BDB Week! Day 1 - Review: Dark Lover

Review: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There also exists a secret band of brothers like no other - six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Among them, none relishes killing their enemies more than Wrath, the leader of the
Black Dagger Brotherhood...

The only purebred vampire left on the planet, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But when one of his most trusted fighters is killed- orphaning a half-breed daughter unaware of her heritage or her fate - Wrath must usher the beautiful female into the world of the undead…

Racked by a restlessness in her body that wasn't there before, Beth Randall is helpless against the dangerously sexy man who comes to her at night with shadows in his eyes. His tales of brotherhood and blood frighten her. But his touch ignites a dawning hunger that threatens to consume them both…

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 1

Wrath, King of the vampire race in name and bloodline but not king by choice nor has he ever claimed his royal rights to rule. Instead, Wrath is consumed with the pursuit of his own personal revenge against the lessers, a race of beings bent on the annihilation of the entire vampire race. When Wrath was a young pretrans male - a vampire who has not yet transitioned into adulthood - his parents were viciously murdered by a group of lessers. Despite the fact that his father hid him away, Wrath believes himself to be a coward; incapable due to his weak body to fight for his parents lives. After that night and for the past three hundred years, Wrath has lived only to ensure the death of another lesser and nothing, not even a beautiful half-breed female, can alter his course.

When Darius, fellow vampire and member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - a band of warriors specially created with the immense physical prowess to defeat the lessers - asks Wrath to ensure that his half-breed daughter transitions safely, Wrath's answer must be no. Half-breeds are half human, half vampire offspring that will transition fully into their vampire half around age twenty-five. A vampire of the opposite sex must be present to provide blood, yet that doesn't necessarily ensure the half-breed's survival. The transition is so painful and intense, that many do not make it alive. But when Darius is suddenly killed, Wrath decides to help the Brother's last surviving child through the transition.

Beth Randall has reached a dead end in her life. Her job, while paying the bills, certainly isn't winning her any satisfaction awards. In addition, she claims no friends, no lover, and no future. Then there is the added bonus of sheer exhaustion that no matter how much sleep she gets, it simply will not be cured. Beth can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with her, mentally and physically. Beth's instability is proved after she has sex with an incredibly hot stranger who miraculously walks in through the sliding door that she remembers clearly locking not a moment before. But running isn't on her mind as his huge leather clad body looms before her. No, what she's thinking about is sex; the hot mind blowing kind.

Coming to her house to talk, Wrath is shocked at the turn about of events. Having sex with the half-breed female was certainly not his intention but Beth's desire simply could not be ignored. Wrath also can't shake the feeling that something akin to clicking into place deep within his soul, has started to thaw the ice enclosed around his heart.

Amazingly enough, Beth is pretty sane after her wild night of passion with a total stranger. She figures that the cop, Butch, put Wrath at her apartment for guard duty. After being attacked and nearly raped by some college boys, Butch became a bit protective with her safety. But when she questions Butch about Wrath, he's never heard of the guy. A bit freaked out, Beth skips out on the morning meeting she had planned with Wrath.

Nervous about Beth and the possibility that she's going through the change, Wrath tracks her down at night fall. Unfortunately, Wrath finds her in the arms of Butch igniting the famous "mine" moment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Beth is terrified that Wrath might in fact be a murderer but he knows things about her that she's never even told a soul to. When he dangles the precious information about her father, Beth agrees to go with Wrath to her father's home. The revelations of her father are overwhelming and Beth can't shake the despair that he didn't want her. Wrath says that her father loved her, watched over her but why didn't he come for her? Now, with Wrath's vampire nature unveiled all Beth can do is try to escape but that turns out to be impossible. She can't run from her destined future and when Wrath scoops her curled body up and into his arms, she leans fully into him.

Wrath's yearning to mark Beth, to warn any and all males that she's taken by infusing her body with his spicy sent, is becoming uncontrollable. But there is a big complication with the surging need. Wrath, in vampire society, is for all intents and purposes, mated to Marissa. She was picked for him specifically at his transition and helped him with the change. She's the vampire that he feeds from while he is her host when she's thirsty. Vampires must feed from the opposite sex to survive. While no official ceremony has ever been conducted, Wrath has responsibilities to Marissa.

There is also the complication that Wrath isn't looking for a shellan, a female mate. He has one mission in life and that's to eradicate the lessers. Beth is the last thing he needs right now and he has every intention of ending they're relationship once she completes the change despite the fact that he's bonded with her. He'll just have to deal with the repercussions of his actions. Beth is not his life and she never will be.

But what really fuels his need to leave Beth is the fear that she can never accept him. He was a small coward who couldn't protect his family. What female would desire that quality in her mate?

When Beth suddenly starts her transition, the outlook doesn't look good. Holding her spasming body in his arms, Wrath realizes that this beautiful woman has come to mean more to him than he could ever have imagined in just a few short days. He's in love with her and the last thing that he could ever survive would be her death.

Beth sees beyond Wrath's self-loathing image. She understands that he's interpreted those horrific events of his parent's death to be some how be his fault. It's survivors guilt. When she forcefully tells Wrath to drop his warrior exterior and re-exam the situation he would see a young boy protected by a father and mother whose dying act was to save him. The fact that he's lived beyond that moment is a testament to his strength. Her reassurance that she'd lovingly accept him melts any remaining ice surrounding Wrath's heart for Beth now drives it's every beat.

While Beth survives the transition but she may not survive the lessers. Her human half has contributed genes allowing her walk in sunlight. While in the kitchen getting some food at daybreak, a lesser spots the newly made vampire and recognizes the ring that Wrath gifted her proclaiming her the queen. The lesser abducts Beth while Wrath rages below stairs unable to fight for his shellan due to the sun's harmful rays.

The rage that Wrath exudes reverberates strongly and builds to such a crescendo that he is unstoppable when the sun finally sinks below the horizon. Zeroing in on his blood flowing through Beth's veins, Wrath comes for her like a freight train. But in his blind rage and uncontrollable desire to save the woman of his heart, Wrath neglects to care for his own body. Severely wounded, it's now Beth that fights to save Wrath.

One of my favorite scenes in 'Dark Lover' is Beth's introduction to the Brothers.

There was a loud scraping noise as five chairs slid backward. The men rose as a unit. And started coming for her.
She looked into the faces of the two she knew, but their grave expressions weren't encouraging.
And then the knives came out.
With a metallic whoosh, five black daggers were unsheathed.
She backed up frantically, hands in front of herself. She slammed into a wall and was about to scream for Wrath when the men dropped down on bended knees in a circle around her. In a single movement, as if they'd been choreographed, they buried the daggers into the floor at her feet and bowed their heads. The great whoomp of sound as steel met wood seemed both a pledge and a battle cry.
The handles of the knives vibrated.
The rap music continued to pound.
They seemed to be waiting for some kind of response from her.
"Umm. Thank you," she said.
The men's heads lifted. Etched into the harsh panes of their faces was total reverence. Even the scarred one had a respectful expression.
And then Wrath came in with a squeeze bottle of Hershey's syrup.
"Beacon's on the way." He smiled. "Hey, they like you."
"And thank God for that," she murmured, looking down at the daggers.

Dark Lover © J.R. Ward

The pacing of 'Dark Lover' is pure perfection. It grabs your attention and never let go. It's so rare to find an author that can accomplish this even once in their careers to this kind of perfection but truly you have to almost bow down to Ward and her talent. When you shine light on the difficulty of starting a paranormal series with a distinct and complicated set of rules combined with a lush and satisfying romance and then you top it off with incredible pacing, you can't help but fall in love with series from page one. The intense popularity of the series really launched with 'Dark Lover' and I believe that a lot of it's success stems from these very facts.

What book have you read that you thought had excellent pacing? Or what series did you think had an unbeatable first installment?


ann marie said...

Happy Earth Day.
The book that comes to mind would be Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon, I was sucked into her world by the end of the first chapter and I love every one of her dark hunter books. I must confess I bought Dark Lover just for it's cover alone and when Lover Eternal came out she had me hooked. (now I'm a dagger junkie)Thanks for the reviews before the new one comes out. Now I won't have to re-read.

I can't believe I beat Lea to a post. j/k ;)

Blodeuedd said...

BDB week :D
Have you figured ot if you want the contest open to all?

Oh I got sucked into this one at once, so big yummy alpha males ;)

As for other, hm, well Bitten by Kelley Armstrong sure made me love that series at once. A great start for her.

And the same with so many fantasy books I have read. Nothing can compare to Magican by Raymond E.Feist. That one stands alone, I love it, and even though the other 2 are great they can't compare :)

Cecile said...

Well,the series that had me going was Susan Sizemore... The Primals. I thrist for you, I hunger for you, and so on. It is a non-stop ride!! But the one that made my heart stop beating was Gena Showalter The Lord of the Underworld!!!!!! (yea, my lovin for Lucien shows everywhere). On both of these series... once you pick up the first book, you are GOING to read the rest, I promise you!

I love your review... if I don't win this damn book, you know I will have to put it on my TBB list ASAP!!!!
Besides beating Lea... where is Barbara!!!!
***looking over my shoulder to make sure I am not under attack by her big can of whoopppp ass***

Anna said...

I have to agree The pacing on Dark Lover was great. Some other books like that for me have been...

Dead Until Dark- Charlaine Harris
Dead Witch Walking- Kim Harrison
Tempting the Beast- Lora Leigh

and of course any of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter novels. I was gonna just pick one of hers, but I couldn't do it. Even her historicals suck you in from page one.


VampFanGirl said...

HI Ann Marie!

Oh yes, 'Night Pleasures' was an excellant first series installment. It really started the Dark-Hunters off with a bang. My favorite of the Dark-Hunters, well I have three favorites actually, were 'Night Play' (Vane), 'Night Embrace' (Talon), and 'Unleash the Night' (Wren).

Unfortunately I haven't read anything past 'Dark Side of The Moon'. For Shame!! I have all the Dark-Hunter books for I buy them even when I know that I'm not going to read them for possibly a long time. And, I'm still in the dark on Ash's heroine. I've been really good about not do anything that would cause me to run across that info. :)

"Dagger junkie" I love it!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Blodeuedd! CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL!! YAY!!! Yup, anyone can enter even lovely finnish bloggers. *wink*

Wrath is huge isn't he?!? That's something that I love about Ward. She never lets you forget how HUGE her males are!

You know, Kelly Armstrong is an author I haven't read but one that I've definitely been curious about. I remember back several months ago I almost bought the first in her seris but I don't recall what stopped me...After your comment though, I think I'm going to have to look into her again.

I haven't read anything strictly fantasy before but I'll check out Feist as well. Thanks for the recommendations!!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

LMAO Cecile!! One definitely needs to be on the look out for Barbara. She may arrive with fists flying! :)

You know what, I think I have the first two books in Sizemore's Primal series. I'll have to dig them out from the rubbles of my TBR mountains. I also really need to get on my game and read the 'Lords of the Underworld' series. I have ALL three releases but alas, I haven't been able to get them. Charlotte Featherstone loves them as well. I believe her favorite lord is Reyes.

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Anna!

Gosh I've been so on the fence with Charlaine Harris and it's mostly because I can't stand the covers of the novels. Dottie thankfully said that they're reissueing the novels with new covers for the True Blood HBO series. Maybe then I can bring myself to buy one.

Lora Leigh is one of my absolute favorite authors. I especially love her Breed series and 'Tempting the Beast' was a great first series installment.

I do have 'Dead Witch Walking', must move that one up in the queue.

:) VFG

Cecile said...

Oh my gosh... how could I have forgotten about my Night's Pleasure family!!! Amanda Ashley wrote those to be branded in the mind!! Her vampires sounds sooo sexy as hell!!! Those were some very awesome reads. I had to read the whole series back to back and I think I read it in a few days!!

Now, I did love Dead Until Dark with Charlaine... but I love the whole series.

Yea, I am still watching out for Barbara... maybe she is still a little spooked from the masion to worry about you trying to steal him away from her!!! LMAO!!!

Charlotte's fave is Reyne, which I can't blame her. They are allll smoking hot guys!!!! I mean, if you are looking for the bad boy... they house demons inside their soul.. how bad can you be!! AND HOT!!! Oh my gosh! Maddox was the first... and he stole my heart, then Lucien... but I am waiting on Paris's story.. he is the demon of promisity *not the worlds best speller*!!!!

VampFanGirl said...

I think you're right Cecile. Barbara's post was CREEPY! :)

I haven't read anything by Amanda Ashley and now I'm definitely going to have to check her out!

Ooooh, these Lords sound delicious! I can't say no to bad boy. Alright, I give in! I'm digging them out of the TBR mountains tonight!

Thanks for the recommendations Cecile!!!

Happy BDB Week!

Blodeuedd said...

Yay, Yay, *faints* :)

Oh yes she never do let us forget how huge they are, how everything is huge...where was I now again ;)

I tried to fantasy convert everyone I meet, but I just love it.

Kelley Armtrons Bitten is great, and I never before understood that yes werevolves are freakin´hot! Very steaming novel, and I am totally in love with Clay.

Small shoutout for Kenyon :) I never did make it past Night Pleasures, they are on the list. But they are so many these days

Lea said...

Happy first contest day VFG!

And, Happy Earth Day. :)

I thought Larissa Ione's "Pleasure Unbound", had excellent pacing and had unbeatable first installment. She proved me wrong!

Awesome contest VFG!! Great initial review.

Warm Regards

VampFanGirl said...

Oh gosh Blodeuedd! Are you alright?!? *helps her off the floor* That's right just think of huge warriors and all will be good. LOL!!

'Bitten' is a steamy novel with freakin' hot werewolvs!! *points to VampFanGirl profile* Did you know that I'm a hussy for werewolves?? Where has this book been all my life?!? It's goin' on the Wish List!!

OMG, seriosuly there are a million Dark-Hunter books. It's why I haven't been able to finish the series despite the fact that I have ALL the books. It's been so long since I read the series that I fear I'd have to start all over from the beginning just to understand what's going on in the newer releases. A daunting task to say the least.

Happy BDB Week!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Lea!

'Pleasure Unbound' was definitely a great launch to an awesome series.

Happy Earth Day!!

:) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oooh, I'm so excited about this week! You've got a great blog and what a freaken awesome launch into the contest world! No need to enter me, though 'cause my copy is on order and I'm going to corner JR at the NAL party at RWA and plead for her to sign mine! lol!

So, I actually read Dark Lover second, after Rhage's book. I was just so blown away by the guys and the world. I loved how tough and urban they were. It really was just like book crack for me. On the author level I was just amazed at her skill, and envious as hell that I hadn't come up wtih the idea! lol! On the reader level, I was completely and utterly hooked. That series was just so fresh when it started, and really, even though it's changed and evolved a bit, I'm still a diehard brother lover. I'm especially eager to read her new series about the Fallen Angels. I gotta MAJOR thing for those guys. LOVE fallen angels,and I know this series is gonna rock. I'm actually really looking forward to dishing with you about it!

My fav scene in Dark Lover was that scene in Beth's apartment when he gives her that first yeah,HAWT. And you know I'm a hussy, so what does that tell you?
Pretty much from the beginning I had my three favs, and that hasn't changed throughout the series. Rhage, V and Phury are my guys.

As for other series, Larissa Ione. I'm a big fan of hers since our days together writing for Red Sage. I really like her voice and admire her realistic portrayal of the medical field. Tough to do when you don't work in it. But she carries it off perfectly. Plus her love scenes are nice and sexy, which I'm big fan of! lol!

Gena's Lords of the Underworld. OMG, HUGE fan! Just love those guys and the whole set up is really, really different and intriguing. I adore Reyes. He's hot, sexy, alpha, with some senstivity and the way he cares for his heroine is just perfect. I gotta fav scene in that book, too! I'm also waiting on Amun's book and Paris' too. So Cecile, you'll be sharing him!! lol!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Happy Earth Day and First Ever Contest Day!

I freaking loved your review, and I can see that this will be another must read series, I have not tried this author yet (I know, hard to believe).

I have several series that I have loved.

Charlaine Harris - Dead Until Dark
Kim Harrison - Dead Witch Walking
Jocelynn Drake - Nightwalker
and for hilarious read
Mary Janice Davidson - Undead and Unwed.

Odd that they're all vampire series isn't it.



VampFanGirl said...

Hey Charlotte!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. It means the world!

I'm so jealous! You get to meet Ward face-to-face?!? Actually I'm not that jealous cause I'd be terrified to actually meet her. I wouldn't know the first thing to say. I'd be a drooling fool. I got my signed copies in a much safer way - off her virtual signing.

No kidding. The unique and fast paced BDB books were like a shock to the gut. At the time nothing resembled them and her vamps were just so freakin' HAWT!!!! I wanted to be in that world. I wanted to be a female vamp with my own leather clad, huge as hell, warrior. Being immursed in her world was the best escape. And while yes, the format has changed, like you I'm still a Brother Lover.

I'm super excited for her new fallen angel series too. I know that some fans are a bit annoyed by this break in the BDB series but I'm lovin' it. I love reading my favorite authors as they embark on something new. Not that I'm in any way bored with the BDB, but I'm just excited to read something new. Plus, this woman can write one hell of a first installment. I felt the same way with Nalini Singh and her Guild Hunters series.

OMG, that scene with Beth and Wrath in her apartment was insanely HOT! Wrath is just hot. I think my favorite Brothers have changed and evolved as the books continue to be released. My first fave was Rhage but then I met V and then I fell in love with Rehv and now I'm totally feelin' JM. They all hold a place in my heart just some shine brighter than others.

Alright, alright! I'm going to read my 'Lords of the Underworld' books. *wink*

Happy BDB Week!!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Dottie!

I'm totally feelin' your vampire love. And I promise not to shake you like a rag doll over the fact that you haven't ventured into the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. *wink,wink*

Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison are receiving some love today on the blog. I promise that when I go to Wolly World, I'm picking up the new Sookie cover. :)

Thanks for the recommendations Dottie!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Cecile said...

Yes, Charlotte.. I can share... the question is Will I share **laughing at myself while no one is looking**
Maddox, Lucien, Reyne, Paris, Aeron, Gideon, and the list goes on... and yes, she describes them ALLLL very well!!! It is a must read series!!!! Believe me, some scenes will leave you hot bothered and breathless!!!! Especially Reynes bathroom scene and Lucien and Anya's nightclub scene!!! ***okay, drooling on keyboard, fannning myself, bitin on ice chips to cool down.. hell foreget bitin, I am sitting on the damn ice chips or should I say blocks!!!***

Cathy M said...

I agree about Charlaine Harris, and would also add Eileen Wilks and Patricia Brigg's, Mercy Thompson series.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Reyes and the bathroom...I told VFG to shake her tail feather and get reading. I CAN't WAIT for her to get to that bathroom scene! Phew!!!!

Mandi said...

Yay..BDB Week!!!

Dark Lover was the best..I still remember the first time I read it. She has created such an awesome world. I love when you start a book and you know after the first few pages that you are going to like it:)

Another book that has great pacing is Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. First in the Mercy Thompson series. I think this entire series is is right up there with bdb in my opinion.

VampFanGirl said...

Whew Cecile is HOT and BOTHERED!! LOL!!! Damn, these Lords must seriously be steamy hot!

I'm shakin' it! I'm shakin' my tailfeather Charlotte!!! :)

You guys are awesome! ((((hugs))))

Charlotte Featherstone said...

VFG, I met her once before and i almost gagged in line waiting to meet her. I was so nervous, and just a fan girl. It was at RT, and when I came up to her, she already knew me as 'Sophie'. I was shocked. Astounded. Amazed.

I know I babbled like an idiot, but she was cool.

I think I might have said the word hot about a dozen times. I'm certain she was thinking 'and this girl is published? At my house?' lol!

Cecile said...

She does need to get a move on it... **Still sittin on ice** and I have read the series over two months ago... *and yes, still sitting on ice at just the mention of these books*

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Cathy!

Shoot, how could we forget Pat Briggs?!?!? I LOVE the Mercy Thompson series. Although I've been scared to pick up 'Bone Crossed'. I'm not over the pain that Mercy endured in 'Iron Kissed'. I'm scared of her getting hurt again.

I've heard some wonderful things about Eileen Wilks but I haven't picked up her series yet. Thanks for the recommendations!!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Mandi! Your so right. I also knew immediately after reading the first couple pages of 'Dark Lover' that I was hooked.

I'm a HUGE Pat Briggs fan too. I'm lovin' her Alpha and Omega series. It just has a bit more romance cause let's face it, Anna deserves some romance in her life.

Happy BDB Week!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Jory Strong's Ghostland is a very strong introduction to her new series. Enjoyed it. Loved it so much I emailed the author to let her know how much I enjoyed it! (thanks VFG for introducing me to this author. Impeccible taste!)

And where is Barbara? We need to get her on the Lords bandwagon! I'm trying to think what Lords you're going to fall for. All I'm saying is, it had better not be Reyes.....

Erotic Horizon said...

Ladies i am writing all of this down... slow down..


I can see the "droolers" are lose and they are making a mess of your page....

Great review, I loved all the books and the one coming up will be so worth it...

Quite a few of my fav have been mentioned and i am adding to my summer reading list, lots of vamps and shifters in store...

Exciting days ahead, can't wait to see Rhage review and then my man on Friday....

Make sure you treat Mary and Rhage right - True!!!.


VampFanGirl said...

O-M-G Charlotte! She knew your "Sophie" name?!? I would have died!!! Someone would have had to administer CPR STAT! How cool is that. Hell, after that surprise, no wonder you babbled!! Has she read any your Annwin novels???

VampFanGirl said...

Oh, Yay Charlotte!! I'm so glad that 'Ghostland' was good. Damn, it's times like these that I wish I was a fast reader. I can't wait to dive into that novel!

Cecile and I think Barbara is hiding under the bed after her creepy mansion post. :) Talk about feaky!!

:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

True that, E.H.!! LOL! You know your Brother trivia! :) Oh gosh, I posted so many quotes from Rhage's book. That man can speak so sinfully good!!

Yup the droolers are here and the blog is slowly getting soaked. I'm trying to wipe off as much as possible but the drool just won't stop!!

Happy BDB Week!

Cecile said...

Yea, Barbara is still under bed because she is still creped out orrr it could be because she is cuddling with hubby ... remember she said that they did that... ****shaking my finger at them two... because we know it was NOT just cuddling, lllooolll***
No one can have Lucien, I claimed him!!! Now, Paris is the flirter... so we can share him, its in his blood!!! LOL

VampFanGirl said...

Uuh oh! Man, I hope I don't fall hard for Lucien or I'm going to be in the midst of a war and battleing two fronts!!! Yikes!

Well, Barbara has been away from home for a few days....Perhaps they're making up for lost time. *wink*

Anna said...

Yep they are reissuing the books with different covers, to go with the tv show. Plus I think there is another set of them coming out later this year in trade paperback.

Yes, Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series is not to be missed.


VampFanGirl said...

Hey Anna! Thanks for the confirmation of the Sookie covers. I'll definitely be buying them when they release.

:) VFG

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


Man, this a smokin' hot place to be today!

Barbara - where are you, you're missing the best part (she missed the magical willies too)

I should be shakin' like rag, don't know how I missed this series. I'm almost a fanatical reader, ask anyone. :-0

I'm looking for this book tonight.

And that series that Anna just reviewed The Study Series, that sounds so good too, I'm looking for it.

Dottie :)

Pamk said...

as well as some of the other mentioned I'd recommend Jeannine Frost Grave Series, and Larissa Ione Demonica series. The first book of that was fantastic. I keep looking around the hospital I work wondering where the heck can find me a sexy demon or shifter.

Blodeuedd said...

Now what are thse Lord of the Underworlds I hear about, need to google the yumminess!

Thank you, I just can't help myself when it come to the brothers. I am a Z addict, he is all mine *looks around* That's right, mine mouwahahah.
The makes my pulse race every time, and there is Rhev mmmm.

Oh yes read Bitten, the books she has written about Clay and Elena are the best. Only thanks to her I love werewolves, some sexy shapeshifters aren't they. There is just one scene there that was so...

Can't say the next one was as good though..maybe cos she was in this kind of jail an no Caly around ;)

VampFanGirl said...

You're right Dottie! Barbara did miss the magical willies discussion. :) You're gonna love the BDB series!

Happy Reading!!!

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Pamk!

I have a couple of the books in Frosts series. The covers are what drew me in. I LOVE them!

And no kidding! I want a hunky demon doctor too!!

Thanks for the recommendations!

Happy BDB Week,
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Blodeuedd, I think Charlotte and Cecile are pulling you into the Lords of the Underwold fangirl world too. It's been months since Cecile finished the books and she's still HOT for the lords. That's some lovin' that I've got to read!! You too. BTW, they're by Gena Showalter.

You're a Z fan, huh? Many are...

'Bitten' is now smoldering on my Wish List. :)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oh, man....Rhage tomorrow? I'm SO going to have bring out the protective seat covers! lol!

I love that male!
I swear, I've never looked at a tootsie roll pop the same way since reading his book! Grrrrr

VampFanGirl said...

LOL Charlotte! Rhage and his tootsie rolls. Hmmm...that devilish mouth swirling around and around painting his tongue cherry red.

Cecile! I need some ice STAT!!!

Eva S said...

Great BDB week! I loved the review, Dark Lover is my favorite, and I think I'll have to reread it tonight! But I'm waiting for the rest of the brothers too...

Two of my favorite series are Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling and Kate Douglas Wolf Tales, the first books were great. I love shifters too!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Eva!

I LOVE, LOVE Nalini Singh! Isn't she amazing?!? And I've heard some great things about Kate Douglas. She's another one where I have all her books, but I haven't read them yet.

Thanks for the recommendations!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

So, ah...I met word count for the day and tonight I'm doing a quickie re-read of Lover Eternal. Gotta be ready for tomorrow so I can cite my fav Rhage parts!!!!

VampFanGirl said...

My faves are, well nevermind you'll read them tomorrow Charlotte. I also shamelessly added a ton of quotes to my LE review. God, Rhage is so HOT!

Have fun reliving the hotness that is Rhage!

:) VFG

Cecile said...

Girl.. I sent the ice to you!!! I hope it helps!
I took the side widget and placed it at my place too!!!

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks for the ice Cecile! And thank you so much for putting the beautiful widget that Barbara made onto your website!



Cecile said...

You are quite welcome!! What are friends for!
it looks cooler than what I had before... even though what I had to say was funnier though!!! I was just simply putting a warning out there to anyone that the MAN is yours (***making sure Barbara is not hiding in my office with a can of whoop ass for me**)

VampFanGirl said...

*sigh* that ice feels good Cecile. I really need the chill. :)

Barbara is going to come out of hiding pounding for sure! I'm ready for her. True that!

God, I love the brothers.

:) VFG

Blanche said...

Hi VFG!!!

I've not read a single book in this series (I know shame on me!!) so I am so thrilled you are doing these reviews!! I'm adding the series to my list! :)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Blanche!

You'll love the Black Dagger Brotherhood! Enjoy!!

:) VFG

Cecile said...

Since I haven't seen Barbara in my office... I am thinking maybe she is hiding in my car... like you see in the movies (she is in the backseat) **I am killing myself LMAO**

Yes, Blanche I agree, I have not read one book in this series. So it is really nice for Vamp to intro this way into her world!!

Sophie Renwick said...

You know what I think...Barbara is making us that thar hussy tramp stamp, that's what I'm thinkin' lol!
cause you know, you gotta be a hussy for the brothers!

VampFanGirl said...

LOL Cecile! Be sure to look over your shoulder!

Hey Sophie! You think so? I want my hussy tramp stamp for sure!!

Barbara said...


Girl, you really did this book and Ms. Ward justice with this rockin' review!! Wonderful, wonderful job!!!

Okay, so you can just mail Lover Avenged to me, um, you know my addy. LOL!!

PS You are so very welcome for the widget! (((BIG HUGS))) Oh and I'm working on the hussy tramp stamp!! I'm so busy lately I can't see straight, lol!

VampFanGirl said...

LMAO off Barbara!!! No worries girl!

Thanks for likin' it!

*sigh* Ff only it was that easy. Everyone would be sending me their address if that were the case. :)

YAY! Hussy Tramp Stamps!!! Charlotte's going to love it!

(((hugs))) VFG

Lori T said...

Patricia Briggs, J.R. Ward, Jeaniene Frost, Larissa Ione, Sydney Croft, Ann Aguirre, Jaci just name a few.

I am loving reading your reviews and thinking about all the past Brotherhood books and remembering why I love this series so very much! Thanks!!

host said...

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series. I was very sceptic of the whole plot at first, but as someone said before ma - once you start reading the first book, you don't stop until you've read the whole series (and you are broke:))

Amanda said...

I just suddenly realised that it has been nearly three years since I read Dark Lover and I have never done a reread! Reading your review I really wanna go back and start the series again!!!

As for a series I fell in love with from page one...... The Fever series KMM Love it!
And a new one I started this week that I can't get enough of fast enough is Melissa Mayhue's Daughters of the Glen.

Thanks for the review can't wait for the next one!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Lori!

Great recommedations. We definitely have a few Jaci Burton fans out there. :)

I haven't read Sydney Croft although I do have a couple of the ARCO books. I'll be getting to thosse very soon.

Thanks! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the reviews. I've had a lot of fun going through the books and reliving these amazing romances.

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

LOL Host! Kenyon and her numerous novels can definitely break the bank. :) But you just can't say no to the Dark-Hunters!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Amanada! It's been 3 years!!! Girl you definitely need to a reread!

The Fever series by KMM is another series that I have in my TBR pile but I haven't read yet. For shame!!

Happy BDB Week!
:) VFG

Amanda said...

WHAT!! *faints* You really should read the fever series!!!

And yes i think Wrath and I may have a hot date tonight!

VampFanGirl said...

I know! It's horrid! This happens a lot. I have a ton, and I mean a ton, of books that I haven't read yet. I'm workin' on it though....

:) VFG

Amanda said...

LOL VFG I so know what you mean my pile is beyond huge at this point!

mverno said...

dark lover got my engine running

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