Review: Tempt The Devil

Review: Tempt the Devil by Connie Mason

"Ye cannot kill the devil," whispers the awestruck throng at the hanging of the notorious Diablo. And indeed, moments later, the pirate not only escapes the noose, but abducts beautiful Lady Devon, whisking her aboard his ship, the Devil Dancer.

Infuriated, Devon swears she will have nothing to do with her rakishly handsome captor. But long days at sea, and even longer nights beneath the tropical stars, bring Devon very closer to surrender.

Diablo is a master of seduction, an experienced lover who knows every imaginable way to please Devon--and some that she has never imagined. Devon knows she will find ecstasy in his arms, but does she dare tempt the devil.

'Tempt the Devil' was good in that it provided me with easy entertainment. Sometimes one needs a light hearted, uncomplicated romp down the path of soap opera love and one can find exactly that in a Connie Mason novel.

Lady Devon gets herself abducted by Diablo, a notorious pirate, whom just moments before was hanging from the hangman's noose. After identifying herself as an Earl's daughter, Diablo has inadvertently struck gold. He will take the luscious Lady Devon as a hostage until he's safely ensconced at the helm of his ship known as the Devil Dancer.

Lady Devon fights her abductor of course and even manages to shoot the pirate, thereby incapacitating him from his devious plan of seducing her into willingly giving him her virtue. But who can resist a virile pirate like Diablo. He soon has Deveon melting like putty in his arms while she eagerly gives him her body. Although the moment is soon ruined by Diablo's ex lover and pirate colleague, Scarlett Defoe. You can always count on Ms. Mason to provide a beautiful but evil former mistress to taunt her golden heroines. Scarlett, like all other cast out mistresses, is quite peeved by the beautiful woman-child who has usurped her position as Diablo's lover and she will stop at nothing to reclaim her property.

Devon's beauty and innocence also taunts the other pirates and their nefarious plans of seduction and none of them is more cunning than Le Vautour, the vulture. Seeing the opportunity of help, Scarlett unites with Le Vautour in the hopes that they will both get what they seek.

After being swept away to Diablo's private island, aptly named Paradise, Devon still desires to go home to London and to her no doubt panicked father and fiance. While she feels herself falling for her pirate captor she can see no real future with him. Her place is in London with her family, yet her real reason for defection is that she can't bear the terror of being a pirate's wife. She dreads the day Diablo leaves on his next adventure of battle and pillage, leaving her with the very real possibility they he may never return having either been captured by the enemy or died at sea. It is with these disparaging thoughts that she finds Le Vautour skulking about Paradise's foliage and it is here that he makes an offer she can't refuse. In exchange for the promised ransom, Le Vautour will carry Devon safely across the seas and return her to her father. The catch, Diablo must not be informed of the plan leaving Devon no choice but to sneak off Paradise.

During the same time Diablo is blissfully unaware of the plot that thickens beneath his nose for he's blinded by love. He thinks to make Devon his wife and decides to proclaim his love to her. Yet on the eve of his decision Scarlett appears on his island with a proposition. Sail with her to pillage the Spanish Galleons that have been spied so that they may both line their coffers with their abundant riches. The need for the sea wrestles with Diablo's need for Devon but he feels secure with her enough to postpone his plans and sail away with Scarlett.

Diablo's homecoming leaves much to be desired though. With visions of Devon running out to great him at the pier, Diablo is instead faced with the total annihilation of his island's inhabitants. Dwellings have been bombarded to the sand and senseless killings have been made. To add insult to injury, his beloved Devon is gone. Yet her innocence in the matter falls short and she is soon deemed the mastermind of Pardise's destruction. With hate boiling through his veins, Diablo sets sail for London but not to reclaim his love but to slit the throat of the golden woman-child who decimated his home and broke his heart.

A tennis match for a plot soon follows with Devon bouncing back and forth between England and Paradise, love and hate, honor and betrayal. With an abundance of misunderstandings, the end is soon revealed and of course everyone goes home happy. Le Vautour meets his timely end and Scarlett is soon revealed to Diablo for the cunning whore she is. 'Tempt The Devil' is one of my favorite efforts by Ms. Mason and truly was an entertaining and light read and the cover art is of course spectacular. I'm a true lover of the old "bodice ripper" covers and 'Tempt the Devil' does not disappoint.


Lea said...

HA VampFanGirl!

This does sound like a high seas romp. So does Diablo and his sweetie finally reunite?

*sigh* - lol

This book does sound like great fun and thanks for the review. :)

Did you finish "Breaking Dawn"?

I posted a review of a book on my blog a couple of days ago called "Wicked Burn", go have a read. I think it is your kind of book and I thought of you when I finished it. GREAT read.

Hope all is well with you.


Barbara said...

Oh, this book is so for me!!!! I love the old school cover, btw! Most people aren't fans of them but I think they are truly beautiful!

Wonderful review! Hope you had a great weekend :)

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Lea,

Definitely a high seas romp and of course Diablo and Devon receive their HEA but not until many disasters. It's your classic old school romance but a fun and light read.

Hmm...'Breaking Dawn' has ended up to be a chore for me. I'm so not feeling it and I may just skip to the end and call it a day. I only have a hundred pages left but man I'm dragging my feet.

I'm on my way over to your blog in just a moment and I'll definitely check out your review for 'Wicked Burn'. I've been hearing good things about this novel around the web.

See you soon,

Hi Blache,

I'm so with with on being a fan of the old school "Bodice Ripper" covers. I think they are all so beautiful. With these novels I generally just pick in terms of my fav cover as opposed to back cover blurbs. I have a whole stack of these gorgeous books at home just waiting to be read.

Thanks for stopping by!


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