Review: Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker

Review: Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker

Lee Ross has always known she's not entirely human. But when the man who has plagued her dreams her entire life appears in the flesh, can she give up everything she knows to follow him to another realm?

Lee Ross has been terrified to awake from sleep for as long as she can remember; for each morning she is covered with horrific bruises that cannot be explained. Her battle scarred dreams and a gorgeous mystery man, haunt her even when her eyes are open. Then one morning Lee is inexplicably sucked directly into her nightmares.

Kalen has loved Lee all his life. Yet he also holds a burning resentment for her as well. Each night Lee comes to aid Kalen in the resistance against the Warlords of Anqar, otherworld beings that raid Ishtan, stealing their magic possessed woman and brutality torturing their men to death. Yet when the sun begins to rise, Lee strangely disappears and leaves Kalen to deal with the death and devastation of his people alone. Kalen knows where Lee goes, yet he has no idea how she can move between the present modern world of Earth and the parallel world of Ishtan. Nor does he know how she came to reside there. All he does know is that Lee is somehow paramount to ending the war with Anqar and he will torment her waking thoughts until she is able to acknowledge the fact that her place is beside him in Ishtan.

Suddenly, in the light of day, Lee appears in Ishtan wearing her pajamas and feeling quite disoriented. She believes herself to be crazy and this very real dream has convinced her that she needs to seek professional help the moment she awakes. Unfortunately this dreams turns into dire reality.

I thought Lee was a very intriguing and emotionally realistic character. Other reviewers seemed irritated with Lee and grew tiresome of her seemingly constant references to herself as being crazy and her complete denial that her dreams had been real, but I'm in total disagreement. Lee would only go into a state of disbelief after a near death experience, which happened quite a few times. When I placed myself in her shoes, I'd imagine myself to react pretty similar. Here you are in a foreign but somehow familiar world, and you've nearly died - countless times. Meanwhile you're trying to come to grips with your newly acquired magical abilities and dealing emotionally with a man who turns your body and mind into mush. So yeah, I'd think I was crazy too. In fact, I thought Lee was incredibly rational throughout the entire book. She was courageous, smart, and above all she was selfless.

I really enjoyed Kalen as well. I could sympathize with his resentment toward Lee. She was there for Ishtan and the resistance but he needed her on such a deeper more emotional level. Yet he also knew that Lee was in the midst of discovering who she was and dealing with major internal issues. The fact that he could remain patient and be there for Lee in every possible way without demanding that his own needs be met made him a truly honorable character.

Through the Veil' is mainly about Lee's journey of self discovery. The world building was phenomenal and you found yourself believing there really is a veil dividing worlds. Also as a bonus the villains were three dimensional with real problems and suffering which made the reader sympathize with their reasons for raiding Ishtan, well almost sympathize anyway.

All in all, an awesome read and experience. A-

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