Review: Mirror Of My Soul

Review: Mirror Of My Soul by Joey W. Hill

Back Cover Blurb: Taken from the official Joey W. Hill website

Some stories can't be contained between the covers of just one book.

Marguerite and Tyler’s story continues in Mirror of My Soul. Having resolved some of the issues that arose between them as two sexual dominants, they now explore whether Marguerite’s desire to be Mistress and slave both will be accepted by Tyler, and whether the shadows of their respective pasts will have the power to destroy the love growing between them.

'Mirror To My Soul' starts mere sentences after 'Ice Queen' ends. Marguerite has just completed a session as Mistress over Tyler which has ended with Tyler bruised and bloody. Although he acted as Marguerite's submissive and bares the wounds of his decision, not once during the entire time was he not in control. Tyler's eyes continuously proved with every locked stare that he was and always would be Marguerite's Master.

The psychological breakdown that Marguerite experiences and of which was ultimately the catalyst to the physical abuse she inflicted upon Tyler, of course leaves her body, mind, and spirit extremely fragile. The shame of her actions propels her to run and seek solace at the sight of her long dead brother's death.

Meanwhile, Tyler uses his connections to discover the truth of Marguerite's past thinking that if he knew the events that shaped her life than perhaps he can discover the key to opening her heart and soul to his dominance. Thus Ms. Hill reveals the absolute horror of a past that Marguerite endured from eight to fourteen years old in the hands of her mind-broken father. Reader be warned that the author does nothing to sugar-coat or gloss over any of the terrible and gruesome aspects of Marguerite's past. The final deaths of her mother and brother are so heartbreaking that I find no words at all to convey the emotion I felt over reading their demise. After reading how Marguerite survived, my admiration for her grew ten fold as well as my utter awe of her strength and her ability to love even when she feels incapable of the emotion or even deserving.

Tyler is not without his own ghosts and certain triggers set of his post traumatic stress syndrome leaving him vulnerable and scared that if Marguerite doesn't always witness his strength than she will run once again. Yet, in a beautiful scene, Marguerite offers her substantial strength to Tyler and for once he has some one he can truly lean on and unburden his soul to. I believe that this trait is what convinces Marguerite that she is and can be human. Up until this point she has been a bystander in life, a non-being just operating day to day and Tyler is able to crash through this mode and show his need for her and her need for him.

A favorite quote of mine is when Tyler says the following to Marguerite after stalking her apartment and awaiting her return after the opening session at The Zone:

...Mistress, you need to be one man's sub forever so your Master can spend a lifetime proving that you can trust him, if that's what it takes. One who's willing to start over every morning with you, healing those wounds as often as they need healing. My intuition says you deserve to be happy.

When Marguerite finally acknowledges her submission to Tyler and calls him Master, the sexual scenes are explosive with extreme BDSM and passionate romance. The eroticism was powerful and I enjoyed seeing characters re-appear from her previous novels in the 'Nature of Desire' series. There is an especially sweet moment between Mac and Violet from 'Natural Law' that made me want to pick up the novel and read about how their love came to be all over again.

Yet even after all these subsequent breakthroughs, Tyler and Marguerite suffer more with the return of her father as his sickness threatens to kill once again. Yet when these two finally receive their much deserved happy ending, I closed this book with a contented sigh knowing that while neither may be truly healed yet, they are certainly on the right track with their love for each other guiding their way.


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Lea said...

Hi Vampfangirl:

Great review, I appreciate your candor. I have read one Joey Hill book, "The Vampire Queen's Servant", and 'hit the wall' with respect to the graphic BDSM in the novel. I just wept for Jacob and Elyssa's seeming need to bring a good man to his knees in her dominance.

I do think Ms. Hill is a good writer, her descriptive prose is excellent. The world building was well done in the first Vampire Queen novel. I am no prude I like Devon Quinn's dark PNR stories. I guess graphic BDSM is just not my cup of tea. (lol)

Thank you for the review!
Best Regards

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