BDB Week! Day 6 - Review: Lover Enshrined

Review: Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other—six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. And now, a dutiful twin must choose between two lives...

Fiercely loyal to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of the race, becoming the male responsible for keeping the Brotherhood's bloodlines alive. As Primale of the Chosen, he is to father the sons and daughters who will ensure that the traditions of the race survive and that there are warriors to fight those who want all vampires extinguished.

As his first mate, the Chosen Cormia wants to win not only his body but his heart for herself- she sees the emotionally scarred male behind all his noble responsibility. But while the war with the Lessening Society grows more grim, and tragedy looms over the Brotherhood's mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 6

WOW, there is so much that happens in 'Lover Enshrined'. The Black Dagger Brotherhood world really undergoes a radical change after the vampire society is detonated by a major trump card delivered by the Omega. I'm really not going to dive into the outer happenings in LEn. The book itself is huge so again, this will be all about Phury and his heroine, the Chosen Cormia. I will say that LEn was the first BDB book that I didn't rush out and buy. And when I did purchase it, the book sat in my TBR pile for a few weeks before I picked it up. I really, really wasn't feelin' Phury or his heroine. While many thought the romance really lacked in this installment, I not only agree but I'll add that I really disliked both the Hero and heroine, both of which had me cringing many times and it was always a relief for me to move past their scenes and read the various subplots, which I loved.

Phury, twin brother of Zsadist and member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He's a man of style and class and he really longs to be the hero. While many already believe he's a hero, Phury would venomously disagree. He has a long list of things that he desires to feel guilty for: His twin's abduction, the deaths of his parents when he couldn't find Z, the horrible treatment of Z and his subsequent anger and pain, his wrongful love of his brother's shellan, and of course, there's his flagrant drug addiction. Phury, to me, is a walking, talking pity party. He's a wallower. He's been a favorite of many readers prior to his novel, but I wonder if he's still favored now...

I will say that I do respect Phury for he's made many sacrifices. He sacrificed his leg in the rescue of his brother, and he sacrificed his oath of abstinence to remove the burden of Primale from Vishous by placing the title onto his own shoulders. But Phury is in no rush to consummate the mating between him and the Chosen Cormia, First Mate and representative of the whole. Instead he takes the Chosen from the nontemporal realm to live with him at the mansion until they're both ready to make the ceremony official.

The Chosen are a group of female followers that live in the nontemporal realm and sanctuary of the Scribe Virgin. It is place of temples set in a landscape of never ending white. Chosen spend their lives in worship of the Scribe Virgin except for those that become mated to a Brother and leave for the temporal realm. The Primale is a select Brother that lives with the Chosen and becomes mated to them all. The goal is that he father as many young as possible to create more warriors for the Brotherhood. This practice hasn't been done in centuries but with the Brothers limited to seven, the Scribe Virgin feels that it's time to replenish her race for the war has come to a major and deadly turning point.

The Chosen Cormia is as bland as the world she was born and bred for, IMO. Ward did have the decency of making her single-minded, but then again that was to be expected. Cormia has fought the strictures of her destiny for as long as she can remember. Shamefully, she wants a name for herself. Anything for herself really. The last thing she wants or desires is to be a representative of the whole. She's dying to break out and live. And the guilt over this sacrilege is immense. She has that in common with Phury. Except Cormia doesn't wallow in this guilt. Instead she accepts it and allows herself to become immersed in the world of the Brotherhood and the temporal realm. A place she had never been before. And the Primale, Phury, has become somewhat of a fascination for her since her arrival as well.

In her stolen moments with Phury, Cormia has come to like him. She still knows so little about him but his beauty and honor are admirable to her. She's sees him as selfless. Constantly inquiring after others. Constantly trying to help in every situation, even the mundane. Cormia also can't help but feel jealousy over Phury's love of Bella. She can see it in his eyes, his manner. These thoughts of course give her pause, for she'll have to share the Primale with her sisters once they return to the nontemporal realm and sanctuary of the Scribe Virgin. She can't help but covet this time alone with Phury but she doesn't know how do stand out and tell Phury that in truth, she desires him and she's ready to consummate the mating ceremony.

But Phury is a bit too busy fighting his own demons to really notice Cormia. His agonizing relationship with Mr. Wizard poisons every one of his thoughts and he can't escape the voice in his head. For that's what Mr. Wizard is: the self-depreciating voice in his head, ridiculing his every move, his every thought. It's the voice that drives him to the drugs time and again. It's the voice that has him slaying lessers, not just to kill them, but to slice again and again into the flesh of his enemies as a cathartic exercise to release the demons within his soul. Phury is seriously in a bad way. A downward spiral flowing more and more out of his control.

I must confess that although I didn't like Cormia, my heart broke for her and my anger at Phury rose in retaliation. He does have a lot of mental issues going on, but he becomes selfish to me with his inattention towards Cormia. She reminded me of a child that experiences the sand on a beach for the very first time. The feeling of your toes sinking into sun warmed granules. The deep, thick texture that envelopes your foot when you put your weight on it. Your eyes alight at the discovery and the ocean's appeal disappears for a moment. It's that awakening, that new experience that Phury misses time and time again with Cormia. Instead he passes her off to John Matthew as he heads in out the door to appease either his need for pain or his need for drugs.

Cormia is all fresh innocence and in the face of Phury's demons, she's almost childlike in her naiveté. John Matthew likens her to a rainbow and sunshine on a summer day. Quite the light to Phury's gloom. Phury's rage and hate against himself is palpable. Everything he does is a direct result of the demons inside. The two couldn't be any more different from each other if they tried.
Phury with his happy lesser sessions that involve mauling prior to death, is becoming a visual liability for the Brotherhood. The risk of exposure to the human world is great and Phury is causing more harm than good. Wrath the King, revokes Phury's right to fight for his race. He'll remain a Brother for the Primale must be a Brother and the vampires don't have any other replacement for that role. Phury can't say that he's all that surprised. It's just one more thing to add to the list and feel guilty for.

Slowly and subtly, Phury begins to notice Cormia. Her time with John Matthew opens her personality like a rose in it's first bloom. Phury can't help but feel not only the familiar guilt but feelings of jealousy as well. At the mention of JM, Cormia lights up. He's showing her how to work appliances, taking her outside to enjoy the gardens and run, to be free. All the things that Phury isn't doing. Soon, Phury stumbles upon something that he and Cormia have in common. Phury, an exceptional artist with portraits being his specialty, and Cormia, as it would seem, has an uncanny nack for architecture. In her time, she's learned to construct what's in her mind out of toothpicks and peas. Creating large and complex structures that takes Phury's breath away at their beauty. Finally, he sees her.

What follows next is series of almost sex scenes. Phury's fear of becoming the Primale in truth pulls him back time and again for once he sleeps with Cormia, he's obligated to sleep with all forty Chosen. The dreaded thought is a total buzz killer. On the flip side, Cormia feels deficient at Phury's refusal. She assumes that the Primale's love for Bella is what's holding him back. But when faced by Cormia's challenge that Phury doesn't want her, Phury tells Cormia that he's not good for her. That her belief in his honor and strength are untrue because she doesn't wholly know him.

Cormia's undeterred belief in Phury's heart and soul is a gift. She will not be swayed from knowing that Phury is the heart and strength of the race. She is perhaps the last to think he is honorable. She is his cheering section. His rock. But at this moment, Phury still has yet to lean on her. The drugs continue to be where he finds his solace and he has yet to hit the very bottom of this out of control downward spiral.

Also, in the midst of this pulling back and forth between Phury and Cormia, Phury has decided that he doesn't want Cormia to be his First Mate. He wants to release her from the bond that was forced upon her. And while yes, in the beginning, Cormia was forced but now, she's in love with the Primale and when he reveals the news, her heart breaks. And when he leaves her to go to another Chosen, to one of her sisters, her world breaks.

Phury's rock bottom isn't pretty and he ruins a lot of his former life in his downward spiral to the bottom. It's Cormia though that stands by him the entire time. Her belief was always pure and that was most likely Phury's saving grace. For a warrior who was constantly saving others, not just because it was his duty, but it was also for self punishment as well. All this time, it was Phury that needed the saving. But like most addicts, he's a good liar not only to others, but to himself as well.

Phury also strives to deny his instincts and the bonding that has happened with Cormia. I really believe he does this out of love. He doesn't want to hurt her because he knows that inevitably, he will. Yet in his determination to distance himself, he's already hurting her. I did feel a shout of triumph when after all of Phury's pushing away that when he finally realizes that it's Cormia and only Cormia that he wants, she's threw with him. Momentarily of course.

'Lover Enshrined' was a very different reading experience and in my opinion, the most tragic. With Butch and Vishous, the humor was always rampant. Phury is obviously for many reasons, not very humorous. Plus, a lot of people are either hurt or killed. LEn is really the novel that launches the series into an Urban Fantasy categorization. There's no doubt though that this was an amazing addition to the series. I believe it was Barbara I was talking to and I think it was she that made a really good observation of 'Lover Enshrined'. She saw it as a novel that was mostly an instrument for Ward to develop the over reaching subplots and introduce not only the new generation of Brothers, but to also make several steps with the war against the Lessening Society. I think this describes the overall goal of LEn perfectly.

My main disappointment lies with the romance between Phury and Cormia. First of all, I had problems with Phury. I hate to say it, but the male is just too metro sexual for my taste. Because of this, I've always had trouble picturing Phury as a Brother or even as a huge male. Ward reminds the reader often of his size but in my mind, he's always this little guy; little because I'm comparing him to the brothers. Then there is his pity party. He's always guilty over things that truthfully are out of his control to begin with. Then, I thought Ward cheated him out of his Happy Ever After. The page time between Phury and Cormia was paltry in comparison to other books. I didn't think it was fair to Phury for he's been such a presence and he's just so self tortured! I thought he deserved more.

I do congratulate Ward on her excellent portrayal of the dire effects of drugs. How they ruin your friendships, your job, and really your entire life. When Phury makes the decision to end his addiction, the withdrawal and the recovery felt incredibly real. I admire Phury for what he accomplishes in the end and I'm glad that he's on the road to recovery.

How did you feel about Phury's romance? What other novels have you read that involved drug addiction?


Anna said...

For me Phury's book was different compared to the other ones. But I enjoyed just as much.

What really irritated me about this book was Phury's stubborness to admit that he loved Cormia. It seemed to take forever.

VFG- you won the contest at my blog, make sure you stop by. :)

Cecile said...

Hey VampGirl!! I have to tell you.. I bought book number 2 this Sunday. I was at Wal-Mart and what was staring at my from the shelves of "pick me, pick me" but Love Awakened. So I HAD to buy it!!! I will start collecting them one by one!!! LOL!!!
I wanted to tell you that my home modem is out. I am hoping to get it in today (if not, you all will hear me scream around the world); because I was unable to read your post from the weekend and today at work is murder! So, I will not be able to read all the way through this post. But I am saving it like a dessert!!!
So, hopefully, I will post this evening letting you know what I think... but I think you know what I think... This whole damn series is a big drug addiction to me!!!
You are something else girl!!! LOL!

Mandi said...

I have to agree with the Phury/Cormia was just blah. I actually enjoyed John Matthew interacting with Cormia more..when he bought her that bracelet and they watched a movie together. I read on a blog a while ago that when JR Ward dedicated the book to Phury by saying, you are such a gentleman, the blogger knew right away that she wasn't going to like Phury. He is just not bad boy enough. I didn't like the dude in his head talking either. Otherwise I loved the book. I LOVED Blay/Qhuinn/JM storyline. Blay and Qhuinn had better end up together! And JM and Xhex in the bathroom. Tohr and Lassiter..there were soooooo many good moments in this book.

You did a GREAT job with all the books. This has been so much fun!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Okay, well, first, I gotta tell you how much darn fun this has been rehasing the BDB and totally succumbing to BSB! You've done a fab job and should be really, really happy with how it's turned out! Kudos to you for running such a great blog and for running it all with an open mind.

So, Phury. I'm going to prevent myself from going on and on, because I totally could.

So, like you, I think Phury was was metro. To be honest, I saw that as his 'good side', the one he tried to keep out in the open. I truly saw a darker, deeper depth to him, the big dangerous male in him. I believe that there are two side to everyone, there's the dominant side they show to the world, then a secret side, a darkness. I believed this in Phury. I did not believe it was caused my some wizard that made me think of extreme mental illness. That plot line just didn't work for me. I wanted Phury to be an addict because he was, because at some point, being mister nice guy was killing him as much as being Z's savior was killing him. I wanted him to struggle with his demons straight up, not rely on this stupid wizard thing. God, that made me so mad. Just ball up and own it, ya know?! He lived a hell of life, and it's been this way for HUNDREDS of years, so you found a way to cope. Just go with it, and own and acknowledge that there's a darkness in you that you fear and that you feel you need to tamp down. Done. Okay, rant #1 out of the way.

Totally felt cheated out of he and Cormia's love story, and frankly, I tried soooooo hard to believe that Cormia wasn't a replacement for Bella, but I just couldn't. I mean, I tried, I read into ever little nuance in their exchanges for some sign that it was just her he wanted, just Cormia his body craved, but I just couldn't fully believe it. I never thought that Phury could go from drawing Bella, from all those creepy assed dreams and pictures and all that stuff, and just transfer all that longing and lust to Cormia and make it real, powerful love.

And Bella, I was ticked with her, because I saw her holding Phury hostage, especially when brushing his hair. Blech!

Okay, gotta run back to work, I'll check in later.

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Anna!

Oh gosh yes! It's always annoying when the hero or heroine for that matter, won't say "I love you". Escpeically when they're already in love!!

I sitll liked the book, especially the subplots but I just wasn't feelin' Phury and Cormia

ann marie said...

Hey VampGirl,
You have done a hands-down great job on all of the books. Thank you :)
I so totally agree with Charlotte on Rant #2, JR did not pull off that seperation as well as she did for V and Butch, it was disappointing. I also feel like he and Cormia's story was cut to short at the end. Otherwise I loved all of the other background stories.

VampFanGirl said...

YAY Cecile!!! Oh girl, you are SO addicted!! ;) Yippie!! Of course you had to buy LA when it's giving you puppy eyes from the shelf. :)

I'm sorry work is such a drag but I'm thrilled that I get to be dessert!

(((hugs))) VFG

Blanche said...

Hi VFG!!! I'm so glad you're doing this.....I would have never picked up this series if it hadn't have been for you.........I'm halfway through Lover Eternal and I just have to say I'm really loving these books!!! :)


VampFanGirl said...

Hey Mandi! JM and Xhex in the bathroom is my FAVORITE SCENE in the entire novel!!! Second was when Qhuinn and Blay locked lips. :) When Lassiter showed up I couldn't control my squirming. I've been waiting so long for his appearance.

Phury and Cormia, totally blah. And I agree, Phury wasn't bad boy enough. He was bad in a different way. I'm glad we can move on from his story too and dive into Rehv, YUM!

:) VFG

Oh and thank you! I'm so glad that you're have fun with me and the Brothers!! (((hugs)))

Amanda said...

OMG I totally felt what you did about Phury and not being ale to see him as easily as a brother in parallel to the others! I always saw him as the weaker one and the 'damaged' one!

The self pity party frustrated me to no end! I have major issues with this book! It was the hardest of all teh series to read and it wasn't what I had hoped.

I'm hoping with Rhev's book we can move on and get back to what made the series as successful as it is/once was.

I think the point that Barbara made about it being a sort of bridging book of sorts to introduce new things was a good one, but I do feel that if Ward was going to do this she should have left a romance plot out of it all together because I did feel that not enough time was left for the development of the romance between Cormia and Phury. IMO she should have written the romance story and then a book as a bridge where we get to learn more about the brothers since their matings etc, their interactions with the BDB school they run and other such story lines! This would I think maybe have satisfied more of her readers and allowed them what they want because the subplots are amazing!

VampFanGirl said...

Charlotte, you make excellent points. My review of Phury wasn't all that hot because, unfortunately, I just don't care about him. There, it's out in the open. I didn't really dedicate any words to the Bella sitch and I'm so happy that you brought that up because for real, there was no seperation. And yeah, that whole scene with Bella brushing his hair, so yuck! Phury was OBSESSIVE with that female. And I don't think that Cormia was unique enough to grasp his attention, much less hold on to it. It just seemed too easy.

I totally agree too that the whole Wizard thing was lame. Another part of Phury that Ward just didn't work on. It's like she took all the easy roads with Phury and I'm just so hurt by that. No matter that I didn't like him, he deserved soooo much more.

I must say, I'm surprised by your venom towards Phury. I was expecting to see a lot of sympathy for him cause hello! Lindsay. :)

Whew, I'm so glad I got all these reviews done. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! I'm so happy too that everyone is having fun with it. That was the goal.

Thank you so much Charlotte for spilling your heart out in the comments about the Brothers. I've had a blast with you!

(((hugs))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Thank you so much Ann Marie! I'm really so happy that everyone is having a fun time with me and the Brothers. :)

Oh yeah, Phury and Cormia's HEA was way too short. The page count for them was so paltry compared to all the other goings on. Just ridiculous. And the separtation, like Charlotte said, was completely contrived. Ward took the easy route.

(((hugs))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

YAY Blanche!!! I can't wait for you to post what you think of the BDB!

Don't you just love Rhage??

(((hugs))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Amanda!

I saw Phury as 'damaged' too and really, Ward could have done something amazing with that.

Ugh, the pity party drove me insane! He just goes on and on about all this guilt for things that he didn't even have control over. Lame.

That's a good idea, Amanda. The book could have possibly been stronger if it was just written as a bridge. All the side happenings really demand more page time leaving Phury and Cormia hardly anything. It really didn't allow their love to happen.

And the subplots were the only thing that kept me interested. As the book is written, I could have done away completely with Phury.

:) VFG

Amanda said...

Thats exactly how I felt! I actually had to stop meyself skipping his parts because I didn't feel a connection with him.

This may have been different if his story got more time and development!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

OH, yeah, Lindsay. In full disclosure, when Phury's book came out, Addicted had already been sold, edited and the cover printed. I no longer had control of that book. And after reading Phury, all I could think about was, "OMG, is Lindsay this little whiny suck ass like Phury?"

I think what I wanted from Phury is to admit weakness and culpability. He's an addict. He made himself that way, not this wizard, unless of course, he's mentally ill and the wizard is controlling him. Which I never believed in. He's dark and needing help, not physcho.

I can understand that peoople don't choose to be addicts, that they sometimes fall into that habit because of many reasons, and sometimes it's no other reason than for kicks and giggles with experimenting. I can understand that. I get it. But then admit to it. That's part of what makes the brothers larger than life, they have weakness but they can see it, can ask for forgiveness of it, can try to change it. But I never got that from Phury. I was just so sick of being, well....a pansy.

And I so wanted to love Phury. All along, I thought to myself, inside him is a big bad ass mother, and we're going to see him let it all out in his book. He's going to be big and savage and full of passion. But that never came to be.
I felt a bit betrayed that he didn't make himself into more.
I think Ward just didn't have enough time and space to commit Phury's book to Phury and his problems. Perhaps if she had, we might have seen a different side of him, a side that was worthy of Cormia. And like you, there was nothing remarkable enough about her to pull Phury from his addiction and obsession of Bella.

I was severly disappointed in his book.
But, look at me, back for more with Rhev!!!!!

And your review rocked!!

Blodeuedd said...

I was rather disappointed in Phurys Book. And yes I can't see him as a brother either. It doesn't work in my head.

Cormia and him, a bit boring at times. It's horrible, but felt like that, and the end. Well, I liked her other books so much more.

It did have it's good part, of course. But I do know about Charlottes Addicted :)

Can't remember about other books invloving drugs

VampFanGirl said...

"And I so wanted to love Phury. All along, I thought to myself, inside him is a big bad ass mother, and we're going to see him let it all out in his book. He's going to be big and savage and full of passion. But that never came to be.
I felt a bit betrayed that he didn't make himself into more." O-M-G, I'm so with you on this point Charlotte!! I was seriously hoping for the same things. And there are moments where I thought it would happen. Like when JM, Blay and Qhuinn happen across a naked Cormia at the pool and Phury walks in. I thought he'd go all bonded male and he did, to a degree, but so not as much as I was hoping. I wanted him ripping trees out of the ground in a effort to deflect his anger but all he does is tell the boys to leave. Come on! Wrath would have so gotten in those kids faces if it was his female!

And I think this is totally where the disappointment stemmed from. Readers wanted this passionate, ultra fighting male to burst from Phury's controled personality. We wanted that to be the side that's been hidden all this time but instead, Ward gifted us with the Wizard?!? WTF???? And you know what, I could have handled the stupid voice in his head IF he was that bonded crazed male of my dreams. Damn, I'm fired up!!

This book was a serious disappointment but only in terms of Phury and Cormia. The rest rocked, IMO.

Ack, I'm going to go stick my head in the company freezer and cool off.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Okay, the icy air helped.

Hey Blodeuedd!!

I know right? Phury just didn't take the shape of a Brother for me either. His Prada pants and Gucci loafers were just soooo not workin' for me. Funny cause Butch dreses like that but he feel way more a Brother to me than Phury.

Phury lacks all that hostile agression that I love about the Brothers and for that, he was just small in my mind.

Oh gosh, totally boring! Right with you there.

If you haven't read 'Addicted' Blodeuedd, it's fantastic. No pity parties for Lindsay! He's not a head case either. Thank God!

:) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

VFG you bring up another point that I had totally forgotten about, the whole vampire bonding issue.That's one of things I LUUUUUV about these guys, yet Phury really did get robbed of that, didn't he.
to me, I saw waaaay more chemistry with JM and Cormia than with Phury.
You mentioned Wrath with his female, I'll just say two words, Rhage-Beast...yeah, imagine if that would have been Mary! lol!
But the book with the subplots

Not to spoil anything, but you don't have to worry about posessiveness with Rhev (wink)

Blodeuedd said...

Totally with you there, Butch is so more a brother than Phury. Butch got it, even with his silly name.

I wanted it more raw, for him to show that edge.

I really should read Addicted shouldn't I :)

A tiny mention about Rhev, yay, I so wonder about that one

VampFanGirl said...

OMG, Charlotte, seriously those boys would have food for the Beast if that had been Mary *shudder*. Poor Mary, she probably doesn't talk much to the males outside of the Brotherhood. What a catastrophy that would be! LOL!

I love the Beast. Remember in Z's book at the end when he knocks on Mary's door to learn to read. I love how Rhage's eyes flash white as the Beast checks in on his female. God, that get's me so hot and bothered!!! I'm reading that scene again tonight just for the hell of it.

Thank God I don't have to worry about Rehv. *sigh* There is such a wonderful scene of Rehv in LEn when he's thinking back to Bella's childhood and how she wanted more frosted flakes but was too afraid to ask cause she'd get in trouble if she didn't maintain a "trim" figure. When she gets up the courage with Rehv's quiet guidance, it was so sweet. And how he had to leave the room cause he's tearing up over his baby sister's strength. I love that male!

Oh, and yeah, Cormia and JM had way more chemistry. Totally. What was Ward thinkin'??

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Definitely read 'Addicted' Blodeuedd.

Gosh, me too! I would have loved to see the raw edge of Phury. But it's never going to be. Like you said, let's just hope that with Rehv we can move on and just be glad that there's no one else like Phury in the Brotherhood.

:) VFG

Lea said...

Hey VFG!

You've done and awesome job on all these reviews, you truly have.

I think I would find "Lover Enshrined" the most difficult to review and you really communicated your perspective extremely well with respect to this novel.

Personally I found this book an extremely difficult read. It nearly ended up on the DNF side of the book pile. However, I kept thinking it had to get better and soldiered on, unfortunately it got worse.

How did I feel about Phury's romance? What romance? I mean they ended up together but I wasn't sure why.

I don't read books dealing with drug addicted characters because I find it too frustrating and the author made it doubly so in this novel. Phury was written like a schizophrenic, with drug addiction issues. IMHO

I won't read another book by J. R. Ward because of "Lover Enshrined", it just wasn't my cuppa, at all for a variety of reasons.

However, well done, with the reviews and commentary!

I'm sure you will have an awesome turn out for the giveaway tomorrow. ;)

You Rock Girl....


I Heart Book Gossip said...

Don't get me started on how much I ahted this book. I read it once and that was enough. Phury's story was suppose to be really good, but then the author added a wizard and I bounced. Ghosts are cool, but wizards? Really? I felt that this book was a beginning for JM's story and for the other two characters. In the end, I was uninterested and bored.

Barbara said...

Ahhhh....NO! Where's my comment?!?!??! OMG, it erased, lol! It was so long. Ugh...

Anyway, let's try this again...

Great Review!!

Phury's story was my least favorite of the series. Initially, when I fell in love with the BDB and Ward's amazing writing it was when romance took center stage.

I felt that Phury and Cormia's romance wasn't the heart of the book. It was more like Phury & Cormia's tale revolved around all the sub-plotting going on.

I'll admit to something that rarely happens...I skimmed through this one the first time around. I was so desperate to find that heart wreching romance I had at one time experienced while reading a BDB book. Nothing. Phury's story just felt empty. Everything else that was going on kept my attention more so than the h/h of the story :(

Well, this is it girl!! You really did a kick (beep) job with these reviews!! ((hugs))

Can't wait for Rehv!!! Happy BDB Week!

VampFanGirl said...

Lea! What's up Girl!?

Seriously, if the book had just only been about Phury and Cormia it so would have been DNF for me.

And hell yeah, LEn was seriously daunting to review and that's exactly why I just stuck with Cormia and Phury. It would have been the longest review in history if I even attempted to include everything else that went down.

"How did I feel about Phury's romance? What romance? I mean they ended up together but I wasn't sure why." We're so sharing the same brain right here, Lea!

Here too: "Phury was written like a schizophrenic, with drug addiction issues."

Gosh what a bust. Ward just really had no room to dedicate the pages deserved by Phury. Ugh!

Thanks for the praise on the reviews Lea!! Whew, I can start reading 'At Love's Command'. LOL!

(((hugs))) VFG

Amanda said...

Oh I also meant to mention that on the strength of your reviews..... I started my reread!!

*le sigh* Wrath!!! I cna't believe how much I had forgotten this reread is well over due!

Thank you VFG!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi I Heart Book Gossip!

LOL! I'm so feelin' your pain! I totally agree the wizard thing was so WTF??

And yes, I thought that LEn was a total set up for JM's book and thank the book Gods that she had a LOT of him in LEn cause without it, hell I'm scared of what I would have done!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Oh Barbara! I'm sorry that Blogger ate your first comment.

Totally! Phury and Cormia's story definitely felt like it was revolving around the many subplots. What she delivered with Phury was so not what I was expecting. *sigh* Let's say bye-bye Phury, HHHEEELLLLOOO Rehv!!

Whew, thanks Barbara for all your help and support. You're the best!!

((((Super Giant Hugs))))

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

*blushing* Thanks Amanda!

Enjoy your re-reading!!

*sigh* Wrath.
*Sigh* Rhage!
*SIGH* V!!!

YAY!! It's Rehv Time!!!!!!

:) VFG

Barbara said...

*sigh* Wrath.
*Sigh* Rhage!
*SIGH* V!!!

LOL!! You're the best, lol....

VampFanGirl said...

LOL! Thanks Barbara! :)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Well, it happened again, RL destroyed my cyber time.

I've read/heard that Corima/Phury story could have been better. Your description of their story only makes me want to read it more.

Phury sounds so tortured, so unsure of himself and his self worth.

Corima could be his breath of sunlight in his darken soul, but he is so unsure that he is worthy, he refuses to see what is right in front of him.

I can't wait to read his story, I hope that Corima can help save his soul and bandage his wounded self worth.

Addicted by Charoltte Featherstone was one of the best books I've read that dealt with addiction. My heart broke for Lindsay who doesn't even realize his addiction. It was hard to read, but well worth my time.

I hope Phury/Corima story ends as well.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

HI Dottie!!

You're very right, Phury is definitely unsure of his self worth. Poor guy.

I think the issue is that he's been a favorite of many since way back in 'Dark Lover'. And he HEA just wasn't good enough for the Brother, IMO.

But I'm glad you still want to read his story. Hell, there are still many Phury lovers out there who where happy with the outcome. You may even feel the same and I look forward to hearing why after you read the novels.

Thank you so much Dottie for chatting it up with me about the Brothers. Even though you didn't know them, you always had such wonderful and insightful comments. I'm so happy that we found each other in BlogLand. I really am incredibly lucky to have found so many friendly and kind people.


:) VFG

Cecile said...

Wow.. I am not sure how long it took me to read this and all the comments to go with it... but this seems to be the more difficult book for you guys.
Vampgirl, you rocked this out honey!!! You did an amazing job at the reviews and answering everyone's comment. (((((BIG APPLAUDING FOR VAMP))))) **sending flowers at your feet**. You did an awesome job. You got a lot and I mean ALOT of people interested in this series!
Well, my dessert (being able to read both of the reviews and comments) was well worth the wait and the time it is right now (yikes... I have to be up in a little while.. should not have looked at clock) for me to read this. I thank you for the introduction of this new series to me, even though at first I had my doubts about it!!! (((HUGS for a wonderful job done))

Cecile said...

Oh PS. I did like the idea of Jane being a ghost, it added something different to the story than our normal reading material. Since I haven't read the stories and only the reviews, I would have to say that it would have broke my heart to have my love be a ghost, but when you think about it... something is better than nothing at all.
And as far as Phury's story... well... I'll let you know. I can see where the dislike would come in. Get off your pity pot and be a man. (again, since I have not read the stories)... I was hoping to find out that Cormia would have fallen in love wth a JM and they would have became an item
But I did enjoy you stories!

MsMoonlight said...

I didn't really care for Phury's romance as I didn't really see a romance. I had a love/hate thing going on reading this book. While the rest of the story and plot was phenomenal, the romance left me flat like V's romance did. The rest of the characters stories were wonderful and gripping for me.

VampFanGirl said...

Sheesh, I'm blushing hardcore over here Cecile! I know that I've thanked you a million times already for chattin' with me about the Brothers but I have to say it again: THANK YOU GIRL!!!

My thoughts exactly with regards to Jane. If I could take back my love, even if they were a ghost, HELL YES I would. And she does become solid and completely corporeal with V. For him, he's touching skin, hair, etc. So I really believe that he's a happy camper. :)

While JM and Cormia do have great chemistry, when you read the books, you'll see really quickly that JM has his eye on someone else. And she couldn't be more different from Cormia *wink* I'll really be interested in what you think of his female. She doesn't get much love but I'm FASCINATED by her. I can't wait to hear what you think.

((((Super Hugs)))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey MsMoonlight!

Seriously, Phury and Cormia's romance was practically non-existant for me. I'm so glad we're over that and we can move onto Rehv.

:) VFG

Cecile said...

I had a blast and I mean it when I say, you did a wonderful job and I know that you did JD Ward proud with this series you have done!!!!

When I start reading you will be the first to hear/read about it ~ believe me!!!
I really can't wait to get my greedy little hands on the rest of the books!

VampFanGirl said...

*Blushing Flames* Thank you Cecile!

Now get out there and read the Brotherhood!!!

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