Review: New Moon

Review: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Back Cover Blurb

"Shoot," I muttered when the paper sliced my finger; I pulled it out to examine the damage. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut.

It all happened very quickly then.

Edward threw himself at me, flinging me back across the table...

I tumbled down to the floor by the piano, with my arms thrown out instinctively to catch my fall, into the jagged shards of glass. I felt the searing, stinging pain that ran from my wrist to the crease inside my elbow.

Dazed and disoriented, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm—into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires

Since I thought that 'Twilight' was excellent, you can imagine my surprise when 'New Moon' blew it out of the water in terms of greatness.

In the beginning, Bella Swan is high on life and has just experienced a romantic whirlwind summer with her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Unfortunately with her eighteenth birthday looming closer on the horizon, Bella can't stand the fact that she's grown a year older than Edward's seventeen years. Granted she understands that he's technically over hundred years old, in his human life he was only seventeen when he was transformed. This, combined with Bella's longing for immortality and Edward's continued denial of her request, frustrates her beyond belief.

After a terrible accident at her birthday party hosted by the Cullen's, Edward's nightmare comes to life thus proving his previously stated fact and ultimate fear that Bella is in danger of him and his family's vampire nature. Over the course of a few days, Edward progressively distances himself emotionally and physically from Bella. Ultimately Edward breaks off their relationship after telling Bella that he doesn't love her anymore and in fact never has. After which, Edward vanishes all traces of himself from Bella's life by not only removing himself and his family from Forks, WA, but by also retrieving all the material gifts and items that Bella had acquired over the term of their relationship. This leaves nothing for Bella to hold on to and it would appear for all intents and purposes that Edward never even existed.

It is a this point in time that Stephenie Meyer becomes a literary genius, IMHO. Meyer provides the most simple yet visually stunning portrayal of a persons' heartbreak in the fewest words imaginable. For several pages Meyer prints only the name of the month and nothing else on the page, conveying the absolute emptiness that has saturated Bella's every waking moment. It's like her entire spirit shut down and all that's left is a robot capable of doing every day tasks but is still truly lifeless. My heart broke when I read on first one page 'November' and then turned to the next and saw only 'December'. The nothingness was so's just amazing to me how I truly felt the utter emptiness in those single words and as the pages kept turning to reveal the same bleakness, I fell further into heartache.

Enter Jacob Black.

Jacob played a minor but intriguing role in 'Twilight' but it wasn't until 'New Moon' that he really takes center stage. It's Jacob's endearing friendship that really pulls Bella out of her darkest hour. I know that I fell in love with Jacob before Bella did and it was not simply over the fact that he hit puberty and rapidly grew into a seven foot sex god, but in part due to the fact that he had a pulse and was warm to the touch. I've never liked that Edward's body feels like a meat locker and it was a nice break from constantly being reminded of such by Bella. Instead she now constantly notices how hot, temperature wise, Jacob is. What truly made me fall in love with Jacob was how he pulled Bella through the bleakest part of her life, not by berating her with questions or laying down judgments but by being a true and honorable friend.

At first I felt like I was betraying Edward in my love for Jacob but as time passed and Edward continued to be out of the picture, I let myself fall. Bella did this as well but on a more gradual scale. Slowly she let Jacob steal pieces of her heart until the moment arrives when she must either wait forever on a vampire who doesn't love her, or settle on life with Jacob. Of course it's at the exact moment when Bella leans into Jacob, bent on the task of changing their fates forever that Edward slams back into her life.

'New Moon' was not only dark in the sense of heartache but also with the threat of suicide on both Bella's and Edward's account. Bella has held a death wish ever since awakening from her heartbreak coma. She gets a rush with each dangerous act she attempts because she hears Edward's voice berating her each time. With the thrill of his voice in her head, Bella dives of the cliffs of La Push. She makes it safely into the water but is soon physically overpowered by the strong rip currents. Feeling that life is just too difficult to live without Edward, Bella gives into the waves and bids Edward goodbye. Luckily she is saved by Jacob but her unintentional attempt at suicide is soon heard through the psychic means of the Cullen's, but they've only received half the story. In their minds Bella is dead and with that knowledge Edward seeks to die as well.

After being told of Edward's death plight, Bella abandons Jacob and races to save Edward's life. I along with Jacob, felt betrayed by Bella's actions for I was not only in love with Jacob but I was also in love with his love for Bella. Jacob's pain is visible in his tears and I couldn't help but also shed my own. I mourned their potential relationship that wouldn't be.

'New Moon' is a painful and heartbreaking read and I don't feel that I could pick it up again for a very long time. I must point out that I've read the 'Twilight' saga as an adult reading romance, not an adult reading young adult fiction. I don't believe that these novels are suitable for teenagers under 18 based on the fact that the content is controversial to say the least. Suicide is a major theme of 'New Moon' and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. These "teenage" characters are experiencing love and emotions that eclipse the teenage psyche, IMHO. If I were grading for the young adult genre I would give this book an F. Wanting to kill yourself because your boyfriend leaves you is just not right. Grading as an adult, I give 'New Moon' an A based on the fact that I'm a veteran of romance novels and I know what I want in my romance novels - all consuming and life changing love.



Lea said...

Oh, what a fabulous heartfelt review VFG. I can really feel your pain reading. And your analysis with respect to it being an appropriate young adult read is right on.

To say it sounds like an exceptional pull at the heartstrings read is an understatment.


VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Lea!

Yeah, 'New Moon' was a very intense story that I will not be re-visiting any time soon.

Sidenote: So far I'm enjoying 'A Mermaid's Kiss'. Ms. Hill has the most magical prose, don't you think? Her writing is nothing short of beautiful.

Have a great day!

Lea said...

It is that VFG. That is what I tried to relay in my review of the novel.

Joey is truly a gifted writer.

The ending of the book, OMG I wept and it takes a lot to make me weep. lol

You have a good day too.

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Lea,

Yes, I recall you stating pretty much the same exact thing in your review. ;) It's just that the beauty of her writing has been on my mind all day. It's like reading your favorite work of art as opposed to just looking at it. Her words are like brush strokes that bring her characters alive in my head with rich and dazingly colors.

LOL, Um...I'm not a stalker. :) Just a big fan!


Barbara said...

Great review. You know, I was torn between the two men. I liked them both and it made it very hard for me to decided which I thought better for her.

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks Barbara!

OMG, me too. But I must say that after 'New Moon', I was Jacob fan all the way. But as I've said before, I'm hussy for wolves. :)

Have you read the entire saga? I think out of all 4 'New Moon' was my favorite. The pacing was just excellant.

Happy Reading,

Lea said...

I hear you VFG:

I felt the same way. I actually equated it with a symphony. It's like listening to the rise and fall of the music reading Joey's work.

I find Devyn Quinn much the same. Beautiful prose and graphic imagery.


Barbara said...

Hey, VFG! I actually stopped after New Moon. I have the entire series, but I found myself torn. Seriously torn. Initially, I loved Edward. I mean really loved him. But after New Moon I was so loving, Jacob.

He was just so sweet and I found myself getting annoyed with Edward. I knew he felt for her but I kept feeling like he was stringing her along, you know?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the next book. Maybe it will pursuade me to keep going with the series.

Did you see the movie?

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Barbara!

'New Moon' hands down was my favorite of the series. I totally understand you reluctance to move on after it because I too, as you can tell in my review, fell head over heels in love with Jacob. I also agree that Edward is annoying and I also think he's a bit boring. Jacob is just so full of life not only literally but personality wise. Plus he was there for Bella while Edward, in his cowardliness, could only abandon her.

Yes, I saw the movie and reviewed on my blog as well. Here is the link:

'Eclipse' was good but like it's series placement, 'Eclipse' was my third favorite. I'm working on my review of it now but it's difficult because the novel contains so many spoilers in regards to 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' so it's been a sticky process.

In all honesty, read 'Eclipse' but don't bother with 'Breaking Dawn'. Everyone leaps completely out of character and I never finished the last 100 pages. I was just...done. But more on that later. :)

Barbara said...

I heard a few people say that they weren't too fond of Breaking Dawn. And yes, annoying is the perfect word to descibe how I felt about Edward. It's like, dude shut up! If you want her they show her you do!

I'm off to read your review of the movie.

Lea said...


I was over perusing reviews today, which I try to stay away from because sometimes I just don't understand people.

Anyway, I always post mine over there to try and help out the authors (every little bit helps, I hope anyway).

You have got to go over there and read this one written by some female of A Mermaid's Kiss. It is the only one star review there, but it is just downright mean! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but my philosophy is if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing. At least I try anyway.

If you have time go over there and check it out, let me know what you think. I feel so bad for Joey. :(

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Lea, a ONE star posting!?! I'm going to check it out right now. BRB


VampFanGirl said...

Lea, I posted my thoughts on your blog.


Lea said...

Thanks VFG


MsMoonlight said...

Great review. The 2nd and 3rd books in the Twilight series were my favorites. I didn't like what she did with Jacob in the last book because I am a "Team Jacob" fan. Who wants cold, dead and glittery when you can have HOT, HUNKY and BEASTLY??? *g*

VampFanGirl said...

LOL MsMoonlight!! "Who wants cold, dead and glittery when you can have HOT, HUNKY and BEASTLY??? *g*" I sooooo agree with you! Give me Hot, Hunky and Beastly any day!

Oh, and I too am a member of "Team Jacob". Edward, Shmedward. Who needs him?!

I'm currently working on my review for 'Eclipse' but it's a bit difficult because I don't want to give out any spopliers for 'New Moon'.

So did you like 'Breaking Dawn'? I couldn't finish the last 100 pages because I was sick with frustration. What a horrible ending to a perfect series. What did you think?

Happy Reading,

MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason) said...

I liked the whole series but "Breaking Dawn" was my least favorite because of what she did with Jacob. I loved New Moon and Eclipse SOOOOOOO much. Those were the best books of the series in my opinion. I have read the series a few times now, but I only read "Breaking Dawn" once because it didn't compare to the rest. And I don't like Bella as a vampire, cold, dead, no heart and stone hard like a rock- ewwww. Have you read the online Edward's view of Twilight, "Midnightsun" from Stephenie Meyer's website? I liked it ok. I like Edward, but I adore Jacob. I wish Meyer would have tossed out "Breaking Dawn" and started a new series based on Jacob and his panting hot beastly pack. *g*

VampFanGirl said...

OMG ROTFLMAO - "I wish Meyer would have tossed out "Breaking Dawn" and started a new series based on Jacob and his panting hot beastly pack. *g*"

As you can tell from my review of 'Eclipse' I LOVE Jacob. Who doesn't want a hot, 7 foot sex God?!? I mean seriously, a woman would have to be blind to not want him.

Yeah, I've read 'Midnight Sun' and I enjoyed viewing things from Edward's perspective.

And I agree, Bella being a vamp was weird, inevitable but weird. She ruined the series, IMO, with 'Breaking Dawn'.


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