BDB Week! Day 2 - Review: Lover Eternal

Review: Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other - six vampire warriors, defenders of their race.
Possessed by a deadly beast, Rhage is the most dangerous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood...

Within the brotherhood, Rhage is the vampire with the
strongest appetites. He’s the best fighter, the quickest to act on his impulses, and the most voracious lover—for inside him burns a ferocious curse cast by the Scribe Virgin. Possessed by this dark side, Rhage fears the times when his inner dragon is unleashed, making him a danger to everyone around him.

Mary Luce, a survivor of many hardships, is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world and reliant on Rhage’s protection. With a life-threatening curse of her own,
Mary is not looking for love. Her faith in miracles was lost years ago. But when
Rhage’s intense animal attraction turns into something more emotional, he knows
that he must make Mary his alone. And while their enemies close in, Mary fights
desperately to gain life eternal with the one she loves…

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 2

I remember when I first discovered the Black Dagger Brotherhood through Amazon. I was so insanely excited for the first three releases and it seemed to take ages before they arrived in the mail. But unlike most readers, it wasn't Zsadist's book that I was in desperate need of, it was Rhage's. I must have read the excerpt on Ward's sight for 'Lover Eternal' a million times. The scene she had posted is the one where Mary and Rhage first meet and he begs her to speak to him, well he really kind of demands it actually. That scene still remains to be one of my favorites in the novel as well as their first date at TGI Fridays. I must have daydreamed about that scene so many times and I nearly know it by heart. I've shamelessly added a ton of quotes to this review because I absolutely love Rhage's words. He's so honest and even brutal at times, but so immeasurably romantic.

Rhage, nicknamed Hollywood because of his stunning good looks, hides a ravenous beast beneath his skin. As penance for his blatant disrespect in his youth, The Scribe Virgin cursed Rhage with a beast that he'll shape-shift into during moments of extreme stress and anger. Sex is the only viable option Rhage has to tame the Beast for however briefly. His gorgeous face and body keeps a steady stream of willing bed partners flowing but unknowingly to his Brothers, Rhage doesn't exactly enjoy all the anonymous and meaningless sex and most times, he just feels dirty. Scared to death that he may one day be the cause of one or all of his Brother's deaths, Rhage tries his best to stay in control and counts down the days till his curse is lifted. The last thing he needs right now is for his Brother V and his gift of foresight proclaiming that a virgin will one day be Rhage's mate. Rhage hopes that day is far in the making.

"I'll tell you this. Your destiny's coming for you. And she's coming soon."
Rhage laughed. "Oh, yeah? What's the female like? I prefer them -"
"She's a virgin."
A chill ran down Rhage's spine and nailed him in the ass.
"You're kidding, right?"
"Look in my eye. Do you think I'm jerking you off?"

Lover Eternal © J.R. Ward

Mary Luce is devastated to learn that a round of blood tests has caused some concern from her doctor and she's been called in to under go more testing. Mary knows that the cancer she fought into recession is back. She can feel it sapping her strength with each passing day and another round of tests will only confirm her suspicion.

Working as an assistant in a law office pays the bills, but what Mary truly finds solace in is volunteering at the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Helping people through their problems relieves the anxiety of dealing with her own. There is one particular caller that has been of interest to her. The person never speaks but Mary can hear their breathing. After leaving the hotline offices and fighting desperately to hold her fear and despair over her hopeless situation at bay, Mary rushes out under the night sky in the backyard of her home. Looking up she sees an emaciated youth standing beside her pool, staring at her with giant sad blue eyes. Instantly the youth reveals that not only can he not talk, but he's also the caller that has been breathing into the phone at the hotline center. His name is John Matthew and his story is more than tragic. But it's Mary's beautiful neighbor, Bella, that notices something very familiar about JM.

Recouping from the another episode with the Beast, Rhage's body and eye sight are more for the worse when he runs unknowingly into Mary. While walking through the underground tunnels of the mansion, he encounters a female human. A female human that shouldn't be there but one that has the most unusual and profound effect on him.

"Say it," he commanded, needing to feel more of what she did to him.
"Fine. Nothing. Nothing." Abruptly she laughed, and the sound shot right through to his spine, burning him. "Nothing, nothing. No-thing. No-thing. Noooooothing. There, is that good enough for you? Will you let me go now?"
She fought against him again, creating a delicious friction between their bodies. And he knew the moment when her anxiety and irritation turned to something hot. He smelled her arousal, a lovely sweetening in the air, and his body answered her call.
He got hard as a diamond.

Lover Eternal © J.R. Ward

Bella, recognizing that John Matthew is a pretrans male vampire, calls the Brotherhood who escorts her, JM, and Mary to the mansion to confirm her suspicions. It's while Mary is in the corridor that the most gorgeous man finds her, traps her body with his and begs her to speak to him. She's overwhelmed instantly by not only her attraction to the man, but also his unbelievable attraction to her. But these memories are not to last. Scrubbed clean of any recollection of her night at the mansion, Mary goes back to her life, blissfully unaware that a male vampire is in lust with her and planning another rendezvous.

Rhage yearns for the human female sexually and demands that Bella set him up with Mary on a date. Mary isn't all that interested in a blind date at this point in her life but Bella hounds her incessantly into complying with her request. But Hal E. Wood certainly isn't what she expected and Mary can't help but feel angry and humiliated that Bella would set her up with him. Gorgeous beyond belief, Mary feels inferior next to Hal's undisputed perfection. There is nothing remotely exceptional about her looks that would inspire a man like Hal to actually have an entire meal with her. She's more than surprised that he didn't take one look at her and leave the restaurant without her ever being the wiser. Mary would be even more surprised to learn Rhage's, AKA Hal E. Wood's, thoughts.

Dear God. Her eyes didn't match the gentle lilt of her voice at all. They belonged to a warrior.
Gunmetal gray, surrounded by lashes the color of her hair, they were grave, serious, reminding him of males who had fought and survived battle. They were staggeringly beautiful in their strength.
His voice vibrated. "I am so going to...have dinner with you."

Lover Eternal © J.R. Ward

Although Mary still doesn't think being in a relationship at this time in her life is anywhere near a good idea, she accepts Hal's invite to join him for dinner again. Amazingly enough, he's providing her a momentary respite from her fears, even if only for a few hours. Meanwhile, Rhage is bonding with Mary despite his determination to stay distant. He's supposed have sex with the female then wipe her memory of him but he just can't bring himself to do it. He's continually convincing himself to wait just a bit longer. Meeting a woman who remembers him feels so warm and good. And while his intention is to get into Mary's pants as soon as possible, he's finding that he doesn't want it to be like all the other times. A quickie in the bathroom or within his trench coat in a hallway. No, he wants no witnesses, and he wants to make love to Mary over and over again until she's immersed so heavily in his bonding sent that no male would dare to come near her. And these thoughts and impulses terrify him.

Unfortunately, after a surprise attack by lessers, Rhage's charade as Hal E. Wood is busted. Mary's purse is stolen by the attackers and Rhage now fears for her life. But Mary isn't scared of Rhage's unveiling of his vampiric nature. It's while Rhage is trapped inside Mary's house after sunrise that the relationship really begins to heat up. Mary still isn't fully convinced though that Rhage wants her and it takes amazingly hot moves on his part until the proof is wholly undeniable. But there is still another complication. Rhage's beast becomes riled when Rhage starts to become unbearably aroused for Mary. He fears that the Beast will break free of his control and that scares him to death.

"I'm not a man, Mary, even though parts of me look like on. What you just had is nothing compared to what I want to do to you. I want my head between your legs so I can lick you until you scream my name. Then I want to mount you like an animal and look into your eyes as I come inside you. And after that? I want to take you every way there is. I want to do you from behind. I want to screw you standing up, against the wall. I want you to sit on my hips and ride me until I can't breathe." His stare was level, brutal in its honesty. "Except none of that's going to happen. If I felt you less, it would be different, easier. But you do something weird to my body, so totally controlled is the only way I can be with you. Otherwise I'm liable to lose it, and the last thing I want to do is scare you the hell out of you. Or worse, hurt you."

Lover Eternal © J.R. Ward

When Mary finally bears herself before Rhage, her shame over her body and the physical reminder of what she suffered from the numerous cancer treatments that left gruesome marks all over her body, is immense. But all Rhage can see is beauty. Beauty so wondrously perfect that he wishes Mary to never be clothed in his presence. He bends forward and pays homage to the evidence of her strength in the battle for her life by plying her body into supple repose as he laves her skin with his lips and tongue. A scene that moved me to tears.

Fearing that Mary's house is no longer safe now that the lessers have her information, Rhage decides to face the wrath of his Brothers and defy orders by bringing Mary to live at the mansion until the threat is neutralized. It is here that Rhage's and Mary's relationship begins to unravel. Rhage's Beast seems to be greatly antagonized by Mary's presence. Wanting to be with Mary but frightened that his Beast will burst free, Rhage leaves for a night on the town with one intention: to have sex with as many woman that it takes to calm the Beast. These scenes are some of the most difficult to read. Rhage's shame is almost tangible as it saturates their burgeoning relationship.

Infidelity and the Beast aren't the only things that Rhage and Mary have to contend with. Mary's health is declining rapidly. Rhage goes berserk at the numerous bruises that arise continually and the fevers are becoming more consistent. Mary is dying. And she doesn't want Rhage to watch as her health goes from bad to terrible. She becomes resolute in her determination to keep Rhage out of her heart and at a distance. But Rhage isn't ready to let Mary go. He's just as determined to fight to be at her side even if it is for a very short time.

Mary does come to her senses as far as being with Rhage despite the fact that the next steps in her life with the cancer isn't going to pretty or fun.

Dimly, he heard a pounding noise coming from inside of Bella's. Some kind of rhythmic beat.
Rhage glanced behind him as it got louder.
The front door flew open, and Mary shot out of the house, jumping off the porch, not even bothering with the steps to the ground. She ran over the frost-laden grass in her bare feet and threw herself at him, grabbing on to his neck with both arms. She held hims so tightly his spine cracked.
She was sobbing. Bawling. Crying so hard her whole body was shaking.
He didn't ask any questions, just wrapped himself around her.
"I'm not okay," she said hoarsely between breaths. "Rhage...I'm not okay."
He closed his eyes and held on tight.

Lover Eternal © J.R. Ward

But Mary's inevitable death looms tragically on the horizon. Rhage, desperate for Mary to live, appeals to the Scribe Virgin and makes the greatest sacrifice of his life. The Scribe Virgin is all about balance. She can't grant anything without taking something else away. She tells Rhage that she'll heal Mary and that she may live as long as she wishes. But, to balance the gift, Rhage must never, ever make contact with Mary for she will be wiped clean of any memory of him and Rhage must also accept to live with his Beast forever. And he agrees.

'Lover Eternal' was perfection. I loved every word from beginning to end. OMG, and the ending! I was so devastated that Rhage would have to live without Mary, never to see her smile at him or laugh. Doomed for eternity to love a woman he couldn't be with. How Ward resolves this is beautiful and I still smile every time I reread the novel.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Ward is that her plots are always unique. I've never before read about a heroine dying of cancer in a romance novel. I suppose it only really works for the paranormal genre for death certainly doesn't equal Happy Ever After. But I think the plot device was as genius as it was refreshingly different.

Rhage was an amazing hero. I loved the concept of a gorgeous vampire paired with a plain human, but a plain human that he can't possibly get enough of. Mary's skepticism felt so real too and I loved how Rhage proves to her that he found her beyond attractive. He's so persuasive. And what he sacrificed for Mary was amazing. He's a man whose looks would have allowed him to want for nothing, but he has to give up everything for what he truly wants: Mary.

What other novel have you read that either the hero or heroine had to give up everything for the one they loved? Any other drop dead gorgeous heros out there?


Sophie Renwick said...

Okay, panting, trying to catch my breath! RHAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're obviously sharing a brain, VFG because your fav parts are mine as well. The love scenes were so wonderful and Rhage is such a wonderful, sensual, loving hero. He's just so tormented. How can you not just reach out to him? I particularly loved the part when he needs to feed, and stops because he knows Mary is upset by watching, and then she touches him, and he looks at her while he's feeding....sigh....

I agree that the LE is sheer perfection from beginning to end. I cried when he was on his knees, knowing he'd never see her again, and sacrificing himself for her. It was so beautiful and humbling.

I also loved that Mary was plain. That theme is one of my favorites, and I like to write those sorts of books because the heroines are readily identifiable. Even if you couldn't identify with Mary on the level of her illness, many women can, and will, identify with her on a 'regular gal' level.

I absolute fell head over heels in love with him (more than ever before) during their date at TGIF because he was just SO into her, even though the other beautiful women were coming on to him.

and did I mentioned the sex

I also loved the beast. How it wanted Mary too. It was like the complete Rhage just consumed by her.

Sigh...perfection. One of my fav all time heroes. And you know, the ONLY blond hero who in my mind I didn't change to dark hair. lol!

Seriously, can there be ANY other blond/turquoise eyed hero in the history of romance?

Amanda said...

OMG Rhage has always and will I think always be my favourite Brother, I think that it was the one that i was drawn to most and was by me the most highly anticipated of the series, while I love all of the brothers in their own way I adore Rhage and Mary, think I cried so many times in this book!

VampFanGirl said...

HI Sophie!

I think the main reason that Rhage is near and dear to my heart is the very fact that he fell for a plaine girl. He's stunningly gorgeous. A man who could have anyone and he chooses her and for ALL the right reasons too. She's beautiful to him and that's all that matters. I LOVE THAT!!

OMG, those scenes where he gives her up. Sacrifices everything for her were truly amazing. Ward was so surprising to me at this point. She really wrote a hero/heroine/plot that I'd never before read and it captivated me wholly. Again, I wanted to be in her world. I wanted to be with her vamps because although they are so far from reality, they were so unbelievably human and yet to unbelievably unattainable. *sigh*

The Beast, he did love her too. That scene where Mary pets him after he ate a bunch of lessers was so cute. All the Brothers were in absolute shock! LOL! Little Mary and her Beast!! :) It was like, for me anyway, that she was one of those mystical goddesses where the giant predators of our world fall to her knees. Not because she demands it but because they love her. That was the Beast to me.

Yeah, there are definitely few blond heros out there. I'm for the dark haired as well but Rhage rocked the blond. I definitely picture him exactly the way Ward describes him. Which leads me to another thing that I love about her. You never forget what her characters look like. She reaffirms the image time and again and I love that!!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Amanda, me too! I almost felt weird for wanting Rhage vs. Z. His story is just so beautiful in so many ways. Definitely one of my favorites too.

:) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

That scene where V and Butch chain him to the bed, and he's there with Mary,but so is the beast...WOW!!! I loved that one! SOOOOOOOO good!

when I was done reading, I actually downloaded Dreamweaver from iTunes and closed my eyes picturing Rhage and Mary in his GTO! lol! (pathetic, I know, but hey, I'm a fan girl!)

Rhage was the first hero that I had to remind myself wasn't real. He just felt so alive and believable. All the brother do, but it's him that stole my heart!

VampFanGirl said...

Whew, I'm not the only crazed fangirl out there. YAY! Charlotte, read my post on your Sophie Blog, you'll see what I mean. :)

That was a thrilling scene, totally!! Rhage chanined up... DAMN! It was a HOT scene! There were just so many good ones in LE.

Oh, I know. The Brothers do seem real sometimes. That shake to reality can be tough sometimes. :)

Amanda said...

What do you mean they're aren't real!!!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Well as you know Kisten is my favorite hero. I fell a little in love with him as I learned about his life. Then he fell in love with Rachel and the romance took off. He died so Rachel could live. Her death was going to happen, the undead vampire would have drained her and left her to die. Kisten poisoned his own body with the undead vampire's blood to save Rachel.

It's one of the times that I cried, looking on as Rachel held Kisten in her arms, begging him not to leave, telling him that they should have fled, knowing that he would never have run. She did save his true soul, and I loved every minute of time. It was so incredibly moving, she was holding him, rocking him, wishing it could be another way.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

LOL, Amanda!!!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Wow, Dottie! You gave me goosebumps. What a sacrifice! Tell me there's an HEA at the end right??

Becky said...

Black Dagger Brotherhood series sounds like a really good series. I am going to have to start reading this series. Thanks for giving me another new author to read.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Becky!!

Welcome to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Trust me, once you try it, you'll wish you'd been reading them all your life!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Blanche said...

Fantastic review VFG!!! I really do need to read this series! :)

Sophie Renwick said...

Or you'll wish you hadn't started because you become their slave...seriously.

Sorry, Amanda, the brothers aren't real, but hey they say fantasizing is REALLY healthy for mental health! lol!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Blanche! Oh yeah girl! You gotta get yourself involved with the Brothers. :)

Sophie, I have no problem with being the Brothers' slave. It's my mission in life. :)

Sophie Renwick said...

Hey, my mum just dropped in for a tea, and I was telling her that we were chatting about a romance hero and that I had confessed to downloading Dreamweaver because it was mentioned in the book. Her response....

"Oh, you loved that song. Don't you remember, you used to roller skate to it wearing your long Addidas knee socks and short shorts"

Um yeah,thanks mum! Guess I'm dating myself, I but I do indeed, recall roller skating to that song, as well as Fleetwood Mac and Journey...oh boy....getting freaking old!

Amanda said...

Well then I must have FANTASTIC mental health LOL

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Sorry, no HEA for Rachel or Kisten. He dies and Jenks hits Rachel with a memory charm trying to keep her from going after the undead vampire. Rachel's life is broken apart, by White Witch, Black Curse, she's still trying to put the piece back together, which she does and a burgeoning relationship is developing. It will be hard to replace Kisten. Everything about him was perfect, I can't even describe what is was, because at first I kind of didn't even like him because of his cocksuredness (hope that's a word), but you find out as you get to know him, with his life, it's the only way he could survive. Seriously gorgeous vampire, sweet eyes, tight butt, and very quick and powerful. He was looking for a blood bond and balance with Rachel, but died before it was established.

I have to say that Lover Eternal sounds so good, I don't know how I missed it all of this time. I know I not supposed to buy anymore books until I've read some of the TBR, but I'm going to have to go in search of this series. I have loved the first two books.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

LOL, Charlotte!!!

I used to roller skate a lot as kid too. We had a rink in town called Aquarious and gosh, we had countless birthdays there. Plus girl scout stuff, and even school field trips! Sadly, they tore the place down many years ago and turned the place into a Ford dealership. I haven't roller skated since... Do people still do it??

Your mom sounds like hoot! I can only imagine how she was when you brought boys over. :)

VampFanGirl said...

Damn right Amanda! We're all off the charts on our mental health stats.


Blodeuedd said...

Don't kick me now, but I am not that big a fan of Rhage, or Wrath for that matter *hides*
I guess I don't like them prettyboys.

But I did enjoy him falling for mary, and omg I had forgotten that scene where both he and the beast was with her. I did like the beast within him.

As for other pretty heroes out thre...must ponder upon this. Also the give up evrything, now why is my mind blank now? I should so no this.

Btw, blond hero, yes I imagined Clay from Bitten as darkhaired but when i looked it up it seems he is blond, go figure

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Dottie!! I gotta get started on my Kim Harrison novels ASAP!! Although the series sounds heartbreaking, I gotta read about this sacrifice. Maybe he'll come back...somehow. These are urban fantasy so sky is kinda the limit, right? Sheesh, I'm already misty eyed over it. I'm such a sap!

You have renegade on your rule there Dottie and buy the BDB. The books are truly worth breaking the bank over.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Cecile said...

Okay... I am hooked! You happy now!! LOL!! This was an amazing post Vamp and an excellent review and quotes. You picked the right things to lure us in for the kill!! You are something else!
Hot scenes I tell you!!! How can you fall in love with someone who would scraifice their world for you!

Now... My hero that I love... Lucien and Anya - The Darkest Kiss is their story. (Gena Showlter - The Lord of the Underworld series.) Ashlyn and Maddox The Darkest Night is their story. Reyne and Danika - The Darkest Pleasure is their story. The reson for intrigue here is they all have to scarifice, whether is it the man or the woman... it is a giving of themselves that has to happen for the story to contiune. The tourture they must endure... oh and I forgot to mention they are hot and sexy as hell!!! **Mouth watering thinking about them... Vamp, I will have to go get more ice** ~~sparkes flying from keyboard... too much drool!!~~

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Blodeuedd!

Who is your favorite Brother? Now you got me curious. Z definitely isn't pretty, the poor vamp. Is it him? Phury's not it. V? Butch??

LOL, my mind always goes blank over these types of questions, Blodeuedd, and I'm getting back at the bloggers who post them by torturing you guys. :P

Ah, you and Charlotte share the hair color switch in common. I can't recall ever really doing that, wait! I did. Haydrian in 'Scandalous Love' was blond but I always saw him with dark hair. How funny!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Sophie Renwick said...

I had VERY liberal parents growing up, VFG. My parents were young when they had me. They kept an open mind about everything. But I didn't get away with much since they had basically already done whole 'bad' thing together! lol! So, not too much went past them.

Roller skating. Not sure if they still do that, but man it was fun. Our rink was the 'roller rama' complete with disco ball. I used to have this totally seventies t-shirt. It was white with blue trim around the sleeves and collar. It had this little red devil with a pitchfork with the saying 'the devil made me do it' I even had matching knee socks! That was my official roller skating ensemble! lol!

Oh, the days.....

And Bleudded? Not loving Rhage? Let's stone her! lol!

VampFanGirl said...

LMAO, Cecile! Girl, you crack me up! I love it!!

*rubs hands in glee* Ah ha! I got you hooked on the BDB! Hell yeah!!

I didn't know that each lords book revolves around a sacrifice. Alright you and Charlotte have hooked me! I WILL read these books next!

Oh no! *runs into Cecile's office with fire extinguisher* Stand back! *fires white powder everywhere* You good to go? *looks around* Cecile? Where are you??? Oh, sorry....I got some powder on you too.

VampFanGirl said...

Easy Sophie. Put the stone down. This is a safe place....

I can't believe someone wouldn't love Rhage....Hmmm...On second thought, I'll get the tar you get the feathers!!!

Amanda said...

I got the hot oil!

Sophie Renwick said...

Let me see if I can pull out of one of those body cages from the dungeon, then we can go to work!

Blodeuedd said...

*hides from the stones*
Help, please send a brother to save me!

It's not Phury, he was, no, not for me, Butch, think the name turned me off. V is pretty cool but I bit to into S/M for me. Not any of the young guys. Not poor Thoor.

Rhev is, mouthwatering, but not him either. 2nd best though

Yup it's Z, dunno when I fell for him. Maybe when he jumped Bella in this one scene. He was just so rough, tormented, I even forgot that he had np hair (cos I do like hair). So yes can't wait for tomorrow.

VampFanGirl said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! You ladies rock!!!

Cecile said...

I hold her down for you guys!!! Blodeuedd, I am giving you a head start -RUN GIRL- QUICKLY!!!!! These girls are serious about their men!!! Run fast and don't turn around!

Hook, Line and sinker!! I fell for this series. Even though, I told you when you first mentioned this series to me, I told you I bought the book and returned it because I did not like the glossary in the front of the book. It scared me.
Now... screw being scared... I am hot and bothered!!!

***still dusting off the white powder, there is even some in my ears!!*** feeling a little cooler though *** nope, forget that.. just thinking of the BDB series... hot again**** just get the fire hose and throw me the deep freezer***

VampFanGirl said...

So you're a Z fan, Blodeuedd. *sigh* He was so unbelievably but deliciously tortured.

You're right too, that scene where he jumps Bella and the sex is just raw and rough was so HAWT!! Once Bella opened his eyes to sex, that male was unstoppable. But she didn't want to stop him thankfully.

I'm a hair girl myself but the skull trim didn't bother me either. I hope you like tomorrow.

I did my review of Z a little different. I just basically told everything from Z's view. Hope you likie!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Waters on Cecile!!!

Mandi said...

I woke up this morning excited for the Rhage post to come out:)

My favorite Brothers are John Matthew (CANNOT WAIT for Lover Mine to come out), then Vishous, then Rhage!! Oh Rhage..he cracks me up more than any other character..but the scene that will always stick with me from this book is when Mary comes running out the door telling Rhage she was not ok. I rarely cry when I read books, but that had me all teary eyed. I really adore Mary...I think JR Ward really excels at writing the heroines.

Great job summarizing....there are so much to these books!

VampFanGirl said...

Cecile, I remember when I first discovered the BDB series and it was the names that had me goin', WTF?? And truly, if Ward didn't have the excerpt of Rhage's book on her site, I might not have jumped in and bought the series when I did. It truly was Rhage that hooked me.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Mandi!

I think it's Z's review that I mention that I'm first and foremost a romance blog and that's what I'm here to review. So yes, there is A LOT that I don't talk about especially side plots and that sorta thing. Besides, a lot of those side areas give too much away and no one wants to read a book they've already "read" in a sense.

Oh me too, that's why I had to include a quote from the scene where Mary runs out after finally realizing that she needs Rhage. *sigh* sooooo gooood!!!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Lea said...

Great Review VFG:

"Lover Eternal", and "Dark Lover", were probably my favorites of the BDB books as well. Rhage was certainly, "tortured" to some degree and his Mary was the perfect heroine for him. I thought J. R. Ward's world building was very good in the first two books.

In answer to your question, I would say, "Dr. Alexandra Keller", from Lynn Viehl's "Darkyn" series. Alexandra was driven, brilliant reconstructive surgeon and is pulled kicking and screaming into "Michael Cyprien's" world. She doesn't voluntarily give up her practice, however she is forced to because of events involving Michael. It is because of her love for him that she ultimately makes the choice to stay in his world.

Alexandra, is at the top of my list of all time favorite heroines. And I also love Michael. Great series.

Warm Regards
L :)

Blodeuedd said...

Thank you Cecile! :)

Oh no, I just realised that I might not be home anymore when you post about Z :( Well if not then I will come back on Saturday and post in both threads.

So if I am not here then, well Z is the hottest brother!!! ;)
He makes me weak in the knees in every sense.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Lea!!

I haven't read the Darkyn series but I've had them on my Wish List forever.

I love a good sacrafice and I even love a great heroine more. They're hard to find in romance I think. Alexandra sounds like one such heroine though. I'm definitely going to pick up the first in the series now.

Thanks for the recommendation Lea!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

No worries Blodeuedd, we'll chat on Saturday about Z. :)

VampFanGirl said...

Oh Mandi, I forgot to say that I'm really excited for JM's book too! He's rapidly becoming one of my faves and I love the dynamic of him and Xhex.

I know a lot of readers aren't fans of Xhex but I'm really intrigued by her and her sympath nature. I can't wait for their romance. 'Lover Avenged' is supposed to have some great scenes of JM and Xhex too. YAY!!!

Cindy W said...

I think of Simon from The Duke and I by Julia Quinn and Edward from The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. Both had to give up a part of themselves to be in love.

Oh, I forgot Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught, Intimate Enemies by Shana Abe and Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn, the themes are enemies, so they had to give up that way of thinking!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Cindy!

I agree, Simon really did have to give up on his childless intentions for Daphne. Great novel too BTW.

OMG, I love 'Kingdom of Dreams' by McNaught. Royce had to give up his pride for Jennifer. The scene where he let's his opponant, Jennifer's family memebers, defeat him time again just he wouldn't break his promise to her. *sigh* I need to reread that book. And I love Shana Abe too. Her novels are seriously works of art.

Great Recommendations Cindy!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Barbara said...

OMG, I LOVED RHAGE. Okay, not as much as V but he's definitely up there. The first love scene where he's kissing Mary's scars...GAWD. Oh and the scene where he comes home and she's reeming him, but he's like begging and pleading...GAWD. Ugh, I loved this book!!

Great Review.

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Barbara!! What's up Girl!!Thanks for likin' Rhage. :)

OMG, I know, I love that scene too where Rhage kisses all of Mary's cancer treatment scars. He was so tender. Fantastic Hero.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Man, I had to go out for an appointment and the discussion is flying by without me!!

These are sure some interesting comments.

Cecile-Hose her down!! haha!! Cecile, you are too cute!!

I'll letting you Dagger Brothers are sizzling hawt.

Hey VFG - sent me an email, I have something you might like (so off topic, sorry).

You guys are seriously wild!!


Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Dottie!!

I know! We've to much fun over here. The Brothers get is all crazy. :)

I don't know about you, but I'm discovering some killer recommendations with these posts. Everyone reads such different but amazing authors. I'm lovin' it!

:) VFG

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Too me! I have been keeping a list of new authors to try. I didn't know I was missing so much.

Thanks for the great contest!!

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey, you're welcome Dottie!

Oh, and I emailed you...

:) VFG

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Oh I loved this book so much. I read it until my pages started falling out. Probably Acheron was the only tearjerking book I have read where both the hero and heroine have given up everything for each other. Are you giving out books each day or just the 28th?

VampFanGirl said...

Hey I Heart Book Gossip!!!

I'm giving away a signed copy of 'Lover Avenged' on the 28th. Entries will be accepted that day and the contest will run through May 5th. Good Luck if you decide to enter!

I haven't read 'Acheron' yet. I still have some Dark-Hunter books to get through before I can dive into Ash's.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey VFG...

Thanks for treating Rhage right - he is definately a brother of worth.

Mary is just Mary - "boyfriend to Rhage' but Rhage's Mate" - true.

Love the review and all these hussies up in here making a puddle all over the place.... watch out - the gloves are off tomorrow- it's all out war for that brother, Bella and i still working it out.. so you know I'm serious.

I'm loving the vibes in here VFG.


VampFanGirl said...

Hey E.H.!

I'm so happy that you think I did right by Rhage. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that you like Z cause obviously he's your Brother. *wink*

Seriously, I need to stock rain slickers and boots at the blog door so that folks won't get soaked by all the drool! By the time we get to release day, this place will be a disaster!!

:) VFG

AnimeJune said...

What a beautiful review!

This is the first time I've read your reviews (I found this one by hopping down a long chain of "Let's Be Friends" blog award links).

Myself, I've been burned before by vampire romances and just lost all interest in the genre as I whole. I'd heard of the Brotherhood, and have to admit some of the names turned me off, but after this review I might want to give one a try. Should I start at the beginning?

VampFanGirl said...

Hi AnimeJune!!

Thanks for stopping by! I was a little put off by the strange names in the beginning as well. I mentioned in another comment that if it wasn't for the excerpt of Rhage's book on J.R. Ward's site, I wouldn't have picked up the series until much later. But there are reasons for the names of which I haven't talked about in the reviews but basically they're warrior names given only to the warrior class. Plus, the strangness of them wares off really fast.

I'd recommend starting at the beginning. You probably could start with Rhage's book and be okay but you'll appreciate the series more, I think, if you start with 'Dark Lover'. The review was posted yesterday if you want to check it out.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

host said...

Hi! Love your review! About your question: I'm sure you know (as well as the rest of the world) about this couple: Edward and Bella, Twilight of course!

Amanda said...

Is it time for Z yet?? LOL I am dying to see your review!

Pamk said...

I am trying to think of a hero that gives up everything for his heroine and one that comes to mind is acheron by Sherilyn Kenyon. He's willing to give his life to save hers. That book was so sad through much of it definitely the first half anyhow.

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Host!

I completely forgot about Edward and Bella! I'mm so excited for the 'New Moon' movie! Are you?

:) VFG

Hi Amanda! Z is up and ready for the drool fest. Enjoy!!

Hey Pamk! Whew, thanks for not spilling the name of Ash's heroine. I'm determined to stay in the dark until I find time to read that tomb of a book! :)

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

host said...

Oh VamFanGirl how could you forget about them?! :)
Can't wait for New Moon - it's my favourite book in the series

VampFanGirl said...

AAHHHH Mine Too!!!

Pamk said...

your welcome no spoilers from me. lol

A.C.E. Jaunty™ said...

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My original intent was to just let people know (what I thought would be only a handful)....but this dude is way out of line with all of this plagarism. Ugh!! And how can you even reword the back of a book cover?!?!?!

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