Review: This Is What I Want

Review: This Is What I Want by Megan Hart

Back Cover Blurb (Taken from Megan Hart's Website):

By day she was Eve Grant, customer service drone in a drab office cubicle. But at night she became Eris Apparent, sex goddess of the blogosphere, where she could express her true self in sizzling erotic fantasies. As Eve she entertained aching, unfulfilled fancies about her sexy co-worker. But as Eris Apparent she was outspoken and demanding as she carried on a steamy cyberspace affair with the mysterious Tell-me.

'This Is What I Want' by Megan Hart is a super fast, fifty-two page ebook, that's more like a little erotic snack.

Eve Grant, a.k.a. Eris Apparent, lives in a nice safe bubble where by night she can explore her inner fantasies on her blog while by day she can keep to herself as a good worker bee for Digiquest. The truth, Eve's actually afraid of real relationships. Scorned in the past, Eve isn't about to let her heart get trampled again. But Lane DeMarco, fellow employee and I.T. genius, may just ignite her former flame for real flesh and blood as opposed to keyboard and monitor.

The two have never really exchanged more than "hi", "goodbye", or "thank you for fixing my computer", and Eve isn't about to change that either no matter if her heart beats a tattoo in her chest each time she lays eyes on him. But Lane's not the only man vying for her attention.

Eris Apparent has a new admirer, Tell_me. After posting another one of her fantasies starting with "This is what I want", Tell_me's short and to the point statement "I am what you want" leaves Eris intrigued. Now the original rush of receiving comments and emails regarding her blog entries has ramped up to a scorching high. Yet, coincidental things are occurring at work with Lane.

After writing about her secret fantasy of ties, Lane walks in wearing one the very next day which has previously not been a part of his wardrobe. Eve can't help but heat up while staring at his new accessory. Next, after a detailed encounter with a cowboy, Lane walks in wearing the sexiest pair jeans that should really be outlawed and the scruffy boots only make Eve's appetite for Lane whet even more. But Tell_me wants more from Eris and Eve wants Lane. Who will she chose?

'This Is What I Want' was fast little escape. The plot is minimal to nonexistent with an ending that I guessed about three quarters of the way through but with only fifty-two pages to work with, one can't expect a whole lot. Still the Spice Brief was tight and most definitely erotic. If you care for a little erotic snack or mini escape, check out 'This Is What I Want' by Megan Hart.


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Amy C said...

I just purchased this one and two of her other spice briefs. I am reading her first book she wrote (compliments of her), An Exaltation of Larks. It's different and I'm not sure what is going on and how all the pieces are going to fit together, but I can say it is holding my attention! :)

VampFanGirl said...

Cool AmyC! Yeah, 'This Is What I Want' was a fun little read. You'll like it.

Ah man, I'm so jealous! You got a novel compliments of Megan Hart?!? That's awesome! And it definitely sounds like your enjoying it. Let me know how you like it. So far, I've only read her novels published by Spice but I wouldn't mind looking into Hart's other work.

Happy Reading,

Barbara said...

I love the Spice Briefs! Love love love 'em! That's actually where I read my first Charlotte Featherstone story!

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Barbara!

They're definitely brief, huh? I like that though. It's like a said before, a little erotic snack. :)

Hope your enjoying your weekend!


Lea said...

Great Review VFG!

Erotic Snack! I like it. lol I want to read "Stranger", and then I'll see about more of her work.

Hope you had a great weekend!


VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Lea!

Oh yes, 'Stranger' good. :)

Happy Reading,

Blanche said...

Ok!!! I just downloaded....
Layover, This is What I want and Reason Enough!! :)

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