Series, 'Edge of Danger'. This thrilling trilogy of back to back releases features three siblings and the rising darkness within them. 'Edge of Danger' is Saige's story. The wild sister that traverses the globe in search of special artifacts that she believes are linked to her family's bloodline and the inner beasts they conceal.

Back Cover Blurb for 'Edge of Danger':

Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets. Yet nothing can protect her from her family's sadistic enemies. Until—in her hour of greatest need—she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape-shifter.

Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn battles his primal hunger for Saige. He alone can help her lay claim to her full powers. Yet in doing so, he will destroy her innocence, and mark her as his forever….

Joining me today is Rhyannon Byrd, who has agreed to let me pick her brain for answers with regards to her Primal Instinct Series and the secrets it hides within its pages.

Welcome Rhyannon to Lovin' Me Some Romance!

First, congratulations on the amazing book covers. Truly, they were what initially drew my eye and followed quickly by my pocketbook when I discovered the refreshing twists you've created with the current paranormal myths. While it's no secret that I love my vampires, I must say that I was extremely interested in reading a different offering within the genre. Can tell me a little about the behind the scenes and what inspired you to write the Primal Instinct Series? Did you intentionally set out to create something "out of the box"?

Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your blog and for the congrats on the Primal Instinct covers! :) I couldn’t be happier with them, and I can’t wait to see what the Harlequin Art Dept. comes up with for the second trilogy. I’ve already submitted the cover art forms for Books 4-6, so I’m on pins and needles waiting to see them!

When I set out to write the Primal Instinct series, it was my hope that I would be able to create something that was different from anything I’d done before. I love vampires and shape-shifters, so it was important to me that I keep them a part of this new world—but I really wanted to use this series to push myself and see just what my imagination could come up with that really was “out of the box.” :) I began with a familiar paranormal concept, saying that shape-shifters and vampires do live hidden among us…and then took it a step further, asking myself, “But what if there was something more?” And once I asked that question, the world of the ancient clans began to take shape. I loved exploring the idea of making these familiar paranormal species part of a greater whole that included a broad range of other, often unique races. Though we’ve met some of them already, like the Merrick and the Casus, there are still others that will be introduced as the series continues, and I hope readers will find them as fascinating as I do!

The Merrick, while inherently good and a physical and mental aspect of your hero/heroines, again, is very unique to the paranormal romance genre. Although it drinks blood, the classification of vampire doesn't really fit, in my opinion. I also didn't particularly see it as a shape-shifter but rather a "hulked" out human, if that makes any sense. Can you clarify what the Merrick is and how it's unique attributes make it such an effective killer of it's nemesis, the Casus? Also, does it's abilities differ in male vs. female?

Although they do drink blood and experience a change in their physical appearance when their “primal blood” rises within them, the Merrick are, like you’ve said, different from the vampires and shape-shifters in the series. They are part of the same collection of non-human races referred to as the “ancient clans,” but unlike the shape-shifters, the Merrick do not change into or manifest characteristics of a specific animal. Instead, their human-looking bodies can go into Merrick form, which is different for the males and females of the species. Although Saige, the heroine in EDGE OF DANGER, has fangs in her Merrick form, her physical appearance doesn’t alter like her brothers’. Her face doesn’t change shape, with her nose flattening as her bones expand, and she doesn’t have talons or bulk up with heavy layers of muscle. She does, however, find that her senses become much sharper, and she also becomes considerably stronger. There’s also a bit of a difference in the way that the males and females of the species feed, which you’ll learn more about in Saige’s story. ;) And when it comes to the Casus, it was the Merrick’s physical size and strength that made them such a favorite of the Casus’s, their deaths providing a greater rush of power and pleasure than many of the other species. The original Merrick were some of the most physically powerful of the ancient clans, and it’s that strength that gives their awakening bloodlines the ability to face off so successfully against the Casus in battle.

Ian Buchanan, hero of 'Edge of Hunger', was terrified of releasing the Merrick and it bled upon the relationship with his heroine. How will his sister, Saige, handle her own darkness within and the releasing of the Merrick?

Unlike Ian, Saige has always been a believer, and so she faces the awakening of her inner Merrick in a completely different manner than her eldest brother. Saige has devoted her entire life to learning as much as she can about the Merrick, fully prepared to embrace her destiny when the time comes. She knows that feeding from a lover won’t kill him, and she’s prepared to do so…when she finds the right man. Although she’s smart enough to understand the dangers that now surround her, she doesn’t fear her awakening on a personal level in the way that her brothers do. Instead, her fear comes from what she suspects the awakening of the Merrick bloodlines will mean for the world, since it also means the return of the Casus.

Little has been revealed about Quinn, Saige's hero in 'Edge of Danger', other than the fact that he's a shape-shifter and he works for the Consortium. Can you give us any hints about his character and Saige's impact on him?

Like many of his friends, Quinn is a man with a past that continues to haunt him. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that he’s spent the past five years doing his best to shut himself down emotionally. When he meets Saige, it’s like being shocked back to life, and he finds himself torn between a desperate craving for closeness with her, and the fear of what he’ll become if he allows himself to lower his guard. He knows that it would be madness to fall for the female Merrick—and yet, his need for her is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. Although he does everything he can to ignore the driving needs of his body, giving her the cold shoulder proves impossible, even for a man as shut down as Quinn. He is like a wild animal who’s been chained by his own distrustful nature and fear of being hurt, who suddenly finds the key to his freedom in the last place he expects to make such a stunning discovery. Saige’s fiery, tempestuous nature is the perfect antidote to Quinn’s stifled emotional state, making it impossible for him to keep his distance. He’s a man who wants desperately to love and be loved, but is afraid of making himself vulnerable…until he discovers that instead of a weakness, his love for Saige is actually his greatest strength. I had such a wonderful time with Quinn’s character, and I really hope you guys will love him as much as I do!

The Consortium is a very secretive organization charged with watching and the collection of data on paranormal activity throughout the world. While it played a fairly significant role in 'Edge of Hunger' there still seemed to be a lot that has yet to be unveiled. Due to the fact that Quinn is a member, will 'Edge of Danger' be exploring more of the Consortium's purposes?

I’ve tried to make it so that each book reveals a bit more about the world of the ancient clans, so readers will definitely learn more about the Consortium with each installment. In Book 2, more is revealed about the interaction between the Watchmen and the Consortium, as well as the Collective Army, whose mission it is to hunt down and kill those who aren’t human. We also learn that Quinn’s Watchmen unit has been put under judicial review by the Consortium for choosing to interfere in the brewing war between the awakening Merrick and the Casus. As the series continues, the Watchmen will be forced to take a closer look at their relationship with the Consortium and make some important decisions about the future of their organization.

Congratulations on contracting three more books in the Primal Instinct series! And once again they'll be releasing back to back starting April 2010. What will be the focus of these next installments?

Thanks! I’m thrilled to say that the next trilogy is going to continue the series with stories about the Watchmen. I’m currently working on Book 4, which is shape-shifter Aiden Shrader’s story, and the title is TOUCH OF SEDUCTION. Book 5 will be Kierland Scott’s story, and Book 6 will be about his brother Kellan. Not only do we see more of the shape-shifters in this trilogy, but we also meet the Granger brothers, who are Deschanel vampires, and I’m getting such a kick out of their characters. ;) As the fight against the Casus intensifies, there is also a new evil creeping out of the shadows, its intent to not only destroy the Watchmen…but to spread the war across each of the clans. I’m hoping to have some more information about the trilogy up at my website in the next few months, so I hope everyone will stop by when they have the time. There’s going to be a Cast of Characters and a Glossary of Terms posted for the series, along with some special sneak peeks into Aiden’s story. I hope you guys will enjoy them! :)

And before I go, I just want to give a big THANKS to VampFanGirl for inviting me to stop by! I had a wonderful time!!!

All the best,


A BIG thank you again to Rhyannon for taking the time to answer all my questions. If you'd like more information on her wonderful Primal Instinct Series you can visit Rhyannon at her website HERE.

Release Date: June 1, 2009

Back Cover Blurb:

Sheriff Riley Buchanan is a good man…but a man possessed. Plagued by vicious and uncontrollable impulses, he lives in fear of surrendering to real love. Even after years apart, he still craves one woman, Hope Summers, above all others, and will do anything to protect her from harm—even tempt fate.

Hope is a woman with her own secrets. For months she has eluded her abusive ex-husband, a ruthless creature who won't rest until Hope and her kind are destroyed. Hope's fantasies are still haunted by Riley, the one man who might help her, and the man whose searing touch she cannot forget. But surrendering to their long-denied passion could mean the destruction of everything they hold dear….

The lovely Rhyannon Byrd has also been incredibly generous in sending me TWO signed books, one of 'Edge of Danger' and the third novel that releases June 1st, 'Edge of Desire'. Just leave a comment for a chance to win. I'll be selecting two winners and the first to respond to my email will get first pick from the two giveaways. Contest will be open until May 11th!


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Barbara said...

Hi, Rhyannon and VFG!! What a great interview!! I haven't read any of your books yet, but the covers are stunning! After reading this post I will definitely be giving Edge of Hunger a shot!! I love vampires and shifters and to have a new twist on it? I'm in.

Please enter me in the contest!!

Lea said...

Hi Rhyannon and VFG!

What an awesome comprehensive interview. I am a huge paranormal romance fan and was very intrigued by your series after reading VFG's great review of "Edge of Hunger". I have your book on my list for my upcoming book order.

The cover art is indeed enticing.

Please count me in on the Giveaway!

Good luck with your series Rhyannon. :)

Best Regards

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Barbara! Thanks so much for enjoying the review.

OMG, don't you love the covers. Amazon was recommending me the books for months and it was the covers that really drew me like a moth to a flame. I can't wait to see the covers for the next three installments.

(((hugs))) VFG

Hi Lea! Thank you so much for lovin' the interview. Rhyannon is a total sweetheart. I'm so jealous cause the woman lives in England!

Good Luck!

(((hugs))) VFG

Blanche said...

Hi Rhyannon and VFG!!

Great interview!! I'm reading your Bloodrunners series and loving it!! Can't wait to read this new series!:)

bridget3420 said...

Love the covers!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I picked up the first after VFG's excellent review. Books 2&3 are on order. I'm looking forward to reading all three back to back!

The cover art is fabulous. And the interview was great. I'm really looking forward to reading these.

Cecile said...

Hey VampGirl and Rhyannon!!
That was an awesome and indepth interview. Thanks to Vamp for having you and thank you for coming!!! I agree with everyone I LOVE THE COVERS!!!!

I have the first one... trying to get hands on the second and waiting very patinecely like a good little girl for the third one!!!!

ann marie said...

Hi VampGirl and Rhyannon,
Thank you for the great interview.
I have not read any of her books, but she now has a place in my TBR pile. Have a great day.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Blanche! I'll have to check out Rhyannon's Bloodrunners series.

Good Luck bridget3420

Thanks Charlotte! I've got book two in my TBR and I hope to start it soon. I'm really excited for Saige's story.

Thanks so much Cecile!

You're welcome ann marie! Good Luck!

(((hugs))) VFG

vboackle said...

this series sound fun to read.

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. Rhyannon's Primal Instinct series sounds good. Fabulous covers.

VampFanGirl said...

Good Luck vboackle!!

Thanks CrystalGB! Good Luck!

:) VFG

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Rhyannon and VFG!!

So glad to see you here and talking about your great books. I love vampire and shifter stories and your series' look fantastic! I'm always up for a new take on vampirism. VFG has introduced me to so many new authors that I can't thank her enough!!

The cover art on the books is fabulous. Can't wait to take a peek between the pages.

Please enter me!

Dottie :)

Rhyannon said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for the wonderful comments about the Primal Instinct series and book covers! And many thanks to VFG for inviting me here, and for coming up with such great questions for the interview. :)

And Blanche, thanks so much for picking up my Bloodrunners series. It's so wonderful to hear that you're enjoying them!!


Cecile said...

You know I love you right... Go to my place on look on the left side... There is something there just for you!!!

Love ya Girl!

Becky said...

Great interview! I will have to check the Primal Instinct Series out. This series sounds really good.

Lea said...

Hey VFG!

Thank you for the pimpage. I reciprocated the pimpage at Closetwriter, so hopefully everyone can get in on the dual action.

Hey! You seem to have mopped up most of the drool!!!! I am sooo impressed.... lolololol


Chris said...

Oh, yeah, the covers are TASTY. *nom nom nom*

Heather said...

What an great interview, and very in depth! I haven't had the pleasure of reading these books yet, but as I am on a paranormal kick at the moment I will definitely have to look into them. I am one of those people who, if I haven't already been pointed in that direction by one of my fellow readers, buy books based on the cover and short description on back. I have to say that these covers would absolutely grab my attention and land in my basket!!!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Dottie! Good Luck Girl!

You're welcome Rhyannon (((hugs)))

Oh Cecile! You do love me! Thankies!!!

Thanks and Good Luck Becky!

(((hugs))) Thanks Lea! Gosh I know, the blog is finally drool free! :)

Good Luck Chris!

:) VFG

Cathy M said...

I love shapeshifter stories and am so loving this series. You sucked me into this dark and very sexy world on the first page, and I enhaled Ian's story in Edge of Hunger. Just ordered Edge of Danger last night, and would love a chance at winning Riley's story.

An excellent series, Rhyannon, I can't recommend it enough.

Blodeuedd said...

I am so glad I checked back..where on earth is my comment. Blogger ate it :(

What did I say now, ok great covers, the story sounds awesome :)

And I am too sleepy to think any more

Mandi said...

Great interview!! I am very intrigued by The Merrick now:) I will definitely put these on my wish list :)

Martha Lawson said...

Hi! I've Read the first 2 books in the series and they are absolutely awesome!!!! I can't wait to read the last one! I'm so glad to hear that there is more coming. Please count me in on the drawing.

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Hi Rhyannon and VFG!

Wow what a great interview and I've read great reviews on "Edge of Hunger."

Your books on on my Wishlist and what an awesome contest.

Definately enter me too!


VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Heather! LOL! These covers are definitely attention grabbers. It's what initially got me into the series. :) Good Luck!

Hey Cathy M! So glad to read that you're enjoying the Primal Instinct series as much as I am. Good luck! :)

Oh no! Sorry that Blogger ate your comment Blodeuedd. I had that happen to me on Dottie's blog TWO times last week. Get some rest and Good Luck!

Thanks Mandi!! The Merrick is definitely a new and exciting twist on the current paranormal myths. I hope you like the series. Good Luck! :)

Hi Martha Lawson! Yay! I'm so happy that you enjoyed both book 1 & 2! I can't wait to get started on 'Edge of Danger'. Good Luck! :)

Thanks Razlover's Book Blog! *blushing* Good Luck!! :)

(((hugs))) VFG

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Great contest, please count me in.

EJG said...

They sound great.Please include me in the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Great interview and review I'd love read your books they sound really interesting.


VampFanGirl said...

GOOD LUCK TO: I Heart Book Gossip, EJG and delitealex2006!!!

:) VFG

The_Book_Queen said...

Great post, I thought you did a good job at the interview, and thanks for doing this interview/giveaway. I love learning about new authors, or learning new things about the authors I already love. ;)

I've heard many great things about these books, and I've got all of them at the top of my list for when I go bookshopping again. They sound really good, and I can't wait to read them! Keep up the great work!


Andria said...

I would love a chance to win. Thank you.

RachieG said...

Wonderful post and how about those covers? Whew! If I saw them in a bookstore, it would draw me to them, that's for sure!

Love hearing about new authors and new books. I'm going through a paranormal phase right now and I really enjoy books that kind of have their own world as yours seem to do.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to picking up a Rhyannon Byrd book! :)

P.S. Is that your real name or just a pen name? Either way, I love it! Very unique!

cornbella said...

Went to Washington D.C. this past weekend and read BOTH of these books on the plane. Couldn't put them down, I even skipped the peanuts! Can't wait for the third.

Maija P. said...

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

These books look fantastic! Great give away.

Amanda said...

Hey VFG,

Great interview and wow those covers are great!!! Sounds like a series i'd love!!! *sigh* my TBR pile is growing exponentially LOL

Eva S said...

Thanks for the great interview! I love paranormals and these books sound very interesting! And they have awesome covers!

More books for my wishlist, thanks!
I love finding new authors....

host said...

Hi, Rhyannon and VFG!! Great interview!! I haven't read any of your books yet, but the after reading this post they are going on my TBR-very soon list. The covers are great, I just love them!
Please enter me in the contest!!

Rhyannon said...

Cathy, Martha and Cornbella--It absolutely made my day to read that you're enjoying the series!! Thanks so much for letting me know! :)

Also, many thanks to everyone who has said such sweet things about the covers and the interview!! It's been so wonderful reading your comments!

And Rachie G--Yep, R.B. is my pen name. ;) I used to be really bad about going to conferences and not answering when someone called out Rhy or Rhyannon. But I've managed to get a little better at it over the years. LOL.

And GOOD LUCK to everyone with the contest!! :)


clynsg said...

Haven't read any of this author yet, but I do like paranormals.

clynsg at

Deedles said...

I love paranormals. This author is new to me but is now on my list of must haves.

tetewa said...

My favorite genre to read, count me in!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks The_Book_Queen! Totally blushing over here. :) I hope you enjoy Rhyannon Bryd and Good Luck!

Good Luck Andria!

Thanks RachieG! I know the covers are spectacular. The cover Gods surely rained their gifts on Rhyannon. Good Luck!

Hey cornbella! So glad to read that you enjoyed Rhyannon books. Good luck in the giveaway!

Good Luck Maija P. and Alaine!

Thanks Amanda! LOL! Oh the dreaded TBR. I feel your pain. Good Luck!

You're welcome Eva S! Good Luck!

Thank you host! I hope you enjoy Rhyannon Byrd and Good Luck!

Good Luck clynsg, Deedles and tetwa!!

(((hugs))) VFG

Sunnyvale said...

I'd like to read this

Pamk said...

great interview and both of these that are out are on my wish list.

flip said...

The series looks exciting. I love the titles.

Caffey said...

I've been so looking forward to these when I saw them showing up on Amazon and now getting to read more about them is more exciting!
Congrats Rhyannon
Hi VampFanGirl

VampFanGirl said...

GOOD LUCK TO: Sunnyvale, Pamk, flip and Caffey!!

:) VFG

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Hello Rhyannon (by the way love the name and the spelling. I have a friend who's name is that but spelled as the Celtic way Rhiannon) and Hello Vamp girl!

Rhyannon you are a new author. I've seen your name mentioned a lot for ebooks (you are highly recommended in the ebook department) but I love the sound of this series.

Elaine said...

Great interview
Please enter me in the contest

Susan Willis said...

Please enter me in your contest. It's all about that Inner Beast!

VampFanGirl said...

GOOD LUCK TO: Raonaid Luckwell, Elaine and Susan Willis!!

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Lori T said...

Hi Rhyannon and VFG!

What a great interview and I am really looking forward to reading these. I absolutely love the covers and they immediately pulled me to them at the bookstore.

I would love to be entered.

Have a great week.

Y. Bressani said...

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RachieG said...
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js22 said...

great interview. Always interesting to learn more about the author and books.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Mishel said...

Hi there ladies! I totally agree about the covers... WOW! I haven't read any of the books yet I'm afraid but I would so love a chance to win them =D

Thanks so much!

mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

VampFanGirl said...

GOOD LUCK TO: Lori T, Y. Bressani, js22 and Mishel!!

:) VFG

bridget3420 said...

I'm crossing my fingers!


Raven99 said...

I think this series sounds really good. The book descriptions are really intriguing to me. Thanks for the interview.

Amy S. said...

Edge of Danger sounds great! Great interview!

demmi said...

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VampFanGirl said...

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Luvdaylilies said...

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Teddyree said...

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booklover1335 said...

So glad to hear that the series is going to continue, but not happy to hear that we are going to have to wait until early next spring.

I started reading your books after I read "Against the Wall" and have loved all of them that I have been able to get my greedy little hands on.

I LOVE the covers for the new books. The bold colors, graphics...all of it. They really stand out against everything else. Hope they do well for you, and would like to win either of these signed copies.

mverno said...

i like this style reading

Pam said...

Sounds like some great beach reading. Of course that would make me even hotter than I was on the beach!!


micaela6955/Michele P. said...

great covers! And thanks for a very interesting interview! I look forward to reading some of your books!

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Becky said...

great interview..I would love to read some of your books.

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Anonymous said...

zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

O M G ... this is the first I've heard of this series (Glad I stopped by), I love anything vampire or supernatural! Please PLEASE enter me to win!

rmc1ra said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

linett said...

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Meredith said...

That was an interesting interview!

Misusedinnocence said...

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Cynthya said...

I've got to get these, they sound like the type of books I love--exciting, original, paranormal that pushes the envelope. Great interview, too.

Kytaira said...

Like everyone else, I have to agree, the covers are awesome! The idea of the Merrick is really unique. I love when there is a new spin on my old favorite themes. Great interview!

danosor said...

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quelleheure4 said...

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souldolphindream said...

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VampFanGirl said...
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purango said...

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Gabriel J. said...

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Great interviews!
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