BDB Week! Day 5 - Review: Lover Unbound

Review: Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other—six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Now, the cold heart of a cunning predator will be warmed against its will…

Ruthless and brilliant, Vishous son of the Bloodletter possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a pretrans growing up in his father's war camp, he was tormented and abused. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the
Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time- until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that cannot include her.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 5

'Lover Unbound' was the most awaited Brotherhood book on my end. I couldn't even wait to get home from the bookstore, instead I found a chair and started reading before I'd even purchased the novel! Vishous wasn't the easiest Brother for J.R. Ward to write and she's never been afraid to admit that. He's a male who values his privacy, he's intensely complex and his genius mind only makes him more intimidating. But it's also for these and many more titillating reasons that he becomes so sought after by readers. We want to, no, we need to know who he is.

Again, this review is going to be a little different. I want to discuss more of Vishous and his heroine, Jane, and how their romance worked for me. I know many, many readers had issues with 'Lover Unbound' and I think it ranks as one of the most disliked in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but for me, 'Lover Unbound' is my favorite. J.R. Ward provided for me exactly what I wanted...even the end worked for me. And because the end was such a deal breaker for many, I want to talk about it. These are major spoilers, so please don't read on if you don't like that sort of thing.


First, let's talk Vishous. By this point and after everything that went down with Butch in 'Lover Revealed', I found him to be a little more open with others. Not a lot but he just seemed softer to me and I think this had to do in part because he now feels that he's fully in love with Butch. When you're in love, even if it's not right (I don't think his love was wrong, it just didn't work with the situation), your soul can't help but be soothed. But V is also tormented by this love for it's obviously not returned. Oh Butch loves V, but he's not "in" love with V. Besides, V also knows that even if Butch wasn't with the love of his life, he wouldn't be with Vishous the way he would want him to be.

Okay, so I know that point just ruffled the feathers of the die hard V/Butch fans but I must admit to myself that even though I fantasize about Butch and V acting upon all that pent up passion, on V's part, I don't think that things would have ever ended up that way for the two males. Vishous, once again, has never ever been close to another soul. From birth he's been an outcast. His past has hardened his heart and his soul and Butch was the first to break through those barriers. Attraction and love is the logical thought process for V after someone has finally opened his eyes.

In addition, I feel that without this love for Butch, Vishous would never had been open to a relationship with Jane. If he was still that cold, unfeeling male of before, V would never have given Jane a second thought. My point is that my thoughts are one with Ward's. Vishous had to fall for Butch to fall for Jane.

Although one might think that we were able to become more intimate with V in 'Lover Revealed', 'Lover Unbound' really shone the spotlight on Vishous. Like all Ward's Brothers, V is tortured on so many levels. His past is more than ugly and it shaped him irrevocably into who he is.

Another aspect of 'Lover Unbound' that got readers' hearts roaring was V's unconventional sexual appetites. He's into hard core bondage complete with ball gags, whips, chains, and hot black wax. But these toys aren't for him, they're for his subs. V never gets fully naked during his sessions either. His body shames him for it's a walking warning to others. A warning of his curses. Long brown hair along his forehead hides the tattoos surrounding the eye, the eye that gives him the curse of precognition. His glowing hand, hidden at all times by a black leather glove is tattooed with warnings of it's potential destruction. His genitals, again tattooed in a warning that he should never be allowed reproduce. His partial castration, evidence that someone did try to prevent that from ever happening. That someone was his father, the Bloodletter. Although a strange name for member of the warrior class, V's father was always ever known as the Bloodletter. A cruel and unfeeling soul who makes Zsadist into the Pillsbury Doe boy next to the evil of V's warrior father. Vishous learned the hard lesson that he could trust no one, ever, and he closed his heart then and there on the day that his father cast him from his home and into the winter night centuries ago.

But Vishous, then and up until now, was in the dark as to whom his mother was. Turns out, it's the Scribe Virgin - V is the son of a Goddess. I was just as surprised as Vishous to learn this revelation and I was also just as sad. She, a Goddess, could have saved him from the horror of his childhood. Why did she abandon him to his cruel father? But these questions are for later. The Scribe Virgin has a gift for V for his three hundred and third birthday. She has picked the most pure of blood, the most beautiful of her female Chosen followers, to be V's mate. She will be the first of many for the Scribe Virgin states that Vishous's destiny is to be the Primale.

It would require V to leave the Brotherhood and live on the Other Side, the temporal realm with the Scribe Virgin and the Chosen. As the Primale, he will lay with them all and they will all bear him young. For Brothers are only made by the joining of a Brother with a Chosen female. And more warriors are now needed in the raging war against the lessers.

My heart broke harshly for V. His anger, his hatred to what was done to him at the war camp with his father overflows and washes cruelly upon the Scribe Virgin. Her only defense is that she gave her word to the Bloodletter. He saw through her mortal disguise and her need to bear her own young. He wanted the young to be male, and he knew she could provide that outcome, and three years after the birth, he wanted no interference from her for the next three centuries. In the Scribe Virgin's yearning for her own children, she agreed and Vishous suffered.

Although every part of Vishous cringes at the thought of laying with a bunch of females for his mother, V thinks of the Brotherhood and the survival of his species. Knowing also that Butch is gone from him, this ultimately makes his decision. He'll be the Primale but on the condition that he stays with his brothers and continues to fight the lessers. Knowing that her son has thrown her a boon, the Scribe Virgin accepts the terms. It's soon after that V experiences the infamous BDB mine moment.

Doctor Jane Whitcomb. A love/hate character in Ward's BDB world. I loved her immensely and I defend her here in this review. I'm not trying to convert anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I'm looking forward to discussing Jane with everyone.

I not only admire Jane but I respect her. She's a confident, extremely intelligent female, both attributes which I long for within myself but alas, I've learned that I'm only human. But these aspects about her grabbed me hard and never let go. She's also a product of her own tragic past. Cold, withholding parents that could give a fig about their children certainly leaves it's mark. But I don't believe that it shaped Jane into a cold person, just a guarded one.

As chief of the Trauma Division at St Francis Medical Center in Caldwell, New York, Jane is the Queen of her domain. She does her job and she does it well. But it's not just a job, it's a long love affair with helping people. But her life is just about to be unraveled when a huge male is rolled in with a gunshot wound to the chest. I loved how we got a glimpse of the inner workings of the vampire body. A six chambered heart! Crazy. I was glued to the pages like those crazed fans of ER and Gray's Anatomy. Little does Jane know that it's V on her operating table. In his rush to decompress after the whole revelation with his mother, V welcomed the lesser that must of brought him down with the gunshot wound. Strange though, V thought he'd killed the guy...

Sorry, I got to break in here with a little humor:

"You so need to lighten up about that potato-launcher incident," Butch said.
Phury rolled his eyes and eased back into the banquette.
"You broke my window."
"Of course we did. V and I were aiming for it."
"Thus proving that he and I are outstanding marksmen."

Lover Unbound © J.R. Ward

It's when V is coming out of his drug induced haze that his inner territorial and possessive male genes coming roaring to life. His tall, shewed surgeon, the one who pushed him around and demanded that he stay alive, she's the one awakening this previously dormant behavior within him. And Vishous doesn't care how it happens, but all he knows is that he's vacating the hospital ASAP and his doc is going with him.

The patient took a deep breath on his own. And another. And another. Then those eerie diamond eyes shifted over to her, and she stilled as if he'd willed her to do so.
There was a moment of silence. And then in a rough voice, the man whose life she saved spoke four words that changed everything...changed her life, changed her destiny:
"She. Comes. With. Me."

Lover Unbound © J.R. Ward

I believe that there's a lot about Jane that fascinates the hell out of V. I also think it's this fascination that slowly pushes Butch into the background of his heart. The fact that Jane's a fighter makes V admire her and surprisingly, turns him on. Her intelligence and cunning wit, makes V laugh. Plus the shared tragedy of a horrible childhood connects them. They share a lot in common but it's Jane's kindness that further softens V's heart. But again, if it weren't for Butch and his part in uncorking Vishous's emotions and ultimately, his heart, none of this could have ever happened.

Jane, initially, is held somewhat as a captive at the Brotherhood compound. Even if she were free though, the chances of her leaving her patient so soon after open heart surgery is pretty nil. Again, Jane's first thought is to help and she will stick by her patient. But she'll give him hell in the meantime. A part of me was excited to return to the hot guy wanting the plain Jane, for Jane is no raving beauty but V wants her. And despite the doc's need to fight, V doesn't feel guilty at all about holding her against her will. It's meant to be. She's meant to be here. With him.

It doesn't take long for Butch's previously overwhelming presence in V's mind to dissipate. Of course, Butch never fully disappears. He will always be a major contributor to the opening of V's soul and for that he resumes a rightful place within his heart. But V's heart no longer beats for Butch, it beats for Jane. He no longer feels pained to know that Butch and Marissa were intimate. Now he's just happy that his friend is happy. It also doesn't take long before V's in love with Jane. She's a consistent conundrum, fascinating him at every turn. Her mind, her personality resonates with his on such a deep and electrifying level, that the emotion springs forward so fast and without warning that V's only left with accepting it.

It takes a little bit longer for Jane, but the emotions are no less surprising. Jane falls for V slowly and comically. Her feelings at first are admonished as wrong. One shouldn't ever have these types of hungry feelings for their patient. But soon, Jane can't help but let her heart become engaged. V's praise of her intelligence makes her shine like the heavens. He makes her uninspiring appearance feel marvelously beautiful and Jane begins to feel womanly and aroused...

But of course, there is the ever injustice of bad timing. V has given his word to the Scribe Virgin that he'll be the Primale and therefore mated to a gaggle of sipped females. He'll have to let his beautiful, soul searing doctor go. Scrubbed clean of all memory of him while he'll live and breathe of her in his thoughts for the rest of his life.

This review has already streamed for so long, let's skip way ahead and tackle this whole issue of Jane becoming a ghost. I remember being scared when I found out that V's heroine was a human. I knew that Ward would not take the same path as the others who were initially human - Butch and Beth. Some how, some way Jane would have to live as long as V and that could be an extremely long time. It's also why I'm so happy that the next few novels feature vamps and vamps only - JM and Xhex, Rehv and Ehlena. I know that for many Jane becoming a ghost was a total deal breaker, for me it took some time to reconcile myself to the ending of 'Lover Unbound' but I've done it and I'm fully content with V and Jane's Happy Ever After. Here are my thoughts:

V's hand. A curse that he's despised since his transition. A curse that forever separates him from touching another. The only person he can touch is Butch, but he can't love Butch so the hand is still a curse for him. A reminder that once again he can't have what he wants. But with Jane; with Jane he can touch her everywhere with his glowing palm. He no longer has to use his palm merely to heal Butch or to destroy, he now has the ability to create. He can create the woman he loves. She's real for him and no one else which not only satisfies his yearning to feel her flesh but it also appeases that territorial beast within him for only he can make her whole; only he can create the energy she needs to maintain her corporeal form. There is absolute beauty in that.

The Scribe Virgin. She rights a wrong and heals, not completely, but she heals a wound within Vishous's soul by giving him Jane. V is given a chance to open his heart once again. Although, who knows how long that will last when he learns another truth about his birth... This healing may only be tenable. But it's still healing.

Jane. When you've loved so passionately and lost so tragically, wouldn't you accept that person back into your world even if they were transparent? Transparent but visible to you and to others. Wouldn't you take that if you were offered it? V doesn't care that Jane's a ghost. She's whole to him and that's what matters. As much as we want Jane to be flesh and blood for our hearts, it's V's that's important and V is more than content. More than happy.

In closing, I loved all the page time dedicated to Vishous and Jane. Pages and pages of hot romance that had my heart pumping madly the entire time. I cried at the end. I cried so long and so hard that I had those annoying hiccups at the end. On top of that, my husband thought he might have to cart me off to the looney bin. Crying over a book makes him frightened for my health. At first I cried because Jane was a ghost. I'll admit it, I was upset. Upset because I could no longer relate to her. She was wholly different and strange... But soon I was crying because of the very end. When Rhage accidently steps into Jane and V gets all territorial over his female. I cried over the normalcy of it all. The fact that life goes on and in that life, V and Jane are together.

Obviously, again, I've left a lot out of this review, but I've revealed a lot too. There are so many parts of this story that I'd love to quote but I'm sure, if you've even made this far, your probably begging me to shut up.

'Lover Unbound' was magic...for me.

Was it Jane herself that you didn't like? If so why? Or was it Jane's fate that you disliked?


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Wow, last yesterday and first today.

I haven't read this one either, but Jane sounds like the suave to V's heart. Since Butch and V couldn't or wouldn't be together, I'm glad V get a HEA in some form. I'll have to read this book to understand the whole ghost part and Jane.

I have no problem reconciling the fact that Butch and V weren't meant to be together. It is how it is. But the balance is found with Jane and that seems to be the important part. Yesterday, after reading the review in it's entirety, I wanted Butch and V to be together, even maybe a menage.
But, after seeing this review, I realize that these characters are too strong to share and must have the own story. Each individually.

I can't wait to read the books, they sound wonderful.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Dottie!!! Hope your day is a little less hectic after yesterday. *wink*

Whew, I hope you didn't mind the spoilers. It's just that soooo many people had issues with Jane's fate, that I wanted to discuss it. I'll be very curious to read what you think after you've read the novels too.

But yeah, I after first meeting Jane and seeing her effect on V, I realized that the way things ended with Butch, were meant to be. All Butch provided was heartache and both men felt that their thoughts weren't right, that it couldn't ever truly work out. And like you, I was much relieved that Jane came into V's life and helped him heal. She truly was an amazing heroine to me and she is my favorite heroine in the BDB series.

:) VFG

Lea said...

Hey, Am I first today? Wow, I think that is a "first" all around. lol

What a heartfelt wonderful review VFG. It takes days to recover after a book provokes such an emotional reaction doesn't it?

Okay, I didn't mean to seem harsh yesterday when I commented about the ending of this book. As I mentioned, we all perceive different things from the novels we read, depending on our life experiences. etc.

It has been a long time since I read "Lover Unbound", however I can remember finding it a difficult read for a variety of reasons. I think because it was a change in narrative style with Vishous' introspection regarding his past that was presented in italics. Much of his past was quite grotesque and dark, which was fine and it certainly provoked a sense of empathy for the character and gave understanding as to how his personality had evolved into what it was. From that aspect, I thought it was well written.

As for Dr. Jane Whitcomb? I think because I admired her character from a professional perspective, I found it very difficult to reconcile the ending that was written for her. However, as someone who has a professional background in health care ER / trauma / ICU. I guess I viewed the character differently.

I think I would have found their HEA much more satisfying if the intervention had been similar to what the deity accomplished for "Mary". That way, she would have continued to be human, and J.R. Ward could have written it that Jane Whitcomb was unaffected by his touch.

As for Vishous' sexual proclivities, well I felt as if J.R. Ward was trying to write different sexual preferences for each of the Brothers. I don't know I struggled with that aspect of the storyline, but again VFG that was just me. lol

Anyway, awesome job. You must be getting tired putting all this emotional energy and time into these reviews!


Warm Regards

PS: I see Dottie beat me to the comments. (That is because I rambled - lol)

Anna said...

I love V's book, it's even one of my favorites in the series. I had no issue with Jane herself. But that of her fate is what bothered me. It was a bit disappointing.

Lea said...
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Lea said...


In retrospect, I think the other thing that bothered me was that I felt Jane lost far more than she gained. Yes, she had her lover, but she sacrificed her career, very nearly her sanity, and her life for Vishous.

For, me it was unsettling.


VampFanGirl said...

Hey Lea! Yeah, these reviews are emotionally draining and I'll be happy when I put it all behind me. I wasn't expecting it to be such a daunting task, but it is. I don't regret doing these reviews, but I'm definitely taking a break for a couple of days from the blog afterward.

As much as I would have loved Jane to be fully human, cause in a way I'll always wish that for her. For her to be like me. Readily identifiable. But I knew; I totally knew that Ward would not go down the same row with Jane and liken her gift of eternal life in the same manner as Mary.

You may not remember but there was a moment in the novel where I felt all would be well. Although it's forbidden, V could prolong Jane's human life by feeding her his blood. They do one exchange but Jane dies either that night, or the next day...can't remember. But my heart soared over the possiblity that Jane could live forever that way, surviving on V's blood. But, Ward certainly threw us through a loop after that.

I was also thinking last night that perhaps if Ward had just given V and Jane more page time after Jane's transformation, then we could have understood the ending more. You know what I mean? There really is only like six pages of them together at the end and I don't think it was anywhere near of enough. I think that if Ward had given us a bit more, maybe Jane's fate wouldn't have disappointed as many as it did.

And I agree, Ward does have different sexual hang-ups for each of her heros. Rhage and his whoring, Phury and his abstinance, V and his...issues, JM and his problems. Wow, I never really thought of it but, your totally right! A lot of the torture is sexual for these Brothers... Perhaps this is all in the effort to highten the erotic aspects of the series...Hmmm...I will ponder.

Thank you Lea for posting your opinions!

:) VFG

I Heart Book Gossip said...

I kind of hated Janes fate. It was a little unrealistic and a bit awkward. I mean how does it really work out if they were to do it? I mean yes she can somehow grasp form of a human but how weird is that? I would have liked it more if Jane reincarnated or had a real human body but her orginal spirit was intact. But nonetheless I did enjoy this story a lot more than Butch's.

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Anna! Yay! A Jane lover. LOL!

Yes, the ending did disappoint many...

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Lea, Hmmm...I didn't see Jane as loosing her career because a) I wanted her with the Brotherhood, b)She had already decided prior to her "death" that she wanted to work for the Brotherhood, and c) V never, ever asks her to ditch her job. In fact he has all sorts of ideas on how she can maintian her life and be with him. He never pressured. Jane just wanted him. Well, that's how I saw it. But I can see, for a modern moman's perspective and given her drive in her career, that she lost something.

I suppose that her descion though, resonated more with me because I'm not career driven... This is no way a bash at someone who's the opposite, that's just my personality, and how I viewed it.

Unfortunately, after Jane's transformation, there really is no going back but I think she's happy or it least it read like she was happy...

:) VFG

Pamk said...

i love Jane as a character. Her fate was what got to me. I still have problems with it. His mom is goddess for goodness sake couldn't she have made the ending a little differently. I understand the ending even though I don't like it.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi I Heart Book Gossip!

Yes, I agree, Jane turning into a ghost is totally ackward and very unrealistic :) Hmmm...reincarnation with her spirit intact, I wonder how that would work in Jane's case. I suppose the Scribe Virgin could have done that... Good point. I would have liked that too. A change in her looks wouldn't have bothered me.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Pamk!

I'm totally nodding with you on that one. The Scribe Virgin is a goddess. I wonder though that since Jane is human and DID die, what kind of power she really has in that situation. Did Jane go into the Fade? Or did Jane go to heaven?? ....

:) VFG

Lea said...

Yes, from the story, she did seem satisfied VFG!

Listen, you take care, kick back, try and relax a little. You obviously have put countless hours into this endeavour, and I'm sure you are wiped.

If you haven't tackled the reviw on Lover Enshrined yet, maybe you can forestall it a day or something?

Man, all I'm saying is, don't kill yourself!



VampFanGirl said...

LOL Lea! I'll try! I just have few final touches for Phury and then I'm outa here!!

Thanks again for sharing. I had fun chatting with you about the brothers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

:) VFG

Blodeuedd said...

Well of course I hated Janes fate, it was just stupid in my book. I still hate it and don't get it. I would actually rather have seen her dead. I mean Ward killed Wellsie, Jane could have gone too. Yes poor V, but still.

Overall I didn't warm up to her, and I guess I didn't feel they went together.

VampFanGirl said...

HI Blodeuedd!!

I love it! Brutal honesty!

Poor V indeed. I can't wait to read what you thought of Phury. Now, I was extremely disappointed with his novel. Truly.

:) VFG

Skye said...

VFG, beautiful job! I thoroughly enjoyed your review.

A few comments…

I agree Jane is perfect for V, she matches him on every level- drive, wit, and prowess.

Though I was astonished when Jane was killed I thought the decision on her final existence was appropriate. LU was my first book so I didn’t have anything to compare it to at the time, but I felt the Scribe Virgin did all she could do and maintain her belief in the importance of balance.

Lastly, in regards to V and ghost Jane, I remember reading somewhere (but at the moment can’t really recall where) Ward has stated she does regret not giving them more pages post transformation. Although, I think you did a great job highlighting the uniqueness and ultimate fondness of their HEA relationship.

You deserve a tray of Fritz’s infamous spinach crepes for all your effort :) !

Barbara said...

What a kick butt review!!! Seriously. Damn, you did my boy justice.

Anyhow, first of all, I didn't "hate" Jane. Jane was--IMO--not the one V should have neded up with. Not because she wasn't Butch and not because she ended up a ghost. It was all based on the emotional aspect of the story. Now, keep in mind that V's love for Butch grew over the length of a few books. V, like you mentioned, was very private. He was sheltered within his own thoughts and extremely reluctant to allow anyone inside his heart and mind.

You can't blame him for that, because as mentioned above the poor guy came from some seriously screwed up parents and had one hell of a messed up childhood. When Butch entered the picture, I do agree with you that he was the first one to really penetrate V's soul and sort of open him up a bit. Make him more emotionally accepting of those who care for him and also allowing himself to care in return.

HOWEVER, when it came to Jane it all happened WAY too quickly for my tastes. Yes, he's a vampire and all there's all that MINE MINE MINE stuff, but come on. No, in my view of V he may have felt that initially pull toward Jane, but I don't think he would have fallen so quickly. Not to mention, it was a fall that basically threw Butch completely off V's radar. Uh-uh, no way. V's feelings for Butch were so much more than a sexual thing. It was an emotional bonding. Butch gave V a reason to care. I always thought that V's feelings and perhaps evern Butch's may have turned sexual, not because of the enjoyment they may had received from the actual act, but rather it would have been a way to further bind them together.

I hope I'm making sense. I saw V & Butch as needing each other in every way and I believed theie "need" for each other ran incredibly deep. Especially on V's part.

Now, Jane...she was cool, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that if it wasn't for the whole "mate" and "mine" bit that V would have been so quick to open up to her.

Ward did a phenominal job with this story though. It was highly emotional. The trust issue brought me to tears. When he brought her to his apartment and told her that all he could give her was control, it was so emotionally driven. It went far beyond anything physical. That whole scene was pure emotion.

The Hot Chocolate scene--man, ripped my heart out.

The scene where he goes to her while she is sleeping and of course the mirror.

The desperation he felt at the end was heart wrenching.

Man, I LOVED V's chacrater. Ward really kicked ass with creating him.

He--to me anyway--was perfectly written. And there is just something about REALLY intellegent yet, closed off men that do something to me, lol. I guess that's why Derek from At Loves Command makes me sweat ;)

In any event, I just felt that V deserved more than a rush of Vampire hormones telling him Jane was the one. Hey, he's happy, that's all that matters ;)

Great Job, again.

Skye said...


I adore all of your points, as a fellow V lover one must.

As for Jane though I think we just have to accept they were fated. For crying out loud, if you can't trust a ouija board what can you trust :)

Barbara said...

Hey, Skye! Thanks :) Although my comment was ridiculously long :O

I guess I have alot to say when it comes to V, lol ;)

VampFanGirl said...

HI Skye! Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoyed my review of V and Jane.

Your thoughts, as well, are beautifully written. We shall both partake in a tray of Fritz's spinach crepes. :)

How interesting that Ward said that and I think you're right, I believe I read that somewhere as well. She did write a "Slice of Life" in a way I think to appease the disappointed. But like you, I thought it the only way as well for Jane to be... And balance was maintained.

:) VFG

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey VFG..

Another great review.. Not going to go there today with any of my angst..

I survived the book and i have moved on...

I do hope you get some downtime after all this BDB week is done, i do know how emotional draining reviews can be and these six books are intense, each in it's own way if nothing else.

Love the discussion happening here.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

I wish I could be as nice and non-judgemental, but in Jane's case, I can't.

Have you ever met someone and thought, 'yeah, I don't like you', but you can't pin point what it is that you're taking exception to? Well, this is me with Jane. I don't like her, and I'm not entirely certain why.

There's many aspects of her character that bug me and remind me a few people who I personally do like to spend time with. She's cocksure (and I don't care how damn brilliant of a surgeon she is, it bugs me) and she's abraisive. To me, she doesn't have to do a damn thing to earn V, and that irritated me as well.

I can totally see on the surface why she intriqued V. They're both smart, both healers, and both smartasses. I think of her aa a ballbuster, and that's not what I, personally, wanted for V.

I didn't want a doormat, I'll make tha clear, but I wanted someone a bit softer at times, someone who would really struggle accepting V's gift of control. To me, Jane seems the type to get off on that anyway, so she was more than happy to do it. Sure, on the surface she thought, 'oh, no way,' but I always saw it 'as oh, no way, but I am kind of intrigued' For me I wanted him to have someone who would have to struggle to hurt him, but then because she loved him so much, would give him what he wanted, and in turn show V not only with words, but with actions that his gift was precious, that she would give a piece of herself to V to protect as well. I wanted her to break a bit, I wanted to hurt as V hurt, I wanted that joining to be a sort of cleansing for both, a growth for both characters. I didn't get that. It was a BDSM scenes, with V putting himself out, and Jane eating it up.

To me, V gave the love, the affection, the heartstrings, and Jane took it, offering sex and not much emotion back. When she did offer up anything, I could never buy it. Possibly because by this point, I just really didn't like her, and I wasn't willing to see anything positive in her. (petulant reader syndrom!)

I did cry during this book. But it was for V, his pain, it had zero to do with Jane. When she was a ghost, I just shrugged and thought whatever. I was done with it, and her.

Reading this over, I wish I could be softer, more understanding, more open to Jane. She is, unfortunately, not my kind of character. In life, I know I wouldn't be friends with her.

That makes me a bad human, doesn't it? lol! But my feelings are just my thoughts, and opinions and I would in no way enforce them on anyone. I'm glad that someone out there got her and that VFG opened up this blog to all kinds of thoughts.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

sorry for the typos....all fired up, I guess!

VampFanGirl said...

Barbara! I'm so happy that I wrote Vishous to your satisfaction. :)

This is way out of left field but have you seen the movie 'Becoming Jane' with Anne Hathaway?? I'm watching it now and WOW, really good. I love period movies. It brings historical romance novels to life for me. I must confess, that sometimes I can't always follow what they're saying for the turn of phrase in the time of Jane Austen is so different from today... If you haven't seen, rent it. It's heart-wrenching...

Anyway, back to V. Yes, I agree. The mine moment was hasty and V and Jane fall on love in a mere weekend. Compared to the months of Butch, it does appear hurried and unrealistic. And again, I feel that it never would have happened without Butch. Despite the mine moment, I don't think V would have been open to the idea of Jane without his love and friendship with Butch. But I can see the issue.

I completely agree that V and Butch's relationship was by far more complex than just a sexual attraction. I should have added that in the review...Very good point and observation.

Oh God, the whole book was amazing to me. I loved every moment between Jane and V and I suppose that for this, it was easy for me to let go of Butch and their "relationship". I wanted more of V and Jane, more and more. I savored each sentence, each moment between them. I loved Jane's no-nonsense, agreesive personality. It worked so well for V. He's been a sexual dominant for centuries, to have a woman, a human woman, stand up to him time and again, like Jane does, really opens his eyes and his heart. I laughed so many times. And I loved so many scenes.

The first sex scene still makes me squirm and I've read it dozens of times. Ah, the hot chocolate scene...the scene when he's holding Jane in her last few minutes of life... There's no denying that Ward is beyond talanted. To follow this talent up with Phury...not happy with that.

I feel you too on the closed off and intelligent men. There is definitely something about that... I also loved how V stayed true to character. He's still an ass. He was an ass to the Chosen, his mother but with Jane, he's a puppy. A really sexy one. :)

Loved your comments. You know V, girl.

(((hugs))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Ah E.H.! You can pour on the angst if you like. Although I already have a feeling of what it is you disliked for it's the same for many. And understand your reasons for not voicing them.

Gosh, yes, these books are certainly emotional rollercoasters. Reading the books again and sorting my thoughts have been time consuming and draining at times. But I'm glad I did it. And I do plan on taking a bit of time afterward and just devour everyone elses work. :)

I hope your enjoying your weekend and thank you for reading my review and being so supportive.

(((hugs))) VFG

Barbara said...

Yeah...V...I'm sad his review is over *sniffles*

Oh, and I saw becoming Jane!! LOVED IT!

Blanche said...

Hi VFG!!!

You are making it so hard for me not to skip to each of these books with your awesome reviews!! I'm almost done with book 1!! :)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


I just want to say I'm really enjoying your BDB week!

I only wish I had already read the books. I feel like I'm missing something. Only one remedy, read the books. Hope they come in soon!

I think you're going to need a vacation after this!

Relax and rejuvenate! But the reviews are great!

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Watch out, Charlotte's all fired up!! LOL! :)

This, WOW, I didn't even think of it but I totally agree with it:"To me, she doesn't have to do a damn thing to earn V, and that irritated me as well." Your right, Neither V or Jane really had to work for their romance... Hmmm...fascinating cause you're totally right! Wrath and Beth, Rhage and Mary, Z and Bella, and Butch and Marissa ALL had to work for the romance or work past some or many road blocks to fall in love. Great point.

Another point that I didn't think about:"It was a BDSM scenes, with V putting himself out, and Jane eating it up." Thinking back, I can see how my yearning for V to get on that table and "take it" possibily overshadowed the point that your making and now I can totally see that. Jane was definitely an "oh, no, but I'm seriously intrigued" kinda girl and I suppose, for me, I liked that. I wanted to see V take control and Jane to love it. But your also right in that there was no give from Jane. It was all take.

Man oh man, Charlotte!!! You've opened my eyes to a lot of areas that I didn't even think about before.... Damn, I have no rebuttal to your arguement and amazingly, I find myself agreeing with you and even seeing Jane a little differently.

Although I did see a give back in the emotion area. Especially once V is gone and Jane can't identify the source of her tears and God when he comes back...magic. I believed in her love for V....but WOW, I'm totally contemplating your side too.

And for the record, I don't think you're being harsh at all in terms of Jane. I think your back up support of your declaration prove that you've given her a lot of thought and your arguements are more than sound. Truly, I'm in awe cause you've tweaked some of my thoughts and beliefs. You've opened new dimensions to Jane's character to me.

And like you when I cried at the end, I cried more for V then Jane. This novel was really about V for me....

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

You are Blanche!! OMG how are you likin' it????? You gotta spill!!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Dottie!

I really can't wait until you can discuss the Brothers with me. YAY!!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Barbara, the end of 'Becoming Jane'! *sobbing* I hate tragic endings!!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, first off, Becoming Jane...bawh!!! Oh, I cried like a baby. I loved the male character! I can't remember his name off hand.

Wow back at you! I didn't want to change the way you looked at Jane! lol! To be honest, I had planned a re-read of of V's book, looking to see if I would change my initial (hostile) reaction to Jane. lol!

I'll specfically look out for her emotional give. If you've seen it, it'll be there. It will be up to me to find it!

I will say though, that the book was well written, and what I love about her, is that the brothers always consistent in their personality. She's got them down pat, and I love that.

Now, that said, I have some major love for Phury, but man, oh man.....I'll see ya tomorrow!

VampFanGirl said...

I believe you're thinking of Mr. Le Froy, Charlotte. *wink* I'm still sniffling over the HEA!! Oh, the humanity!! James McAvoy is amazing. I still haven't seen that movie...oh crap what was the name.... Crap! I can't remember. Anway, I need to see the movie that I can't for the life of me remember!!

LOL, you haven't changed my view of her but you've widen my view of her so to speak.

Phury....*ducks head*, I've got no love for Phury. But I look forward to hearing your thoughts though. :)

Lea said...

Yikes, and Gulp!!!

Mandi said...

Really great review! I am such a V girl. I really enjoyed his book - I like Jane, I just had someone different pictured in my mind for V at the beginning. I don't know..someone a little sillier and girly. However, at one point in the book he looks at her and says something like - your brain is so sexy, or something about her being so sexy because she is smart. And then I kind of got it. He needs someone like her..someone that can spar mentally with him.

I didn't love her being turned into a ghost..but reading the desperation he went through trying to get her back...that was amazing and it all worked out in the end.

I Heart Book Gossip said...

I think in the end, the scribe virgin love her son and would have brought the sun adn moon for him is she had too. Hence the Ghost of Jane. But still I mean sex with a ghost? Really! Like For reals.

Amanda said...

Hey VFG!

Sorry I missed the reviews till now! I had no access!!! Wow all of the reviews are fantastic, can't wait to see the review of Lover Enshrined the one that many felt changed the series completly and had alot of issues with.

Love reading your reviews!! You write so well!

As for the ending of the book, I did feel dissatisfied with the end for Jane because I felt like V and Jane deserved a break and a chance to be normal. I was sooooo upset when I thought one of the brothers had lost his mate especially V! But I guess in the end he got his HEA, but I think that may have been that Ward didn't believe that the series would go on as long as it has/will and she may have not thought the whole human mating thing out completly and had to find some way of ending it the way she wanted but also a way that the readers would accept somewhat too.

Am I making any sense? I think maybe not darn that three hour lecture I just sat through!!

Can't wait for the next installment!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Mandi!

Oh definitely, V really needed someone equal to his mental plane and Jane certainly fit that necessity.

That's how I saw it too. V is so desperate to have Jane back that the new ghostly qualities to her don't matter. He still loves her completely.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Morning I Heart Book Gossip!

LOL, Jane does become completely solid when she's touching V. There's a moment in LEn where JM observes that when Jane is concentrating, she looks like everyone else. When she's not working for her corporeal form, than she becomes transparent. But I agree that it definitely takes some getting used to. :)

Happy BDB Week!
;) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Amanda!

Happy to hear that the internet is up and workin' for you agian! YAY!

*blushing* Thanks for the praise. I hope you like the review for LEn. I only concentrated on Phury and Cormia though...

You make a good point about how you wanted V to have a chance to be normal because he's always been the freak of the race and now he has a ghost for a mate?!? I totally get that side and my heart does break for V in that context.

BTW, you're making total sense and I agree that Ward did develop some pretty strict rules to her BDB series. I'm sure many paranormal authors cry over the rules they've imposed and once published, they're sealed.

:) VFG

SinlessTouch said...
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