Review: Ice Queen

Review: Ice Queen by Joey W. Hill

Back Cover Blurb: Taken from the official Joey W. Hill website

They call her the Ice Queen. At the exclusive BDSM club known as The Zone, Mistress Marguerite is a legend. Tyler Winterman has been fascinated with her since he’s known her, though the rules of their world say they shouldn’t share more than mutual admiration. He is her male counterpart, one of the most powerful male Doms practicing at The Zone.

Due to a computer error, Marguerite lacks the mentoring program stipulation required of all Zone Doms, which includes spending a number of hours learning about BDSM from the submissive’s perspective. Tyler considers it an act of fate that Marguerite chooses him to be the Dom who helps her fulfill that requirement. He is convinced she is a “switch”, a closet submissive, but the truth will be even more remarkable than the theory, changing their lives in ways neither of them anticipates.

Having no equal except one another in their skills at stripping a sub’s defenses bare, these two Dominants will turn their considerable talents on each other and discover that who is Master and who is slave doesn’t matter, not when two souls have found their mate.

Marguerite Purrequet has a very regimented daily routine. She begins and ends each day the same with the sun rising and setting around her tea shop, Tea Leaves. Only one variation exists. Every Thursday night Marguerite steps out of her tea shop and into The Zone, an exclusive BDSM club where she is known as Mistress Marguerite, the Ice Queen. Marguerite is a sexual Dominant. Her soul finds true bliss when a submissive relinquishes all - body, mind and soul, entrusting Mistress Margurite with not only their safety but their fantasies as well.

Tyler Winterman, a man of untold wealth, is a Master and heterosexual Dominant at The Zone. In his early forties, Tyler embodies the seductive sturdiness and strength of a real man who knows himself - body, mind and soul, thorough and thorough. His soul rings true to Marguerite's and their shared desire to dominate their sexual partners.

The Zone requires all Mistresses and Masters to complete a study in both BDSM roles in order to maintain membership status. These studies allow sexual dominant members to experience BDSM sessions from the submissive perspective. Computer error has allowed Marguerite membership without class completion. In order to continue her forays at The Zone, Marguerite selects Master Tyler to be her teacher in the hopes that The Zone's two elite can work out a deal whereby Marguerte may continue her membership without class completion. But Tyler is not in a mood to comply.

Tyler has been infatuated with Marguerite since the first time he saw her at The Zone two years ago. Her appearance alone would attract any ones notice. Marguerite is tall and slender with long snow white hair and translucent skin but it's her ice blue soul-piercing eyes that captivate Tyler. That and the fact that he thinks Marguerite is a "switch" - a Dominant that is actually a sub. Tyler believes that the computer glitch is destiny and convinces Marguerite to complete the study while spending a weekend at his Florida Gulf home.

Marguerite is intensely complex. While her body lays out the trauma of the past one cigarette burn at a time, Tyler does not inquire about how their appearance came to be. Although a Master's goal is to view the soul of the sub, somethings, upon the sub's request will not be disclosed. That is part of the safety and trust that a Master can and must provide. Yet the scars only represent the first of many unbreakable walls that Marguerite has erected to protect her soul and Tyler fights desperately to blast through them.

This book was like a fencing match with two very aggressive beings thrusting a parrying back forth while the steel of their souls clash causing sparks to fly. Marguerite is mostly on the defensive trying desperately to maintain and uphold the bricks of her walls but Tyler continually crumbles them with soul searing light. And while that light helpful it's not enitrely effective, Marguerite's darkness appears too vast and deep that the light is vanquished by it's shear depth and blackness. Yet Tyler's persistence is admirable and he knows that while Marguerite runs, he has made an impact, those first protective walls have come down and he tries one last direct hit with allowing Marguerite to dominate him.

I really enjoyed this novel. It provided the extreme of BDSM with the complexity of a true, albeit unusual, romance. Tyler's acceptance of Marguerite, including her sordid yet unrevealed past, is beautiful and true making him a hero in every sense of the word. Marguerite is the epitome of strength and vision of how one can pull their life together after terrible tragedy. She is selfless and compassionate to others and is more than deserving of Tyler's love and protection. These characters were perfect for each other.


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