Review: Rescue Me Anthology - Part II

Review: Rescue Me Anthology Part II "Atlanta Heat" by Lora Leigh

Em Delaney has wanted bad-boy Macey March for as long as she could remember. But as a Navy SEAL under the command of her overprotective godfather, Macey is off-limits to Em...until a kidnapping attempt forces them to share tantalizingly close quarters - and a forbidden desire.

Mason "Macey" March is a bad-boy with an authority problem. A Navy SEAL who has been busted down in the ranks for various misdemeanors, knows a mistake when he sees one. And pretty Miss Emerson Delaney was no exception. Goddaughter of Admiral Holloran, Macey's superior officer, Emerson has been tempting his control and his heart for the last two years.

Emerson Jennifer Delaney as known no real family. Sure she has parents but they may as well be anonymous sperm and egg donors for all their interest in her life. Her Godfather is her only true family. For the past two years, Emerson has wanted Macey with a burning need. Anytime she finds herself in his presence she has to needle and annoy him just to receive his attention. But Macey seems to rarly do more than tolorate her. Although, on the night of the Admiral's ball, Emerson discovers a whole new side of Macey.

Macey can't resist Emerson any longer. Ensconsed in the Admiral's private study, Macey begans Emerson's seduction only to have Admiral Holloran walk in on them before completion. Macey is busted in rank again and also walks away from the only woman he's ever wanted.

Three weeks later Emerson is kidnapped. Ordered by Admiral Holloran, Macy must find Emerson and hide her until the remnents of a terrorist cell can finally be put to rest.

Shaken over her recent rescue form terrorits, Emerson is a little intimidated by "the cave" - Macey's below ground bunker that is being used to hide her while the terrorists are being dispatched. Macey wastes no time in seducing her once again, this time playing for keeps, but Emerson is warry. As someone who has burned by love before, Emerson knows her feelings of lust are turning into love but Macey's history warns her of inevitable heartache. In danger of seriously loosing her heart, Emerson tries desperately to resist his charms.

Macey feels Emerson's reluctance but wastes no time asserting his possesion.

He jerked his head up, his eyes narrowing on hers. "I take care of what's
mine Emerson. Every part of it. and whether you end up liking it or not,
sweetheart, you're mine."

Once again Ms. Leigh developes her characters' growth through sex. And while the scenes are always hot, I was bored. I think this was because there just wasn't enough conflicting emotions between the hero and heroine. Macey fell in love easily and didn't have any real emotional conflict over accepting Emerson as his own. Emerson was a little more complex in that she didn't feel she could be loved. Both leads realize their love for one another through sex which is another typical Leigh plot device. The outside conflict with the terrorists was neither entertaining or interesting. Really the whole story fell flat for me.

I truly love Lora Leigh's work but I think she excels more with novels than novellas.


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