BDB Week! Day 4 - Review: Lover Revealed

Review: Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other - six vampire warriors, defenders of their race.
Now, an ally of the Black Dagger Brotherhood will face the challenge of his life and the evil of the ages.

Butch O'Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard living, ex-homicide cop, he's the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world- to engage in the turf war with the lessers. He's got nothing to lose. His heart belongs to a female vampire, an aristocratic beauty who's way out of his league. If he can't have her, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers...

Fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, found by a miracle, the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back, though even her love may not be enough to save him...

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 4

I feel compelled to admit that I wasn't looking forward to Butch's book. I wanted the next BDB installment, but I was a bit disappointed that Butch would be next. You see, I wanted Vishous. I wanted to read his story so bad that it hurt. I remember that in my incessant scavenges of the Internet for anything BDB, I ran across a 40 page excerpt of 'Lover Revealed' prior to it's release. I was so excited and overwhelmed at the discovery that it took me several minutes before I was calm enough to read. But that surprise would soon look small in comparison. No sooner had I started reading when my mouth dropped open and I emitted what can only be described as a shrieking yelp when I discovered that Ward opened V's POV to readers. Finally I could read what MY hero was thinking and feeling and O-M-G!! I fell so deep and so hard that I worried for my own survival.

While 'Lover Revealed' is undoubtedly Butch and Marissa's book, I'm not going to review their romance. I'm banking on the fact that many of you have already devoured the BDB series and are merely reading these reviews to get into the mood for 'Lover Avenged'. What I'll be reviewing is the brutally hot romance between Butch and Vishous. I'm doing this for so many reasons which I'll unveil at the end of this review.

Butch, a.k.a. Brian O'Neal, a.k.a. the Cop, is a human sucked into the vampire world with the only form of escape being death. He knows too much and he's been around too long for a mind scrub to be effective. Butch is alright with this set up though, at least in the beginning. There was nothing left to live for in his old life anyway. Besides, for the first time he has real friends and a female vampire that holds his heart whether she wants it or not. But his true motivator to stay with the Black Dagger Brotherhood is Vishous, genius male vampire extraordinaire, and his Pit roommate.

But lately Butch can't stand the sight of himself. Dressed nightly in thousands of dollars of couture clothing, driving a tricked out Escalade, and living in a mansion may appeal to the lazy but all Butch can think about is what a moocher he is off the Brotherhood. He makes no real contribution except to investigate the occasional vampire/lesser crime scene but the vampires won't let him in on any real action. Every night they gear up to fight and protect their race while Butch waits on the sidelines. He's tired of it. He wants a purpose especially since the female vampire of his dreams, Marissa, wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

It's funny how sometimes you get exactly what you wish for. Taken by lessers and visited by their creator, the Omega, Butch is tortured within an inch of his death and left for the Brotherhood to find in the rural forests surrounding Caldwell, New York. But for Butch, at this point, death would be preferable. The Omega inserted a piece of himself into Butch's belly. The putrid evil that now infects him is the most vile feeling he's ever experienced. Butch only prays that he dies before the Brotherhood finds him.

Vishous is a cold and unfeeling SOB. The males respect him and the females fear him. Cursed with not only the ability of precognition and the reading of minds but also with a glowing hand that ignites anything it touches. But in the last nine months of his three hundred years, something has changed for V. For the first time in his life he cares for another. Butch has become his best friend, the one person he'd do anything for. And when the Brotherhood realizes that Butch is missing, it's V that finds him. Earlier he'd fed Butch some of his blood, which is forbidden for it can be deadly, after a vision so that he'd be able to find him. Locating his blood like a beacon of light, V finds Butch naked, beaten, near death and stinking of lessers.

Finally having a use for his cursed hand for something other than destruction, V is instructed by the Scribe Virgin to use his glowing palm to rid Butch of the black infection growing from his belly. The healing will take time with several moments where V will have to place his palm on Butch's belly until the blackness is completely eradicated by the light. But Butch doesn't want to be healed. The need for the end is overwhelming. Grim thoughts of the past suffocate his mind. The one woman he wants won't have him and he doesn't blame her. Marissa is too good for him by far. He's done. Taking out his IV, Butch welcomes the dark.

Vishous feels a bit crazed since finding Butch after thinking the worst. He's worried that with this whole mess, his mind has become unhinged somehow. Unfamiliar emotions roll through his soul and all he can think is that he'll be in a very bad way if Butch dies. Knowing that Butch has lost the fight to live he does the one thing that's sure to bring back his roommate. V calls Marissa. She can save Butch like no one else.

Quarantined due to the infection, Vishous goes to do his healing bit on Marissa and Butch. But as he takes a glance at the camera monitors before entering, he find himself cemented where he stopped. Inside Butch and Marissa are moving and stroking against one another making his skin hot and his thoughts strange.

As she scored him with her nails, Butch's head lifted, no doubt to let out a moan.
Jesus, V could just hear the sound....Yeah...he could hear it. And from out of nowhere an odd yearning feeling flickered through him. Shit. What exactly in this scenario did he want?
Butch's head dropped back down onto Marissa's neck, and his hips started to surge and retract, then surge again. His spine undulated and his heavy shoulders shrugged and released as he found a rhythm that made V blink really quick. And then not at all.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

Vishous isn't necessarily jealous of Marissa. He truly wants Butch to have the female that he craves and at this point he still doesn't understand his feelings for Butch. They're intense but it's always been in the way of friends but now...he's beginning to wonder.

After another fall out with Marissa, Butch is released from the vampire clinic and his first night back on the town he makes a pretty strange discovery. He can sense lessers. They draw him like a moth to a flame and he can't refuse their call. But he has no wish to join their cause. He wishes to destroy them and an unfamiliar instinct takes over. A hypnotic connection between Butch and lesser takes place. As Butch breathes in he begins so siphon the essence of the lesser into his body. After which the vile blackness that he felt after being rescued resumes it's hold. Weak and smelling once again of lessers, Butch panics and turns to V for help.

Butch and his lesser obsession isn't the only thing plaguing V. His visions have dried up. Despite the freak symbol that the visions painted on his back, there is some comfort to knowing what's ahead. It's not always what he wants to know but at least he can prepared. V can't help but feel twitchy over the uncertainty of what's to come. Frankly, he's terrified.

Again, Butch wants out. For real this time. He's a human living a vampire world. Wanting Marissa is killing him. He can feel her need to feed and it's destroying him that he can't be the one that provides for her. Despite the fact that V says that the feeding doesn't have to be sexual, Butch is having none of that. Marissa at another males neck is a thought that he can't even tolerate much less allow in reality. He can't continue to hold her back. Butch will face death to get away from the feelings of worthlessness. Either the Brotherhood lets him go back into the real world where he belongs, or he'll stand quietly for his death. Either way, he's gone. But V thinks there's another way. Butch has already exhibited traits that pertain exclusively to the vampire race. He's emitting a bonding scent and he was affected by Bella during her needing. Plus he's seriously aggressive.V suspects that Butch is a half-breed that never transitioned. This happens sometimes when the human genes are more dominant.

It's called an ancestor regression where V channels the curse of his palm to the DNA level. If the genes are there, V may be able to turn Butch.

Clearance is given by the Scribe Virgin and V performs the ancestor regression. Sure enough, it turns out that Butch is Wrath's cousin. No one's more relived at the news than Butch. Finally he can belong. But the real test is yet to come. V will have turn him now and the chances of death are sky high. Deep slices are cut into his wrists and the gurney Butch is strapped to, tilts so that the blood will flow faster out of his body.

Someone grabbed his ankles and he jerked in surprise...but it was just Wrath. And the king held him as V tilted the table even more so the blood ran out even faster. Then Vishous came around and gently eased Butch's arms off the table so they were hanging down. Closer to the drain.
"V?" Butch said. "Don't leave, okay?"
"Never." V brushed Butch's hair back with a gesture so tender is was out of place coming from a male.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

Once Butch's heart slows to near stopping, V shoves a syringe of Wrath's blood into Butch's heart. He's then shocked with a defibrillator. Breathing deeply, Butch soon latches savagely onto Marissa's wrist nearly draining her dry if Beth hadn't been there to take over. V helps her heal but it's Butch he's thinking about as he laves Marissa's bloody wrist with his tongue.

And suddenly, time stopped for V in spite of the load he was holding back. He stared at Marissa's perfect profile as he licked the chewed mess of her wrist, sealing the wounds, easing the pain of them, starting the healing process. Compelled by something he didn't want to name, he ran his tongue over her skin again and again, tasting both her blood and...Butch's mouth.
Vishous repeated the licking more times than he had to. And on the last swipe, when he knew that had to stop because he'd gone over the line already...when he knew he was going to lose control of Wrath unless he paid attention...on the last swipe, he looked out at Butch. And pressed his lips against the skin at his mouth in a kiss.
He had the strangest feeling he was saying good-bye to his roommate.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

And here's another one cause it's hilarious!

V was halfway down the hall when he heard a yelp. He hightailed it back, barging through the door. "What? What's -"
"I'm going bald!"
V whipped back the shower curtain and frowned. "What are you talking about? You've still got your hair-"
"Not my head! My body, you idiot! I'm going bald!"
Vishous glanced down. Butch's torso and legs were shedding, a rush of dark brown fuzz pooling around the drain.
V started laughing. "Think of it this way. At least you won't have to worry about shaving your back as you get old, true? No manscaping for you."
He was not surprised when a bar of soap came firing at him.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

With Butch's transition comes the need of the Brotherhood. They want him on the closed door meetings they have. Finally, he's starting to belong. Strapped in leathers, Butch heads out on a trial run to see how he does up against the lessers. V wants him involved even though Marissa is dead against Butch joining the Brotherhood as a member. But as life starts looking up for Butch, it's V that starts developing the death wish.

Seeing Butch and Marissa together is beginning to have a dire effect on Vishous. He's happy for them but being around them and their happiness is killing him.

The thing was...although it was totally inappropriate and creeped him out, he thought of Butch as...his. He'd brought that man into the world. He'd lived with him for months. He'd gone out to get the guy after the lessers had done their business all over him. And he'd healed him.
And it had been his hands that had turned him.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

Now, glowing from head to toe as if his cursed palm had consumed his entire body, V stands on the balcony swaying over a million feet to his death. And that's how Butch finds him. But Vishous doesn't want to die. As much as he's hating life right now, he doesn't want to die over it. To Butch it appears as though he's leaped off the balcony but V actually dematerializes and shows up behind Butch. Falling into his arms, V crys his heart out. Cries over the love that he knows is wrong and can't have. He cries over Butch.

It's Butch who realizes that he's holding a naked and glowing V and amazingly he's not a crispy critter! How can this be? Come to find out, the vision that V had of him and Butch wrapped around each other was Prophesying this. Vishous is the light to Butch's dark. His glow will take away the black essence of the lessers that Butch consumes. They are two halves of one whole. The Destroyer has come.

Once again Marissa is pissed. She was mad when Butch wanted to do the ancestor regression. She was mad when Butch wanted to go through with the change. And now she's mad that he wants to join the Brotherhood in the fight against the lessers. Whatever, back to Butch and V.

Being inducted into the Brotherhood requires permission of the Scribe Virgin and a sponsor. Vishous is Butch's sponsor. He's the one that petitions the Scribe Virgin for Butch's induction. In order to become a full member, Butch must become flesh of the Brothers flesh by a blood exchange. Each Brother approaches Butch who is standing naked with his back to a wall and his hands outstretched, clasping two pegs. Each one will score his wrist, drip blood onto a skull, then bite Butch's neck and lastly fist him hard in the chest with a barbed glove. At the end, Butch will drink the mixed blood of the Brothers' from the skull, thus becoming their flesh.

Then it was V's turn.
Vishous came up onto the dias, his eyes down. He accepted the silver glove from Z and slipped it over the black leather he already wore on his hand. Then he scored himself with a quick flash of the black blade and stared at the skull as his blood dripped down into the basin, joining the others'.
"My flesh," he whispered.
He seemed to hesitate before turning to Butch. Then he pivoted and their eyes met. As candlelight flickered over V's hard face and got caught in his diamond irises, Butch felt his breath get tight: At that moment, his roommate looked as powerful as a god...and maybe even beautiful.
Vishous stepped in close and slid his hand from Butch's shoulder to the back of his neck. "Your flesh," V breathed. Then he paused, as if asking for something.
Without thinking, Butch tilted his chin up, aware that he was offering himself, aware that he...oh, fuck. He stopped his thoughts, completely weirded out by the vibe that had sprung up from God only knew where.
In slow motion Vishous's dark head dropped down and there was a silken brush as his goatee moved against Butch's throat. With delicious precision, V's fangs pressed against the vein that ran up from Butch's heart, then slowly, inexorably, punched through skin. Their chests merged.
Butch closed his eyes and absorbed the feel of it all, the warmth of their bodies so close, the way V's hair felt soft on his jaw, the slide of a male arm as it slipped around his waist. On their accord, Butch's hands left the pegs and came to rest on V's hips, squeezing that hard flesh, bringing them together from head to foot. A tremor went through one of them. Or maybe...shit, it was more like they both shuddered.
And then it was done. Over with. Never to happen again.

Lover Revealed © J.R. Ward

I seriously lived and breathed for Butch and Vishous in 'Lover Revealed' and I think my dislike for Marissa is pretty obvious. She was the most unsporting heroine. Doesn't she realize that Butch needs to belong? Needs a place in her world? Crazy female. She does realize the error of her ways but it was Vishous who was with Butch from the beginning. He's the one that brought back Butch's need to live by turning him. If Marissa had her way, Butch would still be a human and still on the sidelines. Once again, crazy female!

So why didn't Ward have Butch end up with V? Wow, this a question that's still being debated on Message Boards and Yahoo Groups. Even Barbara and I have discussed the issue at severe length. I think it really comes down to the fact that Butch and V clearly had better chemistry than Butch and Marissa. Unfortunately, Ward backed herself into a corner by introducing Marissa to Butch in 'Dark Lover'. During my several years of lurking on the BDB boards I've garnered a lot of information into the whole Butch/V dynamic. There is the argument that due to the fact that Ward was initially only contracted for the first three Brother books and she didn't in all likelihood believe that she'd be contracted for any more, that the Brothers went in a direction that wasn't completely planned out. She's even said that Zsadist's book wasn't supposed to be number three in the series but because she didn't believe her series would be hit, she decided to move Z up because she simply had to write his story. With these thoughts in mind I think things became written in stone that might not have necessarily been completely thought out at the time.

Then there is an arguement to that arguement. If Ward did back herself into a corner, and Butch must end up with Marissa at this point, why did she fan the flames between V and Butch? Good question really. One with a variety of answers I think. Maybe Ward has plans for other male characters (Qhuinn and Blaylock) and she wanted to test reader reaction. Or, when you think about Vishous, he's never EVER had a connection, well an emotional connection, with another person. Butch was his first. His feelings, while very strong, are also very new and he attributes them to attraction.

What it ultimately comes down to is that Butch and V's romance greatly overshadows Marissa. Ward may have taken it a bit too far with these Brothers. Am I angry about that? Hell No!. I loved it! Would I have liked to see Butch and V get it on. Oh God, would I ever! But I also really like Jane...

Arguement to Be Continued....

A for V and Butch, C- for Butch and Marissa

Have you read any books where you thought the hero or heroine should have been with someone other than the authors choice? Would you have liked Butch to end up with Vishous? Or did you like Marissa?


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Wow, I'm first here again???? What does tell you about my hussy factor! lol!

Ok. Like you I wasn't eager for Butch. He was a human, and his name...Butch..ah, no. Wasn't doing it for me. I liked him well enough, but more as secondary character fodder, ya know?

I was eager for V. I love him. Sexy, cerebral and kick ass. I also liked the whole m/m vibe that was very palpable in Z's book.

All in all, I liked Butch's book because we got to see more of the vampire world, and I thought the opportunity to see a brotherhood induction was abosolutely fabulous and arousing.

There is no denying that Butch's loves scenes were HAWT! OMG. and he's a talker. I love that during love scenes (blush)

I liked Marissa, I got where she was coming from, essentially a very sheltered world with a hierarchy and a protocol for everything. I also liked him and V together, and I absolutely loved the whole voyeur scene with V watching Butch and Marissa.

I didn't love him like I did Rhage. But it was good, and I've even re-read parts of its (hussy I am, it was the love scenes, and the scenes between him and V!)

Now, don't even get me started on Jane...grrrr.....

Barbara said...

"You see, I wanted Vishous. I wanted to read his story so bad that it hurt."

Oh, girl, that was sooooo me!!!

Listen, even if Ward was to eventually make a m/m romance it isn't the same. The chemistry she created between Butch & V was electrical. I remember reading and telling myself, no, you WANT Butch to end up with Marissa. He loves Marissa. Or does he?

Then when I read that scene where Butch makes love to Marissa in the hospital while V watched...oh, man. OH MAN! I fell in love with V. He sheltered his emotions so well, and to be given just a glimpse inside his head--LOVED IT.

V is my ultimate favorite of the brothers. He's just such a powerful, don't take no crap male. And bottom line is although I can believe--for reasons you mentioned about Ward setting herself up in early books--that Butch loved Marissa, but I don't believe for one minute he didn't love V as well.

As for V, ugh, just ugh. I'm not even going there now since you'll be reviewing his book tomorrow. Let's just say I wasn't a fan of Jane. *unsheathes claws* lol.

Barbara said...

BTW, great review!!!!

Anna said...

Another great review! Although I like Marissa I was so all for Butch and Vishous. :D

Mandi said...

I as well was not looking forward to Butch's book...I am a V girl, and I wanted his book! But just like you..I fell in love with Butch - partly because I just love the way he found a family and his smart-ass mouth..but also because he loves Vishous. OMG - I was (and still am) begging for them to get together. I like Marissa..I understand the reasons for the way she acted..the way she was raised, being tied to Wrath for all of those years, having Havers as a are not going to want the man of your dreams to be risking his life every night..she wanted a man to herself for once...but damn do I want her out of the picture:) Jane..she can go to. I actually like Marissa much more than Jane..but we can talk about her tomorrow:)

This turned out being one of my favorite books of the series. At the end when Butch becomes an official brother..that was hot.

Blodeuedd said...

I am back again :D
And yes I wanted V and Butch together, there was a scene in this or V's book that made me melt and I saw the beauty in them and I so wanted them together.

And as you saw the last book I read I wantd the heroine with someone else

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Charlotte! You hussy!! :)

Yeah, I have to agree, the name not workin' for me. The human aspect didn't bother me so much but you like you, I enjoyed him on the sidelines, not center stage.

I loved the Brotherhood induction. It seems to me that what turns me on to Ward so much is how not only the Brothers themselves are sexual but that the society is as well. Must drink from the oppisite sex. The Brotherhood and it's rules appear sexual to me. The induction, Rhage's rythe in the Cave. Every moment these huge sexual men are together...DAMN it's sex overload in my brain!

I was going to try to type out something that I liked about Marissa but I just didn't like her. And I didn't like Butch and Marissa's sex scenes...Well except for the one where Marissa feeds from Butch in the backseat of the SUV. That was pretty hot.

Uh oh, Charlotte, you don't like Jane?

:) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Sorry, nope, hate Jane in fact! I'm at work tomorrow so I'll be missing out on the V and Jane train! lol!

Really? You didn't like the scenes between Butch and Marissa? I actually really liked them. I forgot about that scene in the SUV! I might have to go back and read it!

And I know what you mean about all that brotherhood testosterone! I love that, and sensuality of the world. How you described it just perfect, btw!!!!

So, now how many of us are suffering from BSB (Brotherhood Sex Brain!)

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Barbara!

I agree, Butch may love Marissa but he loves Vishous too. And totally, the chemistry between the two males was uber electrical. I loved 'Lover Revealed' for that. If there had been no romance between Butch and V, I wouldn't have liked the novel.

Ah man! Another Jane hater?!? You guys are gonna hate me....

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Anna!

HI Mandi! LOL, you and me both Girl! I'd still be first in line for the hook up of Butch and V. The pictures in my head are extremely X-rated. :)

I liked Butch. I loved his dynamic with V and I felt that he deserved to belong. I didn't like Marissa trying to hold him back from his dreams. She of all people should have wanted Butch to have what he desired. Her anger made me angry with her. And Vishous was there for Butch like Marissa should have been but wasn't. That is why I don't like her along with lots of little things.

DAMN! Another Jane hater?!? I'm so getting stoned tomorrow...sigh.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Blodeuedd! I have some excerpts of V and Butch in my review of 'Lover Unbound'. I thought the romance between the two males got even hotter in V's book. :) Maybe one will be the one that your melting over.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Charlotte! I'm so sufferin' from BSB!! :)

I didn't like the Butch and Marissa love scenes because well...Ward went on A LOT on the boards about how HOT Butch's book was and how he constantly made her blush. And this is right after the extreme hotness that was Z's book which I at the time, didn't think it could get any hotter. I think what happened was that I went into LR with high expectations. I was prepared to be blowed away by the love scenes and I just wasn't...This may have been because I wasn't feelin' Marissa AT ALL. I really didn't like the scene where Butch was drunk and he takes Marissa's virginity. But the SUV scene like I said before, Smokin' HOT!

Well, I suppose it's obvious that I'm in the minority. I loved Jane and I thought she was perfect for Vishous. I'd love to see a three-way with Butch, V and Jane. That could be sooooo hot. I'd want Jane to direct Butch and V first and then I want the two males to completely dominate her afterward. Reminding her that she was only given that moment of dominance but in truth, she has none.

:) VFG

Barbara said...

Ugh, Jane was just so not for V IMO. Uh uh no way. I can't wait to see how you perceived her character.

VampFanGirl said...

Hmmmm....yes, it shall be very interesting...

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, I'll meet you half way, VFG, I'd like to see Butch and V, and Marissa. I think V could really bring something out of Marissa, plus I think it could be uber hot for V to experience what Butch does out of Marissa.

As for Jane. I just wasn't into her. I thought she was wrong for V. In all aspects. But then, to be completely honest, Jane reminded me of a Doc I work with and I can't stand that doctor! So, I was pretty much prejudiced right from the moment Jane opened her mouth.

But that's just me, and it doesn't mean that I love you any less because you like Jane...but Jane...for real? lol!

VampFanGirl said...

Hmmmm....Charlotte, I think I'm feelin' your thoughts on Butch, V and Marissa. You're probably right, V could get something out of her that would be veeerrryyy interesting to read. Hmmm.... My mind is so in the gutter right now... Oh yeah, very very dirty. LOL! BSB baby, it's the BSB.

Well, if you didn't like Doc Jane in reality then I can understand why you didn't like her in fiction. I just really really loved her and I'll go into detail about it tomorrow but really, that girl did it for me. She just has my complete respect and I loved her dynamic with V. I guess I want both. I want Butch to be with V and V to be with Jane....

Lea said...

Hi VampFanGirl!

Wonderful thorough review of "Lover Revealed".

I always find it so interesting that different readers are rewarded with different perspectives from reading a novel.

Why am I saying this?

Well, I gleaned something very different from the narrative of this novel. If you like sometime we can chat about it, but I don't want to create any angst here.

I just never saw the relationship dynamic and character development very differently. I have to preface this by emphasizing, that neither your view nor mine are wrong, just different. lol

Anyway, once again, well done.

Thanks for sharing. If you want to chat further, let me know. :)

By the way I've never visited Ms. Ward's board so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know.

Warmest Regards

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Lea! I'm totally interested in what your thoughts are about 'Lover Revealed'.

I too enjoy and I'm also fascinated by other readers' perspectives of novels. Barbara and I are always going back in forth on how we see things differently at times. Even when we both love the novel, we still see the characters and their motivations so differently.

I don't believe you'd start any angst on the blog but I'll totally email you to get your thoughts on LR.

Thanks for enjoying the review!

(((hugs))) VFG

P.S. the Boards can be pretty interesting and pretty dull too. But one can learn a lot about Ward though and her motives for the BDB. But there's a lot of crap too.

Anna said...

I've always liked Butch. Except for when he was being an ass in Dark Lover. :)

But I have to say when book 4 was announced I wanted it to be V's book not Butch's. LOL!

Charlotte Featherstone said... know it. I'm just imagining what it could be like for the three of them, and just what the heck V could pull out of Marissa and claim for his own with that crafty brain of his. Plus, I'm thinking that the testosterone,and the possessiveness would be so sexually explosive and raw...

Ok, I need a fan

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Anna! Your thoughts certainly aren't in the minority here. The waiting for V was more than difficult.

Yeah, Butch was definitely in a bad way in 'Dark Lover'. I actually enjoyed his abrasivness in DL. He was on the extreme side of aggressive. He had a death wish even then too, didn't he?

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

LOL Charlotte, I keep a large stock pile of fans in the blog's stock room. There's everything from small hand helds to giant hurricane makers. Take your pick.

:) VFG

Lea said...

Hey There VFG:

I just e-mailed you! Thanks for your interest! ;)

Warm Regards

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey VFG..

My least favorite brother, I didn't like him when he was introduced and i still don't like him now that he is a paid up member of the brotherhood.

Don't even get me started on Marissa - she is just hhhhggghhhh.. words fail me. i must admit though, i liked the scene with her and Rehvenge (but that was all down to Rehvenge).

The plus as Charlotte said is that we got a more indepth info on the brotherhood, which was good.

While the M/M aspect of it was HAWT, i discounted that from the first moment - i just never got the feel that the book was ever going to go that way, the brotherhood had never roll that way and i could never see it. I am looking forward to where Ward goes with John Matthews friend..

I had to read the book - i'm not silly i had to know what was going on along with millions of other people.. But really i didn't like neither Butch nor Marissa.

Wonderful commentary on the books.

I'll rant again tomorrow, another brother that Ward did not do right by... The Lucious Vischous...


VampFanGirl said...

Hi E.H.!!

Yup, I feel your pain of Butch and Marissa. Sometimes I wonder if he just had a different name...the name really bugs me.

Oh gosh, I'm so rooting for an m/m BDB novel. I'm hoping that since Blaylock is now somewhat out of the closet and the fact that he's supposed to be getting his own book, that Ward will really explore it. And I hope to God that she doesn't close the door on the bed room antics. Oh man, that would really piss me off!

I'm so going to be tar and feathered tomorrow...

:) VFG

Skye said...


Thanks for all your hard work, wonderful review and discussion points.

I so appreciated that you focused on Butch and V since like most here, V just does it for me. I did feel a bit dissatisfied with no true Butch and V pairing, but I found solace with Butch and Marissa by recalling her long arduous journey with Wrath. My BDB infatuation started with a chance listen of Lover Unbound, once I got past the unusual names and dialect I was hooked by the brothers’ camaraderie. The next day I was at the bookstore, flipping through Ward’s insider guide thinking what crazy person would buy this and the next thing I knew I walking out with every BDB book available (including the insider guide) and Dark Lover on order. I spent the next week devouring each one and at the end I still thought V was as delicious as ever (though JM is also very near and dear to me.) At this point, like many here, I still feel jilted about Butch and V, but it taught me not to get too invested in the possibility of Qhuinn and Blaylock.

Finally, for completeness, in regards to other authors who in my opinion took a wrong turn: Kitty and Ben in Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty series. I will always think Kitty should be with Cormac (Ben and Kitty just feel forced and bored with each other).

Thanks again!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Skye! Thank you so much for enjoying the reviews. :)

I'm so with you, the Brothers camradarie is really magical. I've always found male relationships to be interesting and I've almost been envious of their friendships. It's so different from woman. I myself have very few female friends. Mainly cause woman take effort. You can't become immersed in your seperate lives and still remain good friends. Men on the other hand can go years without seeing on another but when meeting again, they immediately resume the best of friends relationship. Not fair.

I agree the possiblity of Qhuinn hooking up with Blaylock will not happen. For one main stand out reason too. They're each supposed to get their own books. :) But Blaylock is out of the closet, somewhat, and like I mentioned in another comment. I just hope that Ward doesn't close the door on the bedroom antics...

Thanks for answering the question. I haven't read this series but it pops up on my Amazon Recommendations ALL the time. I'll check it out.

:) VFG

Blodeuedd said...

Perhaps I could have liked Butch but the name, nope didn't do it for me. And him and Marissa was kind of..not that interested. It could have been the intensity after Z's book, but no.

Oh and I am not that keen on Jane either, so I do wonder what we'll read tomorrow about her

VampFanGirl said...

What's up Blodeuedd!!

Yeah, seriously the name sucked. Butch. Yup, I never liked it and it always put me off somehow.

Poor Jane, I think she's only going to get some lovin' from me. :)


Lea said...

Hey VFG!

Okay, so I thought I'd post my view of the story, since you were kind enough to e-mail and express support.

So here it is (for what it's worth - lol).

I think the book was about the evolution of Butch and Marissa's characters. Yes there was the love story, but as part of that their characters were evolved into strong independent people (vamps). Marissa was forced to give up dependency on her asshole, bigot aristocratic brother Havers, and in fact became an independent female with a career. As Rehvenge put it after her historic intervention and vote and usurping control of the council meeting, "Hot damn, girl. You are so the shit."

And, Butch's character went through a physical as well as psychological/emotional metamorphosis. He became aware of his parental heritage and why he was treated so horribly as a child. Again, his character went from one of dependency to being independent and an important member of the brotherhood.

I also liked the glimpse into the strength of Wrath and Beth's bond when she gave Butch blood during his change. I thoroughly enjoyed "Dark Lover", and it was an emotional portion of the story to see Wrath's total soul deep love for Beth. However, I have to preface that by saying Beth is a favorite of mine amongst the "shellans" in the books.

As for the Butch/Vishous relationship. I guess, yes because of Vishous' history of abuse and past bisexual experience it was there. However, I saw it more as a strong caring friendship between the two characters. And, because Ward wrote in the sub-plot about the Omega and Butch being the "Dystroyer" or whatever (I can't remember the name he was given), she set up almost a symbiosis between the two him and Vishous.

I have to say, I liked "Lover Revealed", more than "Lover Awakened". I found "Zsadist's" character extremely annoying. The other thing is I saw a couple of interviews with J.R. Ward and she admitted Zsadist was her favorite, which was obvious.

Anyway thanks VFG.

Warm Regards

Blanche said...

Wow VFG you've done such a fantastic job with your reviews!! As you know I went book shopping and ended up with all 6 books last night and I'm thrilled to have them!! :)

thanks for all your hard work putting this all together!

Blodeuedd said...

Be sure to give her a lot of love then :)

I guess I could have liked her but the *coughs and whispers...the end*
Nope didn't like that, and for some reason that ruined her a bit for me.

And what was she thinking with that name!?

VampFanGirl said...

YAY Lea! Thank you so much for sharing your opinions with your comment. Now allow me to post my return email comments. One moment...

I totally, and completely AGREE with everything you just wrote with regards to Butch, Vishous, and Marissa. As you'll see in my quasi-review of 'Lover Unbound' (it's, again, a little different from normal cause I really wanted to talk V and Jane, and even Butch) But I also think that there would be no future for V and Butch and I say as much in my review of LU. I truly feel that it was a set up to open V's heart. If it wasn't for Butch, he'd never be open to a relationship. But all that for later. :)

I really loved how you laid out the progression of both Butch and Marissa's evolution from dependency to two self-assured independent individuals. And I view them the same way. But for me, Butch and V's dynamic was just more interesting.

BTW, I truly admire your thought process with Butch and Marissa. Your writing is beautiful and you make it very easy to understand. Very concise. Thank you.

(((hugs))) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Thank you Blanche!!!

I freakin' died of laughter and happiness when I saw your post with the Brother books all lined up. LOL! Priceless!



VampFanGirl said...

Oh Blodeuedd, I'll be talkin' about that ending. I have some things to say in regards to that and I hope you and everyone else will discuss the outcome with me. It'll definitely be a spoiler rich review. Which reminds me, I need to put up a warning....

Totally, what was Ward thinkin' with that name??? Butch? YUCK!

:) VFG

Lea said...

Thank you so much VFG!

Sorry, misfire with previous comment. As is usual, my fingers were typing faster than my brain was functioning....

I'll look forward to your thoughts with respect to "Lover Unbound", tomorrow.

BTW, I didn't have an issue with Jane's character at all. I like a narrative involving strong women professional's in books.

However, turning her into f__king spook at the end of the novel? I was ripping out pages and spewing profanity!

But I'm sure you will discuss that issue tomorrow.

I hope you are having some downtime with your hubby this weekend!


VampFanGirl said...

LMAO!!! Lea! You had me spewing my soda after reading your comment about Jane becoming a ghost!!!

Oh gosh, tomorrow will definitely be interesting. :)

My weekend, so far has been all about the Brothers. I procrastinated a bit with these last two reviews so I'm actually slaving away at the computer. I hope your weekend is going great though.

:) VFG

Lea said...

Actually I'm working on a review here too!

Yikes... When did blogging become an unpaid job? lolol

Yeah, "spook" Jane floating around giving CPR to unsuspecting vamps. What a way for a brilliant Trauma Surgeon to end up. ::headdesk::

Oh well.... lol

Don't kill yourself there girl. This is supposed to be fun!


VampFanGirl said...

Oh it's still fun. Being couped up with the Brothers isn't so bad plus it's my fault that I put these last reviews off. :)

But hey, I'm obviously not alone.

:) VFG

Lea said...


Nope, I'm right here with you girl. Except I'm cooped up with the sexiest man alive! Not too shabby at all. :)

Warmest regards.


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Sorry I'm so late to the party. I started your review earlier today, but today the kids were volunteering and I got pulled in too many directions and lost the thread of what I was doing!

I absolutely loved V and Butch, I wished it would have been their story. Marissa sounds like a beeatch. Since I haven't read the books, it's hard for me to say, but I trust your opinion. It's not led me wrong yet!

This is the first time I've wanted two heroes to get together, have a happily ever after together. But after reading your review, it just seems right. They were clearly attracted to each other. Maybe this should have been a menage, I think you would have eased the characters into different roles, but logical ones.

Dottie :)
(I'll try to do better tomorrow!)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Dottie! No worries about being late. Life takes pressidence sometimes. :)

Yeah, Marissa wasn't my favorite and I would have definitely loved for Butch and V to get it on. Although I fully contridict myself with my review for 'Lover Unbound'. Jane is an amazing heroine and in my heart, she's the perfect fit for Vishous.

LOL, how funny. 'Lover Revealed' was the first novel that I wanted to male characters to get together too! Truly, there is no other book out there like 'Lover Revealed', IMO. I hope you like it.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

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